Letters: Let's talk about social obligation

Metiria Turei:  what about a father's responsibility?

Metiria Turei: what about a father's responsibility?

Social obligation

Rachael Goldsmith is the Green Party Candidate for Clutha Southland. In her candidate profile she says she has been a recipient of family support for which she indicates honest gratitude. Does she think that gratitude should express itself in cheating people giving it?

Rochelle Surendran is the Green Party candidate for Invercargill. In her candidate profile she professes strong Christian values. Do these values extend to honouring the eighth commandment?

Do Goldsmith and Surendran believe a man is responsible for the children he begets?

By refusing to name the father of her children Metiria Turei has enabled him to avoid his obligation of making any contribution for their support. It appears he was liable for in excess of $100,000 in child support recoverable in the form of a tax on his earnings.

Are Green Party candidates Goldsmith and Surendran supporters of tax evaders of this sort?

It is only fair the people of Southland know, especially as stated Green Party policy is that everyone meet their social obligation and pay their fair share of tax.

Mervyn Cave


This letter was referred to the Green Party's Clutha-Southland candidate Rachael Goldsmith and Invercargill candidate Rochelle Surendran who replied:

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We are supportive of Metiria Turei taking the courageous step of sharing her personal story of her experience as a single mother in order to open up a conversation regarding poverty and inequality in Aotearoa.

As with any personal story, there may be choices others have made where we would have chosen differently. Mr Cave's questions invite us to pass judgment on others' personal circumstances and this is something we choose not to do.

The Green Party stands for compassion.

We want to mend NZ's broken safety net by raising benefit levels to a livable standard and to ensure that all children in NZ grow up in a warm, dry house with all the things they need. We are sure that Mr Cave will agree with us that this is something we all want to see.


In reply to Simon MacDonald's letter on abortion (August 8) I take issue, once again, with what a person holding religious beliefs seems to believe will somehow magically solve a very distressing time for any woman.

Southland does need to make the workforce attractive to keep our young people here, but expecting women to have children to suit the church to fill their pews is ridiculous.

No, the National Party does need to "fund and support" women, all women, who for different reasons require a termination.

Women are not breeding machines for the workforce, or to fill God's play pen.

As for describing the clinic as a slaughterhouse, how disrespectful to the women and the medical people.

Religion and greed play a huge part in causing all the civil wars around the world.

Perhaps children will be able to follow in the parents' footsteps, job wise, if less time was spent gazing at a computer screen and all the other mind-altering gadgets that place them in a trance.

Technology has its place but is it worth it when human beings operate like robots?

Mr MacDonald, I suggest you keep your views on abortion within the walls of the church.

Sonia Green


National debt

Much has been said since the budget and Bill English balancing the books.

Most people would believe that balancing the books is a result of making more than you are spending.

But the reality is a manipulation of the figures by the National Government that doesn't reflect the reality of the country's true financial position.

Since National became government New Zealand's debt has grown to $85,603,659,088.

That equates to every man, women, and child owing nearly $20,000 in overseas debt. The money being paid in interest alone is horrifying.

National tells us English is a safe pair of hands if that is so I would hate to be in a vehicle he is driving. Even the mouth from the South, Sarah Dowie would be hard press to put a positive spin on the above.

Gary McEwan


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