Oh the relief, when Winston speaks

All in good time, sunshine.

All in good time, sunshine.

Heavens what a week this has been.

We've waited to know the result which you'd think was like the Lord God Himself come down to sort sheep from goats for eternity.

Whereas really it's just the result of an MMP election and parties having to get together and sort it through with supposed king/ queen maker Winston Peters.

MMP works like that, or doesn't.

Germany will have its government properly established by Christmas.

We want it done and dusted now.


Most people don't give a toss but we are urged on like cattle beasts to listen to news headlines, watch news clips that show how many are talking when and where and why and with whom and then we wonder can the two main parties not get together?

Not a hope they declare. And all those surrounding them endorse that. Not a hope.

They are too different.

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But are they, really?

When it comes to the issues deemed pivotal in pre-election days, they seem all roughly on the same page or at least in the same book like they all care about health and education and roads and rivers, railways and housing, defence, welfare, conservation and sometimes sustainability.

There that's about the lot and something for everyone I am sure.

The angst of days of guessing who will do what and with whom are taking a toll and it is just the thought of the relief in sight that keeps us going.

It is always like that innit?

Life is made up of anticipation, that sense of excitement, curiosity, hunger, pain, thirst or whatever keeps us going.

And then, finally, there's the relief that comes when hunger is sated, the itch scratched.

So soon we get the big, the long-awaited news.

I bet the world won't end and we are not joining Australia (that's one and the same thing ) and there's still time to move into the quiet well-behaved sheep lot away from the unruly goats and that's about it.

Enjoy the news dear friends.

Let's hope it is worth the wait.

 - Stuff


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