Letters: Bridge mirror removal means a roll of the dice

Still needed.
Robyn Edie

Still needed.

It happened sooner than I expected.

Coming from the Riverton Rocks direction turning on to the bridge I had just turned when a car coming from the Colac Bay direction appeared directly behind me.

What if I was towing a trailer or in a truck?

This normally safe manoeuvre has become a roll of the dice since the mirror has been foolishly removed for a so called "trial period".

I suggest that those responsible for this crazy decision do something sensible and put it back.

If they feel that it could fog up and cause problems, do some research.

There are sure to be some coating formulas to to prevent the fogging

Adrian Halliday


Plastic bags

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Supermarkets are removing the supply of plastic bags for customer purchases. Now hang on a minute.

Didn't they introduce these to reduce the cost of the eco-friendly brown paper bags?

So now to cut costs even further they have capitalised on the eco trend and asked us to provide our own bags.

If they are not to be accused of profiting from a previously poor environmental decision surely they should wear the cost of replacement packaging, not their customers.

Keith McKenzie


Good call

Thank you Countdown for your plan to phase out single-use plastic bags (October 5).

The only thing shoppers have to remember is to put their own cloth bags back into the boot of the car or in the bicycle  basket after unpacking groceries.

That way they are ready for the next plastic bag-free shopping session.

I hope that many more supermarkets will follow this great step towards reducing the amount of throw-away-items in our society.

The new Government could speed up the process by banning the plastic bags altogether and ideally also all throw away coffee cups.

Just bring your own cup.

As a result no recycling or landfilling is needed, only a rinse/wash.

I'm sure everyone is working towards reducing the amount of rubbish.

We may have a  clean environment in the near future.

Doetie Keizer



Why are those that say no to homosexual marriage labelled as bigots, homophobic and even perpetrators of hate speech?

Israel Folau has to be commended for his stand against same-sex marriage. His stance is of more value than even record scores by the All Blacks, as society is being detrimentally impacted by an attitude of living in sin.

New Zealand buckled to same-sex marriage, even our more conservative leaders like Bill  English said "I've changed my mind, they're out there doing their thing...it wont affect me."

Now, Steve Tew of the NZRFU has come out in support of homosexuality within the All Blacks. It's enough to put you off being a supporter.

At least as a country, Australia is putting up some sort of fight against so-called safe schools and this insidious evil foisting itself upon us as a society.

James Smith


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