Is it long enough? New LPGA Tour dress standards put to the test


The LPGA Tour's new rules for on-course apparel have struck a backlash as golfers and fans protest what they say are overly strict measures.

The new rules reportedly were:
- Racerback with a mock or regular collar are allowed (no collar = no racerback)
- Plunging necklines are NOT allowed.
- Leggings, unless under a skort or shorts, are NOT allowed
- Length of skirt, skort, and shorts MUST be long enough to not see your bottom area (even if covered by under shorts) at any time, standing or bent over.
- Joggers are NOT allowed

LPGA player Sandra Gal, voted 'hottest golfer' by Golf Digest, said the only new rule she agreed with was the banning of low-cut tops, and found the rest of the changes pointless.

US golfer Paula Creamer's skirt would be long enough under the new LPGA Tour rules.

US golfer Paula Creamer's skirt would be long enough under the new LPGA Tour rules.

"Our main objective is clear: play good golf. But part of being a woman, and especially a female-athlete, is looking attractive and sporty and fit, and that's what women's tennis does so well. Why shouldn't we? I've talked to a few other players and, like me, they don't agree with it, either," Gal said.

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Starting this week, the LPGA will crack down on the athletes following an email to all players from LPGA player president Vicki Goetze-Ackerman, which detailed the extensive list of clothing that will no longer be allowed on course and at pro-am parties on the tour, The Guardian reported.

Players could be fined US$1000 (NZ$1370) for the first offence, with fines doubling for each subsequent breach.

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