Letters: Society's overlooked contributors

Worthy of remunderation.

Worthy of remunderation.

Social contributors

In the election promises there are tax cuts on one side and handouts on the other. All parties are saying vote for me and we will give your tax money to people who do nothing or for various causes.

There is, however, one section of the community that contribute more to society yet take nothing back.

This section deserve to get something for that contribution and I suggest that a new policy would be to pay dead people.

A university researcher recently was paid to investigate the contribution made by dead people and following extensive interviews drew their own conclusions that is it is the Government's fault and they should supply more funding.

Dead people have increased the housing stock, reduced hospital waiting lists, reduce the impact on climate change and no longer fill our prisons or rest homes.

They no longer use a Gold Card and no longer have doctor's visits.

These are just some of the positives and should be rewarded so I suggest giving each dead person $1000 inflation adjusted.

So come on you politicians, you are throwing taxpayer money at everyone else but neglecting dead people. This is discrimination.

Looking forward to the new movie after the polls close – Monty Python and the NZ election.

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David Williamson


Intimidating movement

Interesting debate about euthanasia and suicide. There are indeed major differences between the two.

Life and death issues seem to be the forgotten issues in the current election.

There is a wide divergence of views held between many New Zealanders in issues like suicide and euthanasia, or abortion and sexuality.

There is a very intimidating movement in New Zealand to try and compel people to think only one way about these issues.

In such a climate we move from education into indoctrination.

There is even a growing movement that suggests that if we think differently to an official view then one could be guilty of a hate crime.

The freedom to think and to express different views is a foundational principle of democracy.

How views are expressed is important but the freedom to express major differences is the kind of reason that people died in wars for – it is that important.

As a Christian I have always been prepared to discuss both sides of these very important debates.

What shocks me is the absence of any meaningful discussions in the media and by commentators beyond the surface of such issues.

The outcome of these issues is profound.

For example if the pro life people are right and a human life begins in the womb then putting a set of footwear for each "victim" outside Parliament would almost make the Beehive invisible,

If they are wrong then some better defense of the opposing views needs to be presented .

I think we are missing something really important here.

John Gullick


Riversdale Waikaia Presbyterian Church

State welfare

Thomas Sowell, the black American economist and philosopher commented that slavery, the American civil war, Jim Crow, the Great Depression, prohibition, two world wars and endemic racism did not prepare his people for the havoc wrought on them by the last 30years of state welfare, that has reduce them to crime, hopelessness, drug dependency and a collapse of family and community.

The London Irish journalist, social commentator and self described Marxist Brendan O'Neill makes the same observation of the effects of welfare on working class Brits.

The same process of destruction by welfare is being wrought in New Zealand.

If you want to finger the cause of child poverty, homelessness and the housing crisis, welfare is it.

The tragedy is more of what caused the problem in the first place is to be applied as a remedy.

There will come a time that the cleverest academic will not be able to talk themselves out of the evidence before their eyes, but watching the present election bidding for office of outdoing one another on welfare spending, a lot more havoc is to be wrought on the social structure of NZ society and the economic ability to support it.

In a better world readers would download those two commentators on YouTube before they rushed like sheep into a smother to vote this election. Those that do, give Jordan Peterson a look as well.

Mervyn Cave


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