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mazda stand

Updated Mazda6

When facelifting New Zealand's most popular medium-sized car, it pays to make it subtle.

Elantra - HOT new model from Hyundai

ROB MAETZIG - Taranaki Daily News

Hyundai is expecting big things from a brand-new Elantra sedan just launched in New Zealand - and, if the international experience is anything to go by, the company should be excited. Rob Maetzig reports.

ASX offers SUV looks, hatch practicality

BY ROB MAETZIG - Taranaki Daily News

It's almost a case of Honey They Shrunk The Outlander. Rob Maetzig drives the new Mitsubishi ASX.

SUV market shake up

BY ROB MAETZIG - Taranaki Daily News

Kia is set to take advantage of a surge in popularity of urban- friendly crossover vehicles.

VRX a value-for-money question

BY ROB MAETZIG - Taranaki Daily News

Is the top V6-powered VRX version of the Mitsubishi Outlander $13,000 better than the base LS model of this popular range of all-wheel drive crossover vehicles? Rob Maetzig asks the question.