Princess Margaret Hospital must be viewed

Cheer up?

OPINION: The distress at Princess Margaret Hospital demands unflinching scrutiny and chastened action.

Making the grade, then and now . . .

How does grading, nowadays, compare with bygone times?

OPINION: A correspondent has some questions about a fishtailing grader.

Juggling work with sick children

You have work commitments. But you might also have this .  .  .

OPINION: Employment law isn't blind to the plight of people with sick family, Riki Donnelly writes.

Migrants and refugees

A couple of questions for Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie

OPINION: Correspondents put questions to Invercargill MP Sarah Dowie on migrants and bowel screening

One or two questions arise

Back in 2005 Adrian Loo, then of James Hargest College, came up with an award winning science fair project that may have ...

Pat Veltkamp Smith applies some childish curiosity to a motoring matter.

The battle of the lunchbox

Jo Smith is a mother of five wee darlings.

Ah the enigma of the school lunch.  

From the Eye news desk

A short trip from Invercargill to Queenstown turned into a full-day ordeal.

Let's compare incomes

Compare and contrast . .  .

OPINION: Correspondents write about the haves and have nots, election-year spending, oil and gas.

Wearing in our welcome

Diwali festival celebrations are good fun. Who knew?

OPINION: Sure, we could be more welcoming.

The devilish system made her do it

The welfare system made her do it.

OPINION: Is there a home truth behind Metiria Turei's long-ago benefit fraud?

Strange goings on in Southland video

Where is Clutha-Southland National MP Todd Barclay ?

OPINION: Where's Todd Barclay? It depends on whom you ask, it seems.

Letters: Anderson art ownership upheld

Anderson Park House

OPINION:A former Anderson Park Art Gallery trustee writes to the editor to clarify ownership.

Far from "toxic''

Community Trust of Southland chair Margot Hishon: has the support of fellow trustees.

CToS trustees rally in support of their chairwoman in a letter to the editor.

Grievance opt-out for high earners?

Riki Donnelly

OPINION: If you're earning $150k or more, do you need personal grievance options?

From the News Desk

Newslink reporter Rachael Kelly

I'm quite sure our police get tired of saying 'drive to the conditions and take care on the roads.'

A penny for your decimal currency thoughts

Monday marks 50 years since New Zealand adopted the decimal currency system

Decimal currency turns 50? Back then, Pat Veltkamp Smith wouldn't have given tuppence for the chances of that.

Anderson House a destination attraction

Anderson House

OPINION: Correspondents write on Anderson House, Ranui House, Ivory towers and cold cattle

Five targets for the Steel

Northern Mystics goal attack Maria Tutaia would be a big signing for the 2018 season.

OPINION: Several key players could fill the void left by stars Jhaniele Fowler-Reid, Jane Watson and Jamie Hume, Scott Donaldson writes.

Two words you never want to hear

Farmed Oysters infected with Bomamaia ostreae from Stewart Island, unloaded in Bluff.

OPINION: It takes only one mistake for the new bonamia parasite to spread, Rino Tirikatene writes.

Health delivery in crisis

Margaret Dynes of Winton, petitioning for improved oversight to give higher GP standards.

OPINION: A petitioner whose daughter died

Doings in the darkrooms

Let there not be light.

OPINION: Better to light a single candle than curse the darkness. Better still, light lots of them . . . .

Beware the android job-robbers

The rising generation has reason to protest.

Joe Bennett awaits the uprising of our assailed young people.

From the news desk: A week of firsts and disasters

Reporter Rebecca Moore.

OPINION: So here's the story of my first time, but no it's not what you're thinking.

Be safe these school holidays

Police in the southern district between Otago and Southland attended 34 crashes during the past weekend.

OPINION: Thoughts from the Invercargill Police Neighbourhood Policing Team.

In defence of Dickson

Glenys Dickson

OPINION: Letter writers have their say about Glenys Dickson, capitalism, eugenics, company tax and the select

Our children in smoke chambers

Exaggeration aside, there is no known safe level of tobacco smoke inhalation, other than none.

OPINION: No, Minister, education alone isn't enough this time.

Glitz, glam, and sequins

Monique Clementson stars as Deloris van Cartier in Invercargill Musical Theatre's production of Sister Act.

You'll be asking God why you didn't head along if you miss out on Sister Act.

Super Club needs top teams

Southern Steel netball defender Jane Watson in action in the Super Club netball tournament in Nelson, seen here against ...

OPINION: The Super Club netball tournament needs the top teams from Australia and the UK, writes Scott Donaldson.

Community at the heart

Farmed oysters are unloaded in Bluff after being pulled from the water.

OPINION: Sometimes it's useful to remember we can only control so much.

I can't feel my face

Winter - tis the season to rug up.

OPINION: Winter holds a special place in my heart.

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