'Me Too': Too many times stuff nation

I learned very quickly from the men in my life that if I did speak out I would be judged.

There’s one story I’ve never spoken of before - not to my mum, not to my best friend, not to my husband.

'Me Too': Your sexual harassment experiences

'Me Too': Childhood abuse stuff nation

I had to endure weekly molestation sessions for six years until one of his other victims spoke up. (File photo)

Readers share how sexual abuse suffered in childhood has coloured their lives since.

Bella, the snoring softie stuff nation

Bella enjoying an outdoor adventure.

The sound she makes on our bed every night is deafening, yet somehow she always gets off blame-free.

We were sexually assaulted stuff nation

'If you see it happening, stand up and speak out against sexual harassment. Let's put a stop to this.'

Readers share their experiences of sexual harassment and assault.

Ardern's ultimate downfall stuff nation

Telling people you have a 'vision' is great. However, after a while people are interested in what it actually is.

Repeating 'I have a vision' was not enough. She needed evidence, reports and facts to assert control. 

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'Me Too': Your stories stuff nation

"Believe us when we say rape culture exists": Protesters in Auckland.

Join the tens of thousands of women sharing their stories of sexual harassment or assault.

Kapiti, where sky meets sea stuff nation

Ooh la-la, look at Kapiti Island. Stunning. That contrast of orange and blue - wow. It's a winner.

What surprises you about New Zealand? stuff nation

Share the good stuff stuff nation

Kids and career: Your experience

If I can do it, so can Jacinda stuff nation

Yes, before you ask, balancing motherhood with a full-on job is a challenge. And?

It is possible to have a high pressure job and be a mother - I'm living proof. So stop with the questions.

Don't assume I want a baby stuff nation

Yes, I'm married and in my 30s, but not everyone wants children. And even if I did, why should this matter to my employer?

All my excitement was shattered by the thought of having to tell my new bosses.

Shamed for being pregnant stuff nation

A co-worker shoved the back of my chair, pushing my stomach into my desk. I held back the tears, how could someone be so nasty?

How has cannabis affected your life?

I vote we legalise weed stuff nation

The biggest issue I have with the current state of cannabis legalisation is the absence in the freedom to choose.

If I am old enough to drink, gamble, or even apply for a firearms license, I am old enough to decide what I want to do in my spare time.

Cannabis: A Dutch opinion stuff nation

You can stick your head in the sand or you can encourage drug users to use safely.

Arguments for legalisation imply cannabis is harmless and legalisation is beneficial. Both assumptions are incorrect.

Why NZ shouldn't legalise cannabis stuff nation

Arguments for legalisation imply cannabis is harmless and legalisation is beneficial. Both assumptions are incorrect.

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Introducing Katie and Andy

A magical wedding for a magical couple.

The sweetest proposal, a magical wedding and honeymoon in the Maldives - this couple made us swoon.

Introducing Nash and Peter

Greek dancing, a 3D projection mapped cake and the bride's two couture wedding dresses made this wedding epic.

A magical wedding for a beautiful couple.

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Living with an invisible illness

Endometriosis: I wasn't believed


I spent years living with debilitating pain, but doctors said it was all in my head.

Searching for answers in the medical wilderness

On the day I was visited by the neurologist, I was neither surprised nor distressed. I was relieved.

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approach, bashfulness, ...

Broken on the inside

Behind the perfect hair and nice house, I hide a personal secret - and it's exhausting.

Pet of the Day

Our playful boy, Robbie


Meet Robbie, he is a Sydney silky bichon frise cross.

Diggity-dog Kano

Little Kano partakes in all the usual puppy pastimes, but he's something of an expert at gardening.

Pugg Diddy

Pugg Diddy, aspiring rapper dog

Our adorable 1-year-old pug is an aspiring rapper.

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