Alvah Simon
Today the world is well charted and mapped, the men who are responsible for this are of a very unique breed.

05:00am 29 Apr 2013 Recently, after sailing a brace of modern boats at the Annapolis Boat Show, my wife, Diana, and I returned to New Zealand via Spain. In theory our core mission was epicurean excess, but I found a less hedonistic bonus in the city of Seville. Here, in a cathedral dripping with the riches extracted from the New World lies the  hallowed remains of Cristobal Columbus, TheAdmiral of The Ocean Sea, ultimately one of the most  influential, even if not skilled, sailor and navigator in human history. Now, this may not sound awfully exciting unless you put my visit into the context of a birdwatcher finally spotting her lilac-breasted roller or a big game hunter completing his quest for "The Big Five".

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