Dealer takes two

OPINION: Winston and Jacinda, sitting in a tree . . . D.E.A.L.I.N.G.

Of bravery and brave conversations

Southland District Mayor Gary Tong presents bravery awards to Conrad Waihape, centre, and Phil Manson.

OPINION: As Southland District Mayor I'm fortunate to be invited to many important events around our beautiful district – but some occasions leave a truly lasting impression.

I'm going to start a garden

Hopefully my efforts will soon yield these sorts of results.

OPINION: Every now and then, it's good to have a bit of a project to work on.

A lesson on suspension


OPINION: Employers need to know, and follow, their own rules.

Enough of this nest-feathering politics

Politically speaking, it's a dirty bird.

OPINION: We have a loser.

Letters: Can't we get our skates on?

Hannah Sutton, 10, on the Ice World portable ice rink, on the Gala Street reserve, Invercargill,

OPINION: Letter writers on ice skating in Invercargill, the Winston wait, Queen's Park and priorities.

What have we here?

Colour me happy.

OPINION: Pat Veltkamp Smith strikes gold. Or, strictly speaking, orange . . .

The bravery in our midst

Conrad Waihape, left, and Phil Manson .

OPINION: Often it's almost subterranean. Sometimes it's spectacular.

Taking trophies on tour

Nick Hutchins with the Americas Cup in Te Anau.

OPINION: The most prized trophies shouldn't spend all their time in one place.

Cheap tickets made All Whites special

Rory Fallon scores a goal for the All Whites against Bahrain.

OPINION: Cheap tickets led to the All Whites-Bahrain World Cup qualifier being the best crowd experience of my life.

Goodbye, fist o' chips

So are these soon to become medium rare?

OPINION: . What cultural ripples result from a potato chip shortage?

The figures aren't good

Sweet. Though the consequences are sour.

OPINION: Pressure mounts on the government to regulate unhealthy food marketing

Dedicated follower of fashion

An item of the Eden Hore fashion collection.

Eden Hore must have been an absolute character.

Letters: Fiasco at the top


OPINION: Letter writers on Winston Peters, a new beach for Te Anau and homosexuality.

A request not genuinely considered

Restructuring has its fishhooks

Too busy to look into an employee's suggestion during a restructuring consultations? Don't be.

Oh the relief, when Winston speaks

All in good time, sunshine.

We've been waiting our patience. Impatiently.

The folly of fire and fury

In one morning 950 New Zealanders died or were mortally injured at Passchendaele.

OPINION: October 12, of all days, New Zealand must shun the swaggering belligerence shown by some nations.

From The Eye news desk

The Southland Times and The Eye reporter Rebecca Moore.

Stunning swimmers wowed crowds at National Synchronised Swimming Championships.

Letters: Bridge mirror removal scary

Still needed.

OPINION: Letter writers on the Riverton bridge mirror removal, plastic bags and homosexuality.

Letters: What farmers used to say

That's the plan.

OPINION: Letters writers on an earlier water resources study, playground weedspsraying and shelter belts

Our unforgiving roads

Tragedies becoming increasingly commonplace . . .

OPINION: After all that hard-won progress, our road toll is trending scarily upwards.

Letters: Older birth cerificates insufficient


OPINION: Letter writers on birth certificates, a do-nothing Government, economic literacy and health care

Calendar girls. And guys.

Calendar Girls, Julie Smith, playing Chris, and Lyndal Ludlow, playing Annie, prepare for the upcoming Calendar Girls show.

OPINION: There are calendar years. And there are calendar yeahs. Maybe a few calendar yeah-nahs.

Not all solutions are super-sized

Toss you for it?

OPINION: Simple, modest approaches can come up with the goods, Tim Shadbolt suggests.

Letters: Time to assess Venture's benefit to city


OPINION: Letter writers on Venture Southland, differing rules for town and country, the Government surplus and Las Vegas.

No, I don't need your help

Got some 'helpful' advice for me? Thanks, but no thanks.

OPINION: People who give out unsolicited advice are the worst.

Unjustified haste from ES planners

Sheep and dairy farmer Doug Fraser,, argues his case at the Southland Water and Land Plan hearing.

Doug Fraser backgrounds Federated Farmers' concerns about the science behind Environment Southland's Water and Land Plan.

Who called the president a moron?

Incoming aid from Donald Trump. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

OPINION: Trump is not an easy man to work for. Or around.

Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!

Testing, testing . . .

OPINION: Civil Defence brings out the Dr Smith in many a roused-and-riled New Zealander.

Letters: Who decided the scorched-earth policy?

10082016. News.Kavinda Herath. Southland Times/Stuff-Ann Penn not happy with Tuatapere - Orepuki Highway maintenance

OPINION: Letter writers on roadside flax spraying, hospital care and the Las Vegas shooting.

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