Cyclists, do you feel safe?

A cyclist’s plea to drivers


"A couple of seconds could save a life."

Cycling is risky

Share the road

All road users need to be wary of each other - it can be really hard being a cyclist.

Mirrors for cyclists

Cyclists need mirrors

Their helmets cause so much wind in their ears they can't hear a car coming, so a mirror would make sense.

Car doors are a real threat

Car doors are a worry

As a cyclist, I have fears about people opening their car doors into me. I have had close calls.

Separate bikes and cars

Cycling in Christchurch is risky business

The only way we're going to make it safer for everyone is if cyclists and drivers have separate roads.

Poor drivers same as always


There's still a small percentage of angry drivers who probably nut off at other drivers as well as cyclists.

'Cyclists, don't fuel the haters'

Cyclist Tim Neal is no stranger to run-ins with drivers but says not all motorists are the same.

Safety buffer law 'not helpful'


Often it is impractical or dangerous to have a 1.5m gap around cyclists. A law won't change that.

'Ban cars from the CBD'


Cars kill around 300 people in NZ a year and hurt 11,000 more. We'd never accept that from anything else.

Cyclists 'should be registered'

What's your view on cycling in New Zealand?

The rules should be changed so police can issue tickets to cyclists, Ian Cameron writes.

'Minority makes cycling hard'


There's a minority of bad cyclists and bad drivers, and they make problems for everyone.

'Motorists want deference'

Cycling on roads

If a cyclist treats every ride as potentially life-threatening, they have the attitude needed to survive.

'Always idiots on both sides'

Marion van Dijk/Fairfax NZ

Drivers need to see beyond cyclists' lycra like racists need to see beneath the skin, writes William Calver.

Changing perceptions of cyclists


If cyclists are seen to be flouting road rules, how can we expect to be treated with respect, asks JJ Payne.

Give cyclists some space


It's not just about giving cyclists room when you pass - think about how fast you're going.

Guys in utes 'worst drivers'


While not technically poor drivers, guys in utes appear to think they own the road, says John Taylor.

Ever heard of sharing the road?

Cyclist on the road

As a road cyclist you never know what's going to come out and hit you, writes Courtney Leith.

The game of 'cycling roulette'


After a dozen close calls while out on his bike, Matt Clarke wonders what's going wrong on our roads.

Are seconds worth a life?

A close encounter with a car in Hamilton reinforces Louis Marco's call for penalties on drivers.

Lessons from cycling in Chch

Cycleway, cycling, lane

You have to assume other road users have not seen you, even when you are lit up like a Xmas tree.

What's it like to be a cyclist in NZ?

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