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Hannah Lobb is exploring China, the United States and Argentina as a student of International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington. Follow her adventures here.

Conquering a Wonder of the World

05:00am 26 Apr 2013

As one of my friends said I should go big for my last blog and it doesn't get bigger than one of the Wonders of the World.

I spent last weekend in Iguazu with other exchange students from Buenos Aires.

The Cataratas de Iguazu sit on the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

It takes about half an hour to walk through the forest, which abounds with butterflies, rainbows and strange looking creatures called coatis.

They look like a raccoon-fox-possum hybrid and are apparently prone to biting those who try to feed them.

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Yearning for a road less travelled

09:59am 18 Apr 2013

Stree clownsYesterday my friend Tom and I sat down for a raspberry juice and muffin at a local vegan cafe after our three-hour Spanish lesson.

The conversation focused on the reasons why we had chosen Buenos Aires as our study abroad destination.

It was the first time that I had really talked about it.

My decision was based mainly on a knowing that this was where I needed to go, teamed with a desire to live in a Spanish speaking country.

We discovered there was a yearning for a road less travelled.

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Swapping study for Lollapalooza

05:00am 12 Apr 2013


Last weekend I met four of my friends who are also on exchange in Buenos Aires in Santiago, Chile for a whirlwind weekend at the music festival Lollapalooza.

The headlining acts included Pearl Jam, The Black Keys, Franz Ferdinand and Deadmau5.

My flight from Peru landed at 2pm on Saturday.

I raced through customs, caught an annoyingly yet unavoidably expensive taxi (12,000 Chilean pesos or $24USD).

I arrived at Parque O'Higgins in the bright sun and fortunately saw the girls standing in line.

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Ruins of a 'sexy woman'

01:39pm 04 Apr 2013


My first impressions of Peru have been the colours.

The markets are stacked with a rainbow assortment of fruits and vegetables, the roofs in Cuzco and Pisac are all adobe reddish brown, the walls are white and the doors bright blue.

Shops sells intricately woven bags, shoes and ponchos knitted with a kaleidoscope of reds, purples, blues, yellows and oranges.

In Cuzco I go to the ''San Pedro'' market every morning for a fresh juice, the best combination that my friend Rohan and I, whom I'm visiting, have found is orange, mango and a Peruvian fruit called Lucuma.

It is a small round fruit with a shiny brown stone in the middle (like avocado) and smooth peach coloured flesh.

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Raucous sea of blue

05:00am 28 Mar 2013


First I want to establish that I know very little about soccer.

The extent of my knowledge is around the same as when I was a child playing my brother's FIFA World Cup computer game.

Ironically I always chose to play as Argentina because I liked their flag the best.

Last Friday I put 500 pesos (about 60 American dollars at a good unofficial rate) behind me and bought my ticket to the Argentina vs Venezuela match.

I took my place amongst the raucous sea of blue that made up the vast majority of the almost 75,000 spectators.

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