'You can't be serious': Entire Gore rugby team embraces the mullet video


Meet the team that've all chosen to get mullet haircuts.

The mullet.

Long on the top and back, short at the sides.

A haircut typically championed by bogans and those of us who are still stuck in 1983.

The Gore High School Under-15 rugby team have all adopted the mullet haircut.
Rachael Kelly/Stuff

The Gore High School Under-15 rugby team have all adopted the mullet haircut.

Now, an entire schoolboy rugby team, in a town that has a reputation as having a fair few bogans per square kilometre, are sporting that Joe Dirt-esque style.

The Gore High School Under-15 rugby team are too young to share a quiet ale together, so as a sign of team bonding, they've all got the same mullet hair cut.

Team captain Hayden Michaels, 15, said the team thought their look was good but some parents were not quite as keen.

"We thought it would be a good idea for the boys just to make us stand out a bit. It's a bit of fun for the team.

"It's Gore - it's bogans."

Coach Dave Sleeman said rugby should have a fun element and although he was sporting a short back and sides, he was yet to embrace the "full mulletty look".

"We're getting into it a wee bit but I've got a job to go to so we have to try and keep it a bit respectable.

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"They're a really good group of kids and it's just a bit of fun - you can't be serious all the time, you have to have a bit of fun."

The team has won twelve from twelve this season and if they win the South Island Under 15 tournament in Greymouth next month the clippers will be out again - the team have vowed to shave their heads if they bring home the trophy.

"We've got a punter's chance of winning it. it will be hard - there are some pretty big schools there but I think we could be a wee surprise package."

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