WOMAD 2012

Womad could be lost - Duynhoven

tdn lost

Womad could be lost unless the council can prove the festival is in the public good.

The Womadians

Taranaki Daily News

This is a banded, colourful brand of people, who like dancing, eating ethnic food and recycling their trash.

Womad leaves organisers 'rapt'

17,573 ticket-holders put a smile on the face of the organisers

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The party's over, the park's still in good nick and the attendance numbers were pleasing.

Confessions of a WOMAD virgin

KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

It's a bit of a dirty secret but I'll admit it; I was a Womad virgin.

Retailers cool on Womad

JOHN ANTHONY - Taranaki Daily News

New Plymouth's streets were jam packed on Friday as Womaders geared up for the big weekend.

Womad wows them to the end

tdn womad

More than 30,000 people were treated to 400 artists at Womad on the weekend

Quick work saved me - Womad man

Injured performer back on stage

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KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

LATEST: Quick thinking from bystanders helped save a Womad performer from serious injuries.

Music sustaining the soul

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NATALIE FINNIGAN - Taranaki Daily News

Baaba Maal, a lmulti-instrumentalist, is a superstar in his home country, and has been wowing Womad punters for years.

Welcome to Womad, and all its benefits

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EDITORIAL - Taranaki Daily News

In the past couple of days Womad has once again given us all a refreshing reminder of just what a unique festival it is.

Music moves the crowds

Womad magic never fades.

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Womad fever knows no age boundaries, nor does its magic fade over time.

Womad performer hospitalised with burns

Dobet Gnahore

A performer was burnt during a cooking demonstration at the festival's opening.

Hard graft for perfect setting

tdn mike

It's a rare moment in the week before Womad - Michael Keat is sitting down. And he's enjoying the brief respite as Brooklands Park and the TSB Bowl is transformed into a World of Music Arts and Dance.

Drums beat for start of Womad

Four busloads of Womad artists welcomed

Powhiri for Womad artists at Owae Marae

KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

It was the best of Taranaki meeting the cultural diversity of the world.

Womad drum rolls

Pre-festival events start swinging

Mongolian band Anda Union

Music lovers are starting to get into the groove ahead of Womad this weekend.

Top acts to follow

Arts and entertainment reporter Kate Saunders gave community leaders and those in the music know the difficult task of picking just three must-see top acts at Womad.

Striking a chord with flavours of the world

tdn jax

KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

MasterChef Jax Hamilton is keen to see forks thrown around and gravy dribbling down chins at Womad later this week.

Top of the bill

tdn dobet

KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

A preview of four headline acts headed our way for Womad this weekend.

Womad's work to keep a small footprint

The first time you stand in front of a Womad Zero Waste refuse station holding your dinner trash it's like doing an IQ test.

Addicted to Womad

tdn diana

KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

She's got all the compilation CDs, has attended every Womad festival in New Plymouth and never books a holiday in March.

New tastes to tempt festival-goers

SARAH FOY - Taranaki Daily News

Pic's handmade peanut butter is the best. Larry's Jamaican jerk chicken isn't something to be scared of. Will's gourmet bangers come with a touch of the Big Apple.

From Hungarian fried puffs to Kiwi whitebait

SARAH FOY - Taranaki Daily News

Three mothers, seeking part-time work, bake the Hungarian bread puffs devoured each year by festival-goers.

Maori classics take on strains of Calypso

KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

It's Maori showband gone to Jamaica. That's how trombonist Joe Lindsay describes the sound from his band The Yoots - one of just a few New Zealand acts at Womad this weekend.

Rock compositions to complement the music

KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

Two artforms will converge at Womad this weekend when Taranaki's top stone carvings are showcased alongside a variety of music genres.

Helper a total fan of festival

tdn denis

KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

One of Denis Wadsworth's favourite sounds at Womad is the roar of generators as the festival cranks into action.

Womad finally sprouts Seeds

tdn black seeds

Taranaki Daily News

Wellington reggae ensemble The Black Seeds think it is high time they made it to Womad.

A well-oiled fusion music machine

tdn bat

NATALIE FINNIGAN - Taranaki Daily News

Auckland ensemble Batucada Sound Machine (BSM) are back at Womad, seven years after their first performance in 2005.

Student art work flying high for Womad

Womad flags

HANNAH FLEMING - Taranaki Daily News

Taranaki students will soon have their artwork flying on the streets to promote Womad.

Singer nurtured by her musical kin

tdn mama

KATE SAUNDERS - Taranaki Daily News

Australian singer Mama Kin reckons that when her time's up on Earth, she would be happy to go at a Womad festival.

Fusion band supporting Womad

The musicians who helped bring the sound of The Sopranos to the world are headed for Womad.

MasterChef winner sweats over new role

tdn jax strap

She survived weeks of gruelling MasterChef cook-offs and a tense final notable for sliding macaroons, but heading to Womad 2012 makes her a little nervous.