Letters: water can be self-supporting

Water bottlers are paying an average 500 times less than Auckland ratepayers for each litre of water they use

Water bottlers are paying an average 500 times less than Auckland ratepayers for each litre of water they use


So, a charge for water will bankrupt farmers, National?

That makes a lie for all the attempted justifications for building irrigation dams to create viable farming, or are they really just tax-payer subsidies?

National eliminated democracy over Canterbury's water supply so green dairy deserts could be developed despite public outcry, and now Canterbury's rivers are dying.

Frothing foolish figures never quoted by the Opposition, National try to scaremonger while the rivers die.

Meanwhile water bottlers are paying an average 500 times less than Auckland ratepayers for each litre of water they use.

While National harp on that the actual percentage of water used is minute, their "better management" of freshwater has brought us to the under-funded, polluted and often flooded state we are at today.

We need to spend money to protect water quality from source to sea, and property from water rise, and charging for water is the only feasible way to do it.

National, as usual, do not have the answers, just the excuses.

David Russell

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Abridged - Editor

Boot camps

I recently participated in suicide awareness training organised and funded by individuals in our community. Our community cares about the wellbeing of our young people.

We are deeply concerned that New Zealand has the highest youth suicide rate in the world, a homelessness crisis and some of the worst child health statistics in the developed world according to Unicef. We want to change this.

Against this backdrop I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the National Party's recent policy announcement. It wants to send our troubled youth to boot camps.

Soldiers cannot replace social workers and our police shouldn't be used instead of mental health teams.

Our young people need early intervention, adequate support, and a compassionate approach to help them build resilience.

Previous boot camps have failed, the research clearly indicates these schemes are far more likely to cause harm than do good.

The Green Party has evidence based policies to address the problems affecting our tamariki and provide a hopeful future.

Love New Zealand, party vote Green.

Rochelle Surendran

Green Party candidate for Invercargill


Few of us are squeaky clean, most of us have gone over the speed limit, or made an error of judgement when young.  However, Members of Parliament or the police who break the law must face public scrutiny.  Those who make, or enforce, laws must be held to a higher level of account than the average citizen.  

In respect to this they "must" assist the police with their inquiries.

It is the pinnacle of hypocrisy for an MP to boast they have broken laws, but are happy to be a part of the Parliament making them.  

The law is, and should be, the great leveller. Justice is often referred to as blind, to ensure  rich or poor, powerful, and ordinary like myself, are all treated the same.

This began with the Magna Carta. This document ensured the king of the time complied with his own laws, under penalty of death.

The penalties for transgressions are generally not why people walk the narrow line. The  majority comply because of that simple rule "treat others as you would have them treat you".

The law must protect us from being abused by powerful interests, it gives us security from violence and protects our property, but most of all it ensures that we are all equal.  

We are not ruled by a king today, but through representation.  This however doesn't seem to have held any weight in the halls of power.

Carl Findlater



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