A message of regret from Australia

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he was "numbed'' by the Christchurch mosque attack. A letter writer says ...

OPINION: Letter writers on the Christchurch shootings and tax reform.

Things the shooter didn't have in mind

Do they look divided? 
Thousands of people gathered in the Basin Reserve in Wellington for the Christchurch Mosque ...

OPINION: Turns out he mightn't have thought this through.

Student climate strikers - mature thinking given youthful voice

Invercargill Mayor Sir Tim Shadbolt meets climate change protest marchers.

OPINION: The student strikers aren't the indulgent ones.

SDC underfunded to meet mounting pressures on ageing infrastructure

The Benmore Bridge. Closed.

OPINION: The Southland District Council needs enduring solutions to confront its biggest challenge.

One child at a time

Jo Smith is a  mother of five wee darlings, part time teacher and school trustee

OPINION: I wasn't sure what to expect to be honest, but lo and behold a few minutes [into the movie], I began snotting into a hanky.

NZ superfan's Jackson devotion

Hollie Taylor, Michael Jackson superfan, in the "shrine" she keeps in her home.

OPINION: When she was sick, all Hollie Taylor had was Michael Jackson and her dog. She won't hear a bad word.

Where was the good grace, Sir Tim?

OPINION: Invercargill's freshly knighted Sir Tim Shadbolt isn't on a high horse this time

Heritage month brings us to wondrous places

The late Riverton artist Julia Faithful's work is referenced in a new exhibition by former pupil Lyn Henry..

OPINION: A Lyn Henry exhibition at Riverton calls out to our columnist.

Capital gains tax has massive, destructive ramifications for south

The Tax Working Group chair Sir Michael Cullen: the group's proposed capital gains tax will punish long-term business owners.

OPINION: It's a direct attack on the incomes and assets of everyday people.

SIT autonomy benefits Southland

Paddy O'Brien.

Where others zig, the Southern Institute of Technology zags - successfully.

Loose claims of systemic electricity price fleecing don't hold up

The Karapiro power station's $75 million refurbishment stands as an example that generating electricity is not free.

OPINION: Letter writers on electricity prices, a return to provincial government, and on taxation.

Omaui cats not irreplaceable after all?

What are you looking at?

OPINION: Officialdom asked the question, but the cats came back

A mayoral meditation on ponies and pubs

Star, a miniature horse, was stabbed 49 times.

OPINION: Both have been the focus of powerful emotions of late.

MLT Event Centre proving a stressing blessing for Gore

Further problems present themselves at the MLT Event Centre.

OPINION: The centre is well used. But it surely does have issues.

A kapa haka message for the south- Go Hearty

The pride shown at the Te Matatini festival was huge.

OPINION: I became quite emotional seeing the pride. Why aren't we celebrating who we are as New Zealanders like this all the time?

Vocational training reform needs rethinking

Otago/Southland Employers Association chief executive Virginia Nicholls.

OPINION: It is hard to see how a centralised, single entity will be better placed to respond to regional demands or the unique environment they operate in than regionally-based providers.

Letters: Capital gains tax isn't the tactic of the envious

Tax Working Group Chair Sir Michael Cullen has confirmed its support for a broad-based tax on capital gains.

OPINION: Letter writers on capital gains tax and Invercargill's CBD redevelopment.

The wearing of the Orange

Orange is the new black.

 Predators come from the north, their eyes on the success that is SIT.

Govt intends SIT to have input, and a form of control, from community

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has been given the message that the SIT has overwhelming community support.

OPINION: Know that this Government is particularly fond of the Southern Institute of Technology.

M is for mis-step video

Mmmaybe not.

OPINION: Mataura makes a welcome sign unwelcome.

The wise silence of Blue

The presence of a possum was one of the possibilities when Joe Bennett's dog, Blue, went from corpse to sentry in a ...

OPINION: Now is a time of mysteries I increasingly struggle to understand.

Letters: SIT demonstration parochialism at its best

A sea of orange signs greeted Education Minister Chris Hipkins and Labour MP Liz Craig at the SIT meeting in ...

OPINION: Letter writers on education reform, the politics of envy and power costs.

It's not all over, toheroa

Yum. For some.

OPINION: After so many decades of overfishing, let's see more bureaucratic and scientific work on behalf of the shellfish.

Paradise postponed, slightly, for oyster lovers

Won't be long now . . .

OPINION: Bluff oysters are coming

Spare SIT this fiscal chastity belt

SIT chief executive Penny Simmonds and Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt

OPINION: It's happened before - reforms that mean provincial New Zealand gets the slash and the big cities get the cash.

Cohen's liar liar testimony to Congress

Michael Cohen,

OPINION: Were Trump's ears burning? Or were his pants on fire?

Don't fix what's not broken

Carla Forbes says the proposal is worrying.

OPINION: The Government's Reform of Vocational Education is without a doubt one of the most damaging proposals the Southland region may ever see.

All jocks aside, school camps are exhausting

Optional extras?

OPINION: if you put your hand up as a camp parent thinking its going to be a sweet deal, easier than heading off to work each day, think again.

SIT's very identity imperilled by Govt reform

Stand Up for SIT campaign organiser Carla Forbes. What happens to the community identity, to the millions of dollars of ...

OPINION: The creeping shift towards centralisation of power and control away from regions and into the hands of disconnected bureaucrats is growing.

Polytech reforms need critical analysis, not instinctive reaction

Education Minister Chris Hipkins.

OPINION: Individuality is good. Isolationism isn't. The SIT can't exist as an oasis.

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