Congratulations to the Burt Munro Challenge organisers

The Burt Munro Challenge in Southland brought hundreds of people to the south for the event.
John Hawkins/Stuff
The Burt Munro Challenge in Southland brought hundreds of people to the south for the event.



Unmissable things noticed about the current crop of Munro motorcycle enthusiasts—they seem mostly to be galloping geriatrics, were well behaved, and not too noisy. Considerate, in fact.

A far cry indeed from the ol' Bodgie days … kudos all around, especially to Burt and his organisers.

John Hunter

Splitting the vote

The problems of local body politics were highlighted for me by the "abandonment" of the Southland Museum, with its wonderful exhibits and helpful knowledgeable staff, when the Gore Council, given similar warnings, five or six years ago, as our council got, got off their "proverbial", fixed what needed to be fixed, and still have their museum!

Now Toni Biddle, the current chairperson of the Southland Museum and Art Gallery committee, which no longer has a museum to be responsible for, has announced (in December) that she would be a candidate int he next Invercargill mayoral election.

Toni, a first-term Invercargill City councillor, has also announced that she was considering applying for a three month leave of absence from council duties, something that she will undoubtedly have very good reasons for doing, but, and this is council policy, she will continue to be paid her full three-month council "salary" while on leave.

I do not know if she gets paid anything for her ongoing role as chairperson of the Southland Museum and Art Gallery.

Furthermore, and this is the real crunch for me, Toni, if she does go ahead, and stand for mayor, would effectively, divide the opposition vote to Mayor Tim's re-election, which could mean him remaining as mayor!

To give him his due, Tim was a very good mayor in the early days of his mayoralty, but that was a long time ago, and, in my opinion, what is now needed is a younger, vibrant, mayor, with business knowledge and influence and a vision of where Invercargill, as a city needs to be.

Neil Wyeth

Not a fan of Alexandra

Anybody contemplating a move to Alexandra based on the hot weather and scenery, better think twice, as its not the same place to holiday, as it is to live.

We lived there for six years and met some good folk, but in the main people are hot and cold, and as cliquey as hell.

Our three children struggled in the schools, because of unfriendliness right across the board. According to those who were part of the furniture, you had to be born there. This influenced everything, even to the extent of making a team in a sport, where for example, our ten-year-old son was told, because he wasn't playing rugby for the Alexandra club he couldn't play rippa for the school. 

So while living in Alexandra we travelled to Queenstown for two years, in order for the children to participate in sport. And it is through sport that we have been very fortunate to meet some amazing people, even legends, who supported our children in doing what they enjoy, running around. 

We will not forget these good people, no matter where we live.

James Smith

Rodeo debate

Another photo and article of a rodeo event (February 12, 2019).

Our animals are getting hurt in these competitions. Many countries have banned rodeos for that reason. Let's do the same.

Doetie Keizer 

Waitangi Day

Our TV presenters, Radio jocks and newspaper journos say Waitangi Day is a celebration of the signing of the Treaty in 1840. 

Te Tiriti o Waitangi was signed on February 6, 1840, but the Treaty that Maori celebrate today is the reconstructed and reinterpreted document that now reads of '"principles, partnerships, forestry and fisheries" etc.  

None of these words can be found in Te Tiriti o Waitangi signed by 565 Rangatira.

My question is, how can an innocent document signed 179 years ago between two cultures, become over time, (1975-2019) such a racially divisive and historically distorted document? 

Maureen J Anderson