Letters: Real adversity isn't emotional blackmail

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor


One of the reasons our response to Mr Cave (August 17) was so broad is that Mr Cave appears to have misunderstood the information on my candidate page.

It actually states that I was a foster child whose road to success was ridden with adversity.

I never had any help or support from my own family. In the past I had to fight tooth and nail for a roof over my child's head, food for his healthy development, and money to put op-shop clothes on his back.

Every cent his father gave the Inland Revenue Department during those times did not come to me, it went to the Government – that's money he could have spent actually supporting our child.

This is why we need to increase benefit rates, urgently.

Child support doesn't support the children of beneficiaries, it supports government coffers.

We will change that, to ensure parents have enough money – whether they pay child support, or are on a Sole Parent benefit – to feed our kids, rather than pay for motorways in Auckland.

Our use of children is not emotional blackmail. It was my cold, hard reality, and the reality for many New Zealand children and  their parents.

Love all New Zealand children. Vote Green.

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Rachael Goldsmith
Green Party Clutha-Southland candidate

Child poverty

Child poverty, Mervyn Cave declares (August 18) is caused by "stupid women and rotten men".

Stay classy, Mervyn.

Robert Guyton


Fuzzy logic

I thought the article (August 18) regarding the save the penguins protest was a great April Fool's Day prank, but then I realised that it's not April 1 and that just maybe the dudes walking down the main street of Balclutha in penguin suits may have actually been serious.

Or or even worse, someone may actually think that this obviously politically motivated protest, was actually grounded in reality and truth.

I thought I should, hopefully, help disillusion them. The unbearable facts, that wreck a good story.

The spokesperson representing Forest & Bird, is reported asserting that the penguins demise was the result of commercial fishing, and the great solution to their plight (which is very real, and very serious) is to create large tracts of Marine Reserve on the South Otago coast, thus ensuring no commercial or recreational fishing, and happy, well fed and multiplying at a rapid rate, penguins.

Now commercial fisherman, and recreational fishermen catch big fish, like blue cod, barracouta, shark, grouper, etc. Penguins do not.

shark and barracouta are actually reported by Forest & Bird to be accelerating the penguins' demise by eating them.

Penguins eat tiny little fish, like anchovies, krill etc. Big fish eat little fish too. So the sharks, barracouta, grouper, blue cod, compete with the penguins for food.

One could actually argue that the fishers are not catching enough big fish and they are gobbling up too many little fish, thus starving penguins.

Now a marine reserve will greatly multiply the numbers of big fish gobbling the little fish, thus a large area of marine reserve will mean even more hungry penguins not fewer, as the trophic levels in the marine environment shift toward large predators.

Why not spend the effort exerted doing dumb political stunts actually finding an answer to the declining yellow-eyed penguin numbers?

Which would mean looking into brood disease, habitat loss, and encouraging the fishing types to catch more of the large predator fish, leaving more little fish for the surviving penguins?

John Steffens

Te Anau


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