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Sorted right? Not quite...

05:00am 31 Mar 2014


@nathanburdon Part of the reason for firing this blog up again was to give people an insight into how this business works.

Before I get any further into this post, let me start by saying that I love my job, I feel really fortunate most of the time to be doing what I do.

I most certainly would rather be doing this than working in a woolshed or a supermarket of any of the other jobs that I've had along the way.

That's not meant in any way to be disrespectful to people who work in woolsheds or supermarkets either, but you get my drift.

Anyway, Sunday shifts are probably not much fun in any job.

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Back in the saddle ... or on the green

12:00pm 27 Mar 2014


For some reason the stars have aligned recently and I've been playing golf.

In fact, about three rounds in the past two weeks, which is some sort of achievement given I hadn't played any stickball for the best part of 18 months.

Before that I was a member of the Invercargill Golf Club and a regular Saturday morning player, with a few other rounds thrown in when I had the time.

And there was the rub.

When our family doubled in size about two years ago, my free time wasn't just halved, it shrank down to the sort of micro dot that spy film used to be stored on in old Cold War movies.

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Club rugby, for what it's worth

05:00am 26 Mar 2014


Club rugby season is almost upon us, which means the rumour mill is in overdrive at the moment.

Who's going where? Why are they shifting? How much are they being paid?

As someone who has been out of club rugby for close to 10 years now, except as a casual observer and occasional reporter, it seems utterly ridiculous that ANY player in Southland is being paid to play club rugby.

This is not the NRL, this is not Super Rugby, this is not even the NPC.

I can accept that some clubs have to provide an enticement to attract the sort of players required to play premier rugby. Petrol money, a job (that's an actual job, not a 'no-show' job a la The Sopranos), the odd leg of mutton, maybe.

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Thoughts of a winning coach

12:00pm 25 Mar 2014


I caught up with Southern Steel coach Janine Southby after a thrilling one-goal win over the West Coast Fever in Dunedin on Saturday. Here are her thoughts on the game.

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Gutsy win celebrated

01:32pm 24 Mar 2014


Highlanders coach Jamie Joseph was celebrating his second win of the season on Saturday, a gutsy effort against the Hurricanes at Dunedin Stadium.

Here's what he had to say after the game.

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