David Whyte

'Generation Me ME!'

Narcissists obsessed with counting Facebook ‘likes', or the most socially-minded generation yet?

Celebrating a midwinter Christmas

A James Bond party must have been the clincher. how can you resist a man who turns up in a wetsuit and strips to a tuxedo?

Air, air for radio veteran

Veteran Wellington radio host Justin du Fresne has been given a right roasting at a star-studded farewell lunch.

The news man

ISOBEL EWING - Taranaki Daily News

Rodney Joyce began his journalistic career in New Plymouth and is now at the helm of a bustling international newsroom in India's third largest city.

Yesterday was the beginning of his life

A stolen $100 changed a young man's life and the face of New Zealand music.

Spreading the eco-word

tdn main strap On a black and white screen we gaze at two bundles with small beaks. Nuzzling into each other, they twist as one.

Addressing homelessness

When there was a call by the Anglican Church to hold a Hikoi of Hope, social activist Stephanie McIntyre found herself at centre stage.

Hard labour

Stress out

Fly first class? No thanks

Why have people fallen out of love of turning left onto a plane?

What's your top travel tip?

With the big OE in our blood, it's fair to assume we must be a nation filled with travel knowledge. We're looking for the best advice from travelling Kiwis.

Island of fun in the Maldives

Sharing your home with 3 million

No middle row for women on this airline

If I told you there was an airline that treated solo women flyers with dignity and chivalry would you believe it?

A river road tale

TDN river For 12 days reporter Matt Rilkoff and photographer Cameron Burnell discovered an adventure in their own back yard when they used the Patea and Waitara rivers to get from one coast of Taranaki to another. On a path taking them through some of the province's most isolated country they found they were never far from home.

The heart of hospitality

It's over. Cameron Burnell and Matt Rilkoff completed their river journey yesterday, and were welcome by children at Waitara. Here's Matt's final report from the field

Going, going, they're gone

Canoeists speed down river

Violent wind, friendly folk

It all looked certain to end in disaster. A violent wind blew up as Cameron Burnell and I pulled into the Patea boat ramp yesterday morning to start our river trip.

Walk and talk

tdn date strap An hour-long walk with a complete stranger could have gone one of two ways.

Rural picnic a winner

Living in pastures green meant it wouldn't be long before gumboots featured on a Date.

Meet date number five

Romantic blokes needed

Dishing dirt on dating

Jo Moir has come to an end of Taranaki on a Date but before signing off she's dishing the goss on her romantic outings.

Living off the land life-changing

tdn matt strap Even before my chickens woke up my home was clouded with the aroma of curried goat

Big day arrives for feast

My last day of food gathering came down to a sack of mussels from Wai Iti.

Wallet makes a killing

A spot of eeling

First blood

The reality of living off the land wasn't quite what Matt Rilkoff expected

Milking lesson for farm girl

tdn hannah strap A day on the land would be a walk in the park for a girl who grew up on a farm, right?

Offenders learn skills

Breaking into a garden to do community service work would seem slightly ironic to most.

Stuffed rabbit (graphic content)

Following orders

'Brewing is 90 per cent cleaning'

The art of making beer is much like the art of cooking - clearly with a better result at the end.

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