Loving thy neighbour, or not

Our nine years from hell

Noisy neighbours

We met our neighbour. "Welcome to the street. Hope you like a bit of f...ing music", she said. And so it began.

Painful noisy neighbours

Even now, three years later when we hear the distant sound of heavy bass music my wife and I look at one another.

The best neighbours, ever

neighb strap

Ben Blackwell lives in a house of young Kiwis in Melbourne, and says his neighbours from Tasmania are amazing.

When the Mob moved in

mongrel mob

A lovely old lady used to live next door. Then she moved into a home and my Mob nightmare began.

Quake broke down prejudices

quake neighbours

I had decided my neighbour was a complete tosser and we'd never be friends. How wrong I was.

Blessed with best neighbours

My neighbours give their hearts, their home, their leftovers, their hand-me-downs, and their love.

Selling up due to neighbours

real estate

When we first looked at the house, the owners stated that the neighbours were lovely and considerate. Wrong.

Lloyd, a legendary neighbour

Wellington houses, generic, homes

We extended the olive branch, and he bridged the gap between the young and the old.

Is it love or hate thy neighbour?

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