Smooth Moves

Steering Gear

As boat owners blow the dust of winter storage from the decks and prepare for sea, some will discover their boats have a sticky helm. Before applying brute force, consider a simple fix-it.

Get in the CZone


BEP Marine invented a product that replaced its products.

Keeping it Cool

Keeping it cool

Keep your engine running at the right temperature to avoid major damage and you won't need to get hot under your collar.

Driveline diagnostics

Engine vibrations ruining your boating? Help is at hand.

Beat the Pong - marine toilets 101

Beat the Pong


Nothing ruins a pleasant cruise quicker than a smelly head. And the solution could be as simple as the humble hose pipe.

Fresh Air - air conditioning tips for your boat

Boating NZ

Here's three quick checks to ensure your boat's air-conditioning system works when you need it most.

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