The River Road

A river road tale

tdn river

For 12 days reporter Matt Rilkoff and photographer Cameron Burnell discovered an adventure in their own back yard when they used the Patea and Waitara rivers to get from one coast of Taranaki to another. On a path taking them through some of the province's most isolated country they found they were never far from home.

The heart of hospitality

It's over. Cameron Burnell and Matt Rilkoff completed their river journey yesterday, and were welcome by children at Waitara. Here's Matt's final report from the field

Going, going, they're gone

Were dignity vital to life, it is certain I would now be dead. And so would photographer Cameron Burnell.

Canoeists speed down river

TDn matt An oversized colour photo map of Bryan Hocken's Tarata sheep and beef farm is an unmissable feature in the smoko room of his shearing shed.

Reserve a haven for tasty fare

Matt Rilkoff and Cameron Burnell Despite a week of paddling through the heartland of Taranaki, it took us eight days to reach true kiwi country.

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