Letters: In praise of inner-city supporters

Motorcycle Mecca, one of the initiatives of the Richardson Group's Scott and Joc O'Donnell.

Motorcycle Mecca, one of the initiatives of the Richardson Group's Scott and Joc O'Donnell.


It's great to see Jocelyn and Scott O'Donnell showing faith in the beleaguered city of Invercargill.

I see a lot of money made in the south is not staying here and sadly we are still loosing all our best and brightest to points north.

The Richardson Group had done well in the transport industry and is ploughing money back into the old Central Business District where others have given up.

It is refreshing to see some positivity and hope about the town after years of grim despair and diminishing jobs.

Without doubt the O'Donnells are the best thing for Invercargill since SIT used its social conscience to boost the towns rental market with zero fees.

Thanks you two for employing creative and skilled Southlanders we love them and want them to stay.

Aaron Nicholson

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​Thanks, Sam

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May I through you thank Sam Wu and staff at Oceans Chinese Restaurant and the diners on Saturday night for their help and assistance to me when I had a fall and injured myself on the premises.

I bled profusely due to medication and had to go to hospital overnight.

Two female diners who were nurses immediately came to my aid and I very much appreciated their assistance.

I spent the night in hospital and next day Sam Wu (manager) and one of the diners rang me to check on me.

This is one of the nice things about Southland people; they care. Thank you to all concerned I very much appreciated your help and concern.

Neil (Ned) Cruickshank


My only success at the 100m was a third in the Under 12s at the school carnival so I can share the feelings Bolt had as his career finishes. 

The real story however is the contrast between his great career, his actual enjoyment in competing and that of the twice convicted drug cheat "winner".

Sporting competition should be encouraged at all levels as much of the world become less fit; and for the message that you are a winner if you do the best you can.

Dennis Fitzgerald


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