Celebrating a midwinter Christmas

Midwinter Christmas

A James Bond party must have been the clincher. how can you resist a man who turns up in a wetsuit and strips to a tuxedo?

Air, air for radio veteran

Justin du Fresne

Veteran Wellington radio host Justin du Fresne has been given a right roasting at a star-studded farewell lunch.

The news man

Rodney Joyce

ISOBEL EWING - Taranaki Daily News

Rodney Joyce began his journalistic career in New Plymouth and is now at the helm of a bustling international newsroom in India's third largest city.

Flashback: Yesterday was the beginning of his life

Mark Williams

A stolen $100 changed a young man's life and the face of New Zealand music.

Fruit of his flavour

How a Kiwi chef became one of the world's best

Ben Shewry

Kiwi chef Ben Shewry talks about the bumpy road it took to make the World's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Winter Essay: Winter Solace


On the shortest day of the year, Alistair Hughes dips into some history - and icy waters - in our essay series.

Read: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

J.K. Rowlings

Read an exclusive extract of J.K. Rowling's alter ego Robert Galbraith's much anticipated second novel The Silkworm.

The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith, chapter 2

J.K. Rowlings

Read the second chapter of Robert Galbraith's second novel, The Silkworm.

Winter essay: Love struck

Love struck

It was a cold and snowy night when Eric Janssen spied the love of his life across a crowded bar.

Demanding narcissists or misunderstood modern hippies


Narcissists obsessed with counting Facebook ‘likes', or the most socially-minded generation yet?

Healing past wrongs


What does a Treaty settlement mean to your average iwi member?

Flashback: Beehive revolution

Flashback: Muldoon's snap decision


Thirty years ago Prime Minister Robert Muldoon set in train an event that would shake up politics.

How to survive winter


Batten down the hatches - winter is here and so is your winter survival guide.

Cool winter getaways


Instead of hiding away from the winter the elements, why not embrace them by planning a winter holiday.

Flour power


Yarrows is on the rise again. Laird Harper sat down with the quiet achievers making it happen.

Growth in penguin numbers cold comfort


Penguin numbers are booming in NZ's territory - but is that a good thing?

Times have changed on the farm

Taranaki Federated Farmers

Former leaders of Taranaki Federated Farmers got together to reminisce about old times and consider the future.

For the love of te reo


An award-winning radio team is helping to extend te reo Maori across Taranaki.

Gone but not forgotten

Taranaki Herald

GOOD BYE cried the bold black headline on the front of the Taranaki Herald of Saturday, April 29, 1989.

How Taranaki trust was rewarded

NZ money, cash

Taranaki's two main charitable funds have grown up to be more than anyone could have ever hoped.

When life was a surfari

Gerald Turner

The words surfing and Taranaki go together.

The Doppler effect


What is the Doppler Effect?

Harry made the ultimate sacrifice


For God, for King and for country - we must never forget the brave souls who gave their lives so we could be free.

Synthetic highs 'legal but dangerous'

'Legal but dangerous'

synthetic cannabis

Synthetic cannabis may be here to stay even if no one wants it.

Pa site has rich history

I n the 1870s and 80s, when British colonists arrived in South Taranaki to take up land for farms, they found that underneath the high-growing bracken fern were old, abandoned village sites ringed by ditches.

Bitten by the solo bug

Bob Wise

Third time lucky for Bob Wise as he takes another crack at the Solo Tasman Challenge.

Radiant glow worms amazingly efficient


Glow worms may be tiny and appear to be simple organisms, but every glow worm has a trick that no human scientist or engineer has come close to emulating.

A shameful whodunnit

Years of neglect have taken their toll at Turuturu Mokai.

It's one of NZ's most significant historical sites. So how did it turn into a dump?

There's something about Bill

Bill Simpson

He is the most controversial man you've probably never heard of.

Just teen spirit?

Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain died 20 years ago on April 5. Bernard Zuel asks if, with just three studio albums, his band's repertoire truly stands the test of time.

A princely sum goes into royal red carpet

The royal tour will cost us at least $1 million. Philip Matthews asks if it is value for money.

Einstein proved right by new find


In 1916 Albert Einstein had predicted the existence of gravitational waves and they had never been detected, until now.

Back to nature

Leaving your cares and work behind may be the aim of most holidays, but how about your clothes?

Missiles proof of French maths genius


The Exocet missile had made a mockery of any attempts by the British defence systems to protect the ship.

Did you hear about the Morgans?

Sam Morgan

They're one of this country's great family success stories: Gareth Morgan, the outspoken economist and his publicity-shy son, wunderkind Sam, who made $227 million selling Trade Me.

I drew a line, it was all yellow

Everyday Housewife Harriet Wakefield shares her thoughts on the week past, as relayed by satirist Steve Braunias .

Our volcanic past exposed


The sunken forest on Waitara's Airedale reef, north along the east beach, has fascinated me from childhood.

Out to get their man

armed offenders squad members

Armed offenders squad members, clad head to toe in black, cut an imposing figure.

The man behind Hawera's tower


tdn hawera strap

"Arthur Gillies, who was he? There isn't a street named after him nor is there a park. I have never heard of him."

Job loss led to life of adventure

John Borrell burns his bridges

tdn john strap

As an 18-year-old cadet reporter John Borrell managed to get fired from the Daily News in just seven months. Lucky for him.

The good, the bad and trans fats


People who want to know more about what they eat soon come up against a wall of jargon, an example is fats.

Festival gives city its soul

tdn womad strap

No firm commitment beyond 2016 for Womad festival.

Daisy is no wallflower

tdn daisy strap

Daisy Noble is steps away from finalising a multi-million dollar settlement for her South Taranaki iwi Ngaruahine.

In the beginning there was water


Life cannot survive without liquid water and yet we are still not sure where the Earth's water came from.

Womad A to Z

tdn womad strap

Everything you need to know and various things that aren't even that useful. Matt Rilkoff takes you through the A to Z of Womad.

Golden ratio continues to intrigue mathematicians


ROGER HANSON - Taranaki Daily News

Sometimes a numerical pattern or sequence has the allure of hinting at a deeper insight into the workings of the universe.

New coaches feel the pressure Pair ready for crack at senior level

Brent Perrett  strap

GLENN MCLEAN - Taranaki Daily News

Hardest thing about taking over as co-coaches of Spotswood United is the pressure.

Taranaki quartet break new ground

TONY BIRD - Taranaki Daily News

They face sleep deprivation in a 500km slog over all types of terrain.

OUR day

Mt Taranaki

It's our very own public holiday but what is Taranaki Anniversary Day all about and should we be celebrating it anyway?

Soccer challenges rugby dominance

Rugby is New Zealand's obsession but in small town Taranaki soccer is taking over.
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