Stunning synchronised swimmers wow at champs

The Southland Times and The Eye reporter Rebecca Moore.
Kavinda Herath/STUFF

The Southland Times and The Eye reporter Rebecca Moore.

OPINION: I used to be an okay runner at school and have played a few sports throughout my days but, as for swimming, I was always at the back of the pack.

It's not like I can't swim ... I am just usually the one you will find sunbathing on the side of the pool or beach with a cocktail in hand.

But this week I headed along to the National Synchronised Swimming Championships and wow, I was impressed.

Those girls, who were likely half my age, were amazing!

They all looked stunning in their makeup, slicked back hair and gorgeous outfits.

They glided through the water, twisted, turned and flipped in seamless sequence.

I had seen minimal coverage of synchronised swimming on television but had never been to anything like it live.

But I have to say, I would definitely go again.

The crowd and other swimmers cheered with support, no matter where they were from or who the swimmers were, which was great to see.

Even when one girl slipped over after a swim, everyone cheered her back on and boy, was she a trooper.

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She got up no worries and carried on.

Can all sports be like this please?

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