1984 Floods

Flood of memories

Twenty-five years ago today, at 4am on a Friday, Invercargill declared a state of emergency.

People felt pressured

BY MICHAEL FALLOW - The Southland Times

No one drowned. No one was electrocuted. No one succumbed to disease. But people did die from the 1984 floods.

Your say: The 1984 floods

The floods of 1984 had a wide impact throughout Southland, cutting Invercargill in half and causing devastating damage around the province.

If it's this bad now, what's still to come?

BY CLIVE LIND - The Southland Times

"Is it?" Garry Goodman needed reminding that 25 years had passed since the Southland floods of 1984.

Watching as your life washes away

BY MICHAEL FALLOW - The Southland Times

Elizabeth Gerrard was hanging out the washing just hours before the floods came.

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