It's a Small World

If you can bet on one thing, it's that Southlanders travel far and wide. They also remain pretty passionate about the south. Follow the musings of ex-southerners worldwide.

From Winton to Nairobi

05:00am 26 Sep 2013

JAnelle KingMy name is Janelle King and I'm 29. I grew up on a farm just outside of Winton. I went to Central Southland College.

From there I went to Otago University to complete a bachelor of arts and diploma of secondary teaching.

Where are you?

I'm living in Kenya, in an area alled Nakuru, about three hours' drive northwest of Nairobi. 

What are you doing there?

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Surviving a whirlwind trip

05:00am 22 Aug 2013


Amber ColeHow do you survive working in eight time zones, commuting 50,000 kilometres across eight countries, in three weeks?

Ask Amber Cole. 

The 20-year-old probably has the answer after a whirlwind work experience tour.

''There was a lot of coffee,'' she explains.

''It's actually quite hard to think that I've just been around the world. It's all quite surreal.''

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A real handy-man

05:00am 01 Aug 2013


Andrew WilsonFrom Southland to the bustling heart of the United Kingdom, Andrew Wilson has had an interesting journey to England.

Q: Where are you?

A: London, England.

Q: What are you doing there?

A: After stints working in Australia and Ireland I decided to do a European van tour in 2009 with a friend. We visited 17 European countries in four months and after that I was well and truly bitten by the travel bug. A year later I embarked on an overland tour through eastern Africa where I met a girl who would eventually become my wife. She was English, which inevitably meant I would spend some time living in England.

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Missing Jimmy's Pies

05:00am 20 Jun 2013


Mark CalderMark Calder headed back to school this year, but instead of sitting behind a desk, he's in front of them. Reporter Louise Berwick caught up with Calder and his life during his big OE.

Q: Where are you?

A: London, England.

Q: What are you doing there?

A:The typical Kiwi thing - my overseas experience.

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Step out of your comfort zone

05:00am 07 Jun 2013

Between playing squash and studying at an Ivy League University, former Southland Boys' High School student Michael Sunderland talked to Louise Berwick about his adventures in the United States.

Q: Where are you?
I'm in a small college town in New York State called Ithaca, at Cornell University.

Q: What are you doing there?
  I have been studying biology, majoring in neurobiology and behaviour, and playing squash for the Cornell men's team, since January.

Q: What is your favourite thing about the place you are living in?
My spell-check is telling me that ''favourite'' is spelt wrong. The reason I'm mentioning this is that everything is different here. From measurements, to driving on the other side of the road, the food, the people, the accents, even the spelling. I love the diversity here and the fact that everything is a new experience.

Q: What is the weirdest, or coolest thing you have seen while you have been there?
Oh man, so much has happened. I think being at a school with 12,000 undergraduate students all living right on campus is crazy. It takes me half an hour just to walk to the other side of the campus - it's so big! We have huge snowball fights, too.

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