Water quality still a mixed bag

OPINION: Improving water quality will require investment by us all.

Staggering ahead

Enough of this?

OPINION: Everyone loves a winner. So the Stags aren't getting a lot of love.

Letters: Careful with those comparisons


OPINION: Letter writers on forestry environmentalism, revolutions, Number 10 and rugby.

Ballet etiquette 101

I've seen Romeo and Juliet, I don't need the story narrated to me.

OPINION: I love a trip to the ballet but not when the person behind me can't stop talking.

A theatrical life

Southland's singing sweetheart Shirley Troon was a hit on the stage of the Invercargill Operatic Society

Letters: Bolt gun use at ICC pound disgusts

The preferred method of euthanasia is sedation followed by an intravenous injection of an overdose of barbiturate.

OPINION: Letter writers the Invercargill pound, water quality and carbon emissions.

Piling on the pound

How to be humane?

OPINION: The ICC needs to lay concerns, not just dogs, to rest.

When being yourself amounts to serious misconduct

Just because?

OPINION: . . . and when it really doesn't.

Is this Stags' season their worst yet?

The Southland Stags in their match against Auckland earlier this season.

OPINION: After a dismal start to the 2017 season, the Southland Stags are facing a bleak milestone.

Come clean, CTOS. Come clean.

John Prendergast.

EDITORIAL: Time for the truculent silence to end.

Welcoming newcomers. Who's job is that?


We ought not get too precious about being born here, write Pat Veltkamp Smith.

Letters: Something rotten in CTOS

John Prendergast, former Community Trust of Southland chief executive.

OPINION: Letter writers on CTOS and a plea not to sell the former Invercargill RSA site.

From the Newslink News Desk

Newslink reporter Rachael Kelly

So, Clutha-Southlanders, we now find ourselves in the odd situation of having no Member of Parliament representing us, if only for a couple of days.

From the Eye news desk

OPINION: I'll see you on the ice at Invercargill's first pop-up ice skating rink, to open this weekend.

Letters: Would Walker live in Clutha-Southland?

National Party Clutha-Southland candidate Hamish Walker

OPINION: Letter writers on where National's Clutha-Southland candidate plans to live, and decisions facing voters.

Let's have 15 purposeful years, please

Invercargill consulting engineer Nathan Surendran has been among those calling for greater public debate around ...

OPINION: Is15 years too long, or short, a time for addressing Invercargill's stormwater water discharge issues?

Them's the breaks?

Repair work under way near Ruakaka.

OPINION: Ready for another round of Cock Robin?

Letters: What if MP had been on social welfare?


OPINION: Letter writers on double standards, NZ First, Otto Frank and angling pressure

Twist and shout

Strong winds have knocked caravans over around the Clyde township.

OPINION: Wild weather awaits. It's a spring thing.

Letters: Pandering isn't leadership


OPINION: Letter writers on the Nanny State, Peters v Morgan, Stadium Southland funding and post-election cutbacks.

Synthetic drug suppliers are a public enemy

Synthetic drugs.


Wielding our Sords

The Southland Regional Development Strategy

It's Southland's time to step up as a region.

Letters: a plan to beat Canterbury


OPINION: Letter writers on welfare, cabinet prospects and a brilliant footy plan for beating Canterbury

The tactics of tax attacks

Jacinda Ardern: tax assurances, sorely needed.

OPINION: Are the slings and arrows -- mostly arrows -- targeting Labour over its tax intentions outrageous?

Paying the price for bullying

It's not just an encouragement.  Employers who fall down on their responsibilities can face significant penalties.

OPINION: Cases of workplace bullying have been in the news a fair bit, recently.

Letters: What is our dream?

The One Stop Youth Shop.

OPINION: Letter writers on the folly of displacing youth agencies from the One Stop Youth Shop, double dipping and the devil's mess.

Letters: Society's overlooked contributors

Worthy of remunderation.

OPINION: Letter writers on overlooked social contributors, an intimidating movement and state welfare.

Not just a cosmetic story

11092017. News. Robyn Edie. SouthlandTimes/Stuff.  Christine Brown, of Invercargill, at home with husband Lee, on right, ...

OPINION: People rightly detect beauty in Christine Brown.

Calamities as teaching aids

Shades of King Canute as Hurricane Irma visits Florida.

OPINION: Irma and her sibling Harvey are godawful storms with a silver lining.

Letters: Get your act together, Omakau

OPINION: Letter writers on Omakau's wastewater shame, voters' choices, Jerico and a married PM.

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