Letters: What is our dream?

The One Stop Youth Shop.
John Hawkins

The One Stop Youth Shop.

What is our dream?

It is ironic that while there is a national focus on the issue of youth suicide, Invercargill City Council staff are planning to displace two key agencies working with vulnerable youth in our community - the No 10 One Stop Youth Shop in Deveron St.

Is the council going to prioritise a developer's desire to make money, sold under the guise of "an anchor project at the entrance of the CBD" over the wellbeing of our young people?

The current building is in an ideal location for the two youth agencies,and has had hundreds of thousands of dollars of community funds poured into it, to make it suitable. (While the council has not even bothered to paint it).

Council staff need to be sent a clear message by councillors that the well-being of a city is not based on flash new buildings, but on how a city supports its most vulnerable.

The council need to give these agencies a long term, subsidised lease so they can do their work without threat of eviction hanging over them.

Is Dream Big a vision for flash new buildings that will line a few people's pockets or is Dream Big a vision of what our community could be like, if every person in it had the chance of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing?

Many of our young people can't Dream Big without agencies like No 10.

Council, now is your opportunity to truly Dream Big.

Keith Harrington

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Double Dipping

With the election only a few days away, I have been giving a lot of thought as to whom to vote for.

I have to admit, I am totally brassed off with the Nats, whom I have voted for the last 30+ years. Their dishonesty over the Barclay saga has really annoyed me and Bill English still has not come clean.

But to his credit, he has over the past two weeks shown some leadership by publicly slapping down a couple of his MPs for errant comments.

Hopefully this will continue by publicly slapping down Steven Joyce for his dumb attack on Labour.

Labour want to tax us on land value. We already pay this. It is called "rates" to our local council.

Labour want to tax us on environment issues, we already pay this… It is called "Rates" to our local regional council, Environment Southland..

Labour need to come clean as to their tax policy, if they actually have one apart from the extra taxes they have already announced.

They state they will have a working group to decide this after the election, Even though they have done a budget which must include income as well as expenditure (already publicised).

Interestingly on one of their press releases, they will invite Roger Douglas to participate. (Lange / Rogernomics? Heaven help us).

It is time for Ms Ardern to open the front door and let us all know what the tax policy will be".

The minor parties seem to be losing their way, Are we sick of them holding the Government to ransom? I think so, even though I joined Winston's party this year.

Vote wisely.

Steve Fagerlund


Devil's mess

Winston Peters is right on about God's Own becoming the devil's mess.

Much of what Jacinda Ardern says doesn't ring true. For example, she wants to end child poverty and decriminalise abortion. She can't have it both ways.

A law won't end child poverty and abortion is the greatest form of abuse. Even when it's wrong it's deemed right; that is the mania part of the movement.

Why are Ardern and English denying any connection between suicide and euthanasia?

Good leaders are meant to be wise and this cannot be put in separate boxes.

That's like saying divorce is not linked to any of society's ills, and nobody talks about that, either.

Assisting a person to die is the PC version of suicide. In a year's time does Ardern want to turn the tears on for another pair of 600 shoes, this time it will be for those euthanised?

Or will all the hypocrites say," no, these shoes belong to those who knew what they were doing?"

Again, she can't have it both ways. A mental health inquiry whilst backing euthanasia. is a cop out.

It is a concern that such weight is given to a mouthpiece whose definition of nuclear family comes hot off the United Nations Charter and is signed by Helen Clark.

James Smith


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