Shipwrecked in shelter


Our Australian friends on an Amel 54 snapped their anchor chain on coral in a storm and were blown onto a reef, putting a cruel end to their Pacific cruising.

App of the Month - Raymarine


Check out Boating's favourite app this month.

App of the Month - Marine Mate

Marine Mate

Check out Boating's favourite app this month.

Working the Dream


His friends and even his wife told Ron Olds he was mad when he bought Zora, but where they saw a tired, former fishing boat, he saw an ocean-going cruiser.

Alvah Simon - Island of the Damned

Alvah Simon

Alvah is humbled by a visit to a disused leper colony.

Alvah Simon - Prepare To Welcome Boarders

Alvah Simon

Alvah explains the modern incarnation of a brotherhood designed to help mariners far from home.

Alvah Simon's Blog:

alvah simon

Alvah talks about his long time friends Lin and Larry Pardey.

Alvah Simon - The Samoan Way

Alvah Simon

Alvah gets into island life.

Alvah Simon - Those Clever Kiwis

alvah simon

Alvah highlights some touches of Kiwi brilliance that have contributed to our safety at sea.

Alvah Simon - The Amazing Astrolabe

Alvah Simon

Alvah Simon explores Fiji's amazing Astrolabe Reef.

Alvah Simon - A blast from the past

Alvah Simon

Alvah explores the roots of his fascination with multihulls.

Alvah Simon: Tending Towards Disorder

Alvah Simon

Whoever coined the phrase "Don't sweat the small stuff" has never owned a boat.

Alvah Simon: Sages of the Sea

Alvah Simon

Alvah shares a couple of gems of knowledge that he has collected during a lifetime spent at sea.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea


In order to put to sea, a boat must adhere to a number of rules and regulations. Alvah Simon talks to the man who is in charge of ensuring vessels going offshore are seaworthy and up to the task.

Alvah Simon: Confessions of a coral crusher


Coral reefs are some of the most beautiful of natures creations, here's what you can do to help preserve them.

Alvah Simon's Blog - Over and Out

Alvah Simon

Knowing the proper protocol for using a VHF radio will often help you avoid a potentially serious situation, so here are some of Alvah Simon's tips on what you in on what you need to know.

App of the Month - Navigation

App of the Month

Island Cruising Association directors John and Lyn Martin run the rule over navigation apps for smartphones and tablets.

German Flyer

German Flyer


A German sailor’s new yacht comes from his homeland and is named for one of its most famous flying heroes.

Alvah Simon's blog - On Assignment

Alvah Simon didn't have to be asked twice to explore Whangaroa Harbor and the neighboring Cavalli Islands.

Between a Rocna and a hard place

Pete Smith

Meet the man behind Cavalier yachts and Rocna anchors.

Alvah Simon - The Great Divide

Multi v mono

The first time I was invited to be a judge in the US Boat of the Year Contest in Annapolis, Maryland, I sailed 32 different boats, only twoof which were multihulls.

Alvah Simon - An Ode to my Aries

Alvah Simon

Our cruising blogger would never head offshore without reliable self-steering.

Alvah Simon's blog - Child of the sea

Laura Dekker

There was little fan fare when Laura Dekker made landfall in Whangarei but Alvah Simon is impressed by the teen circumnavigator.

Western Pacific Rally Blog - Opua to Anatom


After a delayed departure due to adverse weather, the Martins lead the ICA Western Pacific Rally into Anatom, Vanuatu.

Western Pacific Rally Blog - Maintenance Woes


If fixing something on your boat was easy, it usually means you've done it wrong. John and Lyn Martin experience a few problems with their yacht Windsong.

Alvah Simon's Blog - The Jackson two

Vicky and Tom Jackson

Vicky and Tom Jackson are well respected and published cruisers, clocking up over 170,000 miles in their yacht Sunstone, but have also claimed many titles in some of the worlds top offshore yacht races.

Alvah Simon's Blog: There she blows


The Bay of Islands is home to some of the best cruising in the world, and is only a short hop from Auckland.

Alvah Simon - The boatyard blues

Alvah Simon

Alvah Simon offers inspiration for anyone who has ever worked on a boat.

Alvah Simon - Aquaculture and you

Doug Smeal

Alvah Simon's watery backyard is being targetted for aquaculture, and our cruising blogger isn't happy about it.

Alvah Simon's Blog - From Sail to Steam

Mason Bay

The story of Gary Underwood's restoration of a classic wooden powerboat.

Alvah Simon's blog - Safe sailing tips

Alvah Simon

How safe is your ship? Our cruising blogger offers practical advise to ensure your next passage doesn't turn into a nightmare.

Alvah Simon blog - Home from the sea

There is no place like home, especially after you've cleared customs without a hitch, writes our cruising blogger.

Alvah Simon's cruising blog - So sue me!

Who pays when a boat breaks its mooring and slams into another?

Alvah Simon's cruising blog

Alvah Simon 3

We have good support networks for our promising young racers. But what about those who simply want to cruise?

Alvah Simon - Choosing the perfect cruiser

Alvah Simon

The perfect boat is just like the perfect spouse - hard to find, according to our cruising expert Alvah Simon.

Alvah Simon - Cruising Blog

Alvah Simon blog 1

Award-winning, Whangarei-based America sailor and author Alvah Simon begins his new, weekly cruising blog for Boating New Zealand.

Seawind let the cat out of the box

Seawind 950

Compact catamaran, the Seawind 950, is turning heads at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show.

Sojourn across the Atlantic


When Ross and Jo Blackman tackled the Atlantic for the first time, they dreamed of Christmas in the Caribbean.

Our top 10 anchorages

BOATING - Boating NZ

Here, in no particular order, are Boating's 10 favourite New Zealand anchorages.

Cruising with kids


Just do it, says widowed father cruising with his two-year-old daughter.

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