Person trapped in crashed car in Inglewood

Carolyn Aish was cut from her crashed car.

Carolyn Aish was cut from her crashed car.

A multi-car crash in Inglewood left a woman trapped by a caved-in door.

A police spokesperson said they were called to the crash at the intersection of Standish St and Brookes St about 11am on Saturday.

One driver, Carolyn Aish, said there were two other cars involved in the crash. 

She said she was waiting to turn right out of Standish Street onto Matai Street when she was hit by another car.

"A car travelling out of town from the north along Matai St, swerved to avoid a car turning right from the south into Standish St and 'ploughed' into the driver's side of my small car, moving the steering chamber over, moving the car back a few metres, crunching the door in, and breaking the window glass."

"Bits and pieces, and glass from both cars were strewn over the middle of the road and I was trapped in my car," she said. 

"A passenger for whom I was doing a 'good turn' was bruised from the strain of the seatbelt while I was bruised from the impact, cut by slivers of glass, but nothing much other than shock —and amazement that I was still conscious." 

Emergency services including the fire brigade and ambulance arrived and eventually freed the trapped Aish from her car.

"It was about 30 minutes before I was able to step out of my car with the door having had to be cut out."

Aish said she was grateful for the help of those who attended the scene, including Inglewood real estate agent Jenny Bunn and a man who stood in the rain holding an umbrella over the car so she didn't get wet.

"All rescue attendants and police were very helpful, professional and reassuring. As was the man who held an umbrella over my car by the window for so long, standing in the rain himself. I can only say 'thank you very much' to all."

Aish's car and the one which allegedly hit her had to be towed.


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