Letters: why poison roadside flaxes?

Will the sight of poisoned roadside flaxes gladden hearts?

Will the sight of poisoned roadside flaxes gladden hearts?

All across Southland, alongside of every road, flaxes are dying; hundreds and hundreds of them, drenched in herbicide spray and killed.

As they turn yellow and shrivel, the birds that used to sip nectar from the flax flowers; tui and bellbird, will go hungry, even as the Government's expensive "Bring Back the Birds" programme is rolled out.

The pleasure Southlanders felt in seeing those iconic plants, taken from us now in the name of "public safety" or whatever justification the road managers offer up to explain the mass-spraying of the flaxes, will be lost as they collapse, die and rot beside our roads.

Everywhere you drive, you'll see the dead and dying flaxes.

Will the sight of the fallen flaxes gladden the hearts of us locals?

Will tourists delight in what they see as they drive through our countryside?

Is there anything at all good to be said about the destruction of our roadside flaxes?

I doubt it.

Robert Guyton


Greens cost Labour

It was good to see Kelvin Davis the new deputy leader of the Labour Party questioning their association with the Green Party.

In my view this association has been one of the causes of Labour losing support, and probably Andrew Little's biggest problem.

The traditional Labour supporter was a moral conservative, mostly working class family people who valued family as the strength of our nation, many of their homes had pictures of the Pope and Mickey Savage side by side above the lounge mantel piece, even the Non-Catholics had photos of Mickey Savage and later Peter Fraser both very upright morally conservative men.

The Greens lurch from the conservation aims of Jeanette Fitzsimons to the liberal LGBT cause so beloved of the news media is the albatross around the neck of Labour.

That agenda is what led to the election of Donald Trump, and the fight back of the liberals is causing continuous ructions in the United States

V K Smith



Southland's future lies in the locally born new babies. Not relying on immigration, where the "imports" have already expended 20, 30  or 40 years of their productive economic life.

If you want to increase sale in new-borns equipment like cots, childrens clothing, etc, it cannot be done with a 25 year old immigrant from India.

Why is Southland Hospital terminating the lives of 311 children? (year ending December 2015).

I cannot vote Labour as a Catholic, because they support the right of women to choose and are in favour of abortion.

I am disappointed in the National Party which traditionally does not support pregnancy termination.

Compare Donald Trump who cut all funding to Planned Parenthood (US abortion provider). The National Party must stop funding clinics like Epsom Day (3627 foetuses) and Southland Hospital's human being slaughterhouse.

291 jobs on TradeMe in Southland, highest unfilled job rate ever. WINZ has been active getting long term unemployed back into work. So the labour pool is shrinking significantly.

This problem will only be exacerbated in the future if abortion continues in NZ.

If Aotearoa stopped 99 per cent of abortions, you would see our economy the best in the world.

And the most youthful Western country in the OECD if not the world. We want to teach the kids how to do our jobs and take over our businesses.

Simon MacDonald


Turei admissions

No fewer than one and a half million tax paying Kiwis would have sat in front of their TVs to watch the news to see the Greens co-leader admit to two decades of benefit fraud and the following day admit to falsifying a voting document.

What did the average Kiwi do?

Probably got up to make a cup of tea and wait for the weather report for the next day.

Give me strength!

After a statement like that she should be stood down and be unable to carry out any parliamentary functions.

To rub salt in the wound she is painting herself as a martyr for the cause for all people suffering hardship and/or on a benefit.

If it was up to me I would suspend her immediately,withdraw all parliamentary perks and hold her passport until she faced charges.

Parliament has its share of idiots. We don't want fraudsters in there as well.

Ray Wilson


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