India: Changing identities

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a gathering during his visit to Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, India, June 29.

OPINION: When India got its independence from Britain 70 years ago, this month, it was founded as a secular democracy – secular because it acknowledged the status and rights of Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and other religious minorities as equal to those of the Hindu majority.

Letters: Real adversity isn't emotional blackmail

Letters to the editor

OPINION: Letter writers on adversity, classiness, and penguin mortality.

Southland needs more Waituna-like responses

Many hands: Waituna Landcare Group's Gay Munro and Environment Southland land sustainability officer Katrina Robertson, ...

OPINION: The Waituna community has become one of the most proactive catchments nationwide in mitigating farming's environmental effects

Letters: Feeding the data gluttons

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy. Not one to turn his back on what commercial fishing boats get up to?

OPINION: Letter writers on monitoring commercial fishing, water issues, abortion.

Time for a Warrant of Fitness

Rebecca McLeod

OPINION: Rebecca McLeon suggests a pay and record-keeping checklist for employers

Letters: A dirty big secret

Add it all up

OPINION: A letter writer calculates the excretions of Southland's dairy herds.

Getting to know the other half

Esk St, soon to blossom again, but lately a haunt for beggars.

Pat Veltkamp Smith writes on beggers and choosers

If we're squaring up to suffering . . .

Shouldn't be allowed, right?

OPINION: If we're feeling righteous anger about Castlerock Dairies . . . .

Letters: Let's talk about social obligation

Metiria Turei:  what about a father's responsibility?

OPINION: Letter writers on Metiria Turei, abortion and debt.

From The Eye news desk

Can I sing? No. Can I dance? definitely no. But do I wish I could? Absolutely!

NZ citizenship - an offer you can't refuse?

Chur bro?

OPINION: How long will Australians put up with their silly citizenship rules for MPs?

Letters: Has the ICC turned a blind eye to water woes?

The occasionally oily Otepuni

OPINION: The ICC answers a correspondent asking what it's done about our waterways.

Shhh! The postie's passing . . .

Whisper who dares . . .

OPINION: Nix to stickybeaking SOEs.

Letters: water can be self-supporting

Water bottlers are paying an average 500 times less than Auckland ratepayers for each litre of water they use

OPINION: Letter writers on water, boot camps and Metiria Turei

I am a hairy model amid modern glam millennials

Maybe not too sexy for my shirt.

OPINION: The catwalk was no cakewalk for Gary Tong

The pipes, the pipes, are failing?

Is Invercargill up to its neck in a stormwater problem?

OPINION:There's unpleasantness in Invercargill's stormwater.

The folly of fire and fury

The US calculated in July that up to 60 nuclear weapons are now controlled by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

OPINION: Trump v Kim Jong Un. Anything you can do I can do madder.

Process, process, process

Sacking. Not as straightforward as a hard-done-by employer might think.

OPINION: Even a terrible employee has the protection of a full and fair disciplinary process, Riki Donnelly writes.

Letters: Colac Bay foreshore road lamented

Colac Bay foreshore road. Or what's left of it.

OPINION: Letter writers criticise the state of the Colac Bay foreshore road, support Metiria Turei and highlight homelessness.

This isn't a purple patch

Fly me to maroon

OPINION: Pat Veltkamp Smith must protest the very idea of a purple shirt day for Southland.

Labour ready to fight for the south

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and deputy Kelvin Davis

OPINION: Almost $1 million a week is being spent on housing issues in Otago-Southland.

Facing the future, spirit intact

Roger McKernan has overcome tough times.

OPINION: Roger McKernan can look the world in the eye, all right.

From the Newslink News Desk

Newslink reporter Rachael Kelly

It's been said a week in politics is a long time but it must have felt like an age for some of those in the beehive this week.

Labour pulls back on Barclay

Winston Peters: the possessor of tyrannosaurus texts?

OPINION: Labour is leaving it to Winston to keep the heat on Bill English about his role in the Barclay affair.

Letters: In praise of inner-city supporters

Motorcycle Mecca, one of the initiatives of the Richardson Group's Scott and Joc O'Donnell.

OPINION: Letter writers on a show of faith for the Invercargill CBD, case, a rejected candidate and caring diners.

From The Eye news desk

Reporter Rebecca Moore.

The past week Southlanders have been going nuts for the new Southland Stags theme song, written and performed by Kiwi artist Jason Kerrison.

Letters: why poison roadside flaxes?

Will the sight of poisoned roadside flaxes gladden hearts?

OPINION: Letter writers on roadside flax poisoning, Greens costing Labour, abortion and Metiria Turei.

Not-so-absolutely positively

Positive about that?

EDITORIAL: Remember that old political saying: if you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all? Of course not.

Letters: the wait for broadband

Fibre optic: a giant roll-out programme is underway.

OPINION: Letter writers on ultra-fast broadband progress, the 1950s versus now, and sanctimony over Metiria Turei

An anthem of sorrrrrts

Jason Kerrison: a songwriter hitting a purple patch.

OPINION: Or of shirrrrts, anyway.

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