Letters: Colac Bay foreshore road lamented

Colac Bay foreshore road. Or what's left of it.

Colac Bay foreshore road. Or what's left of it.

This is what remains of the Colac Bay foreshore road, the result of four years of neglect and incompetence by the Southland District Council and Environment Southland.

This is what councils do in Southland; absolutely nothing.

What do we pay rates for?

Alan McKay


Southland District Council group manager, services and assets, Ian Marshall, replied:
Southland District Council is very aware of the concerns the community has about the erosion to the Colac foreshore road.

There is a consent lodged with Environment Southland for more work pending further information from SDC. The current rock work protects the houses, which is important, but there is a limit to how effective rock protection can be on a relatively exposed coastline.

Given the nature of the encroaching coastline and the implications of climate change, the situation has required quite a bit of investigation and consideration to properly understand the issues so the right decision can be made.

Turei supported

We stand together to support Metiria Turei as co-leader of the Green Party of Aotearoa NZ. We are excited about the opportunity we have right now to show solidarity with and compassion towards those without a voice in our community. Metiria stands for us in our desire to mend a very broken safety net. And we stand with her. Metiria's decision to share her story has opened the way for us to discuss the realities of poverty – a reality we have lived, and which countless in our community experience daily.

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Aotearoa needs to have an open and respectful conversation about inequality. Compassion is needed, not judgment.

We will continue to advocate for those without a voice in our community and country, for the sake of their – and their children's - futures. We take seriously the mandate given to us by those in need to fight for a welfare system that provides Kiwis with security and respect rather than insecurity and shame. We will continue to do our best, alongside Metiria, to change the government and create a fairer, more compassionate Aotearoa.

Rachael Goldsmith and Rochelle Surendran

Green Party candidates for Clutha Southland and Invercargill


There is irony on your front page (August 7) with Jack Fletcher's story about the homeless in town, and Rebecca Moore's on upgrades planned for the Invercargill City Council building.

I'm glad the council is wanting to make its building warm and safe, it should be.

Meanwhile 184 people are listed as homeless here.

We've all seen the bedding in  alcoves, tents in bush areas, so we know it's a problem.

Jack's story highlights the great work done by the Sallies.

What is the council doing, or planning to do to ease the growing lack of affordable and diverse housing in the city?

L Johnston


Invercargill City Council chief executive Richard King replied:
The Invercargill City Council has supported the Breathing Space Southland Trust which contracts the Salvation Army to provide an emergency housing service for people requiring a place to say.

In 2016, the council undertook to lead the development of a Southland Community Housing Strategy. The strategy was completed in April 2017 and presented to the council.  The strategy focuses on six aspects of community housing which were identified by the community and providers.  These include emergency and rental housing. The Strategy Report identifies that a collaborative community-led approach, harnessing the expertise, resources and goodwill of multiple local and national parties will lead to positive solutions.

The council agrees with Salvation Army Captain Perry Bray, "There is no quick fix, there is really a raft of issues to get someone back on their feet rather than just getting them a bed for the night."



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