On Anzac Day we remember the sacrifices

Every Anzac Day we remember and give thanks.

Authors' claims about SAS are contemptible

Getting hooked on reporting

Reporter Jim Tucker got his start as a reporter at the Taranaki Herald on Currie St in New Plymouth.

Jim Tucker's career really took off after a fumble in the dark.

What happens when we can't rely on the black stuff?

Labour MP Andrew Little addresses the public to discuss the impact of no new permits for oil and gas with communities ...

OPINION: Labour's Andrew Little on the Government's plans to end oil and gas exploration.

Support for transTasman neighbours lacking

New Zealand's Kurt Baker, left, and Andrew Knewstubb celebrate after defeating Fiji to win their rugby sevens gold medal ...

Australians' boorish behaviour at sporting events continues

Faith in Taranaki: Sparring with my teenager over Intelligent Design

"I hugely enjoy debating my seriously clever and funny 16-year-old, who is a committed agnostic," writes Jamie Allen.

My daughter and I argue but neither of us can prove we're right.

Oil and gas exploration ban is a mistake, says MP Young

The Ardern-Peters' government's announcement to end new offshore oil and gas exploration is a wrecking ball for the ...

Ending offshore oil and gas exploration is a serious misstep, writes New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young.

The science behind scurvy

It took hundreds of years of people dying before scientists found out Vitamin C was crucial to stopping scurvy.

 Portuguese adventurer Vasco da Gama believed the cure for "sea scurvy" was to "wash your mouth with your own urine" - it didn't work.

'Where's my teeth Bob?'

Graeme Duckett, right, with the late Bob Fletcher of Urenui.

After a night drinking wine found in a ruined Italian city in WWII Herbie Low struggled to find his teeth.

Co-operation call over offshore exploration

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announcing the new ban on future oil and gas exploration.

The Government's oil and gas exploration decision has deep flaws, writes Arun Chaudhari, CEO Taranaki Chamber of Commerce.

TV coverage disappointing

New Zealand's Laurel Hubbard.
was badly injured when competing in the weightlifting, women's +90kg at the Commonwealth ...

It would be nice to see Kiwis in uninterrupted action.

Bali Haque: A lesson on school funding

What exactly are schools allowed to ask you to pay for, and what are you legally obliged to pay for?

What exactly are schools allowed to ask you to pay for, and what are you legally obliged to pay for?

Before shopping convenience

We're so used to the convenience of supermarkets it's easy to forget what pioneers went through top get food.

In the pioneering days often the nearest stores could be a day's trek away, now they're a two minute drive.

Koha - a reciprocal gift

Dennis Ngawhare says koha can often be thought of as a payment system or bribe but that's not what it is.

Koha comes from a place of love and generosity and balances out incurred obligations.

Locals on local sport

With the withdrawal of specialist regional sport reporters, sporting codes are taking up the challenge to tell their own ...

OPINION: Rob Tucker is coaching sports codes to lift their game in how they tell their stories.

Goals, conundrums and choices

Anti-Deep Sea Oil Drilling protesters (File photo).

OPINION: Big numbers swirl around the petroleum industry so decisions around its future won't be easy.

History drawn in laugh lines

Tom Scott's recent memoir, Drawn Out, is reveals visceral details of his life in an extremely funny way, says Jim Tucker.

Tom Scott is a national treasure. And as funny as anyone can be, says Jim Tucker.

Has the meaning of Easter been forgotten?

Saint Mary's Taranaki Cathedral Dean Peter Beck talks about the church's plans for Easter this year.

This is the holiest time of year for Christians.

The free shackles on freedom

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have lofty goals to connect the world but his technology is increasingly controlling ...

OPINION: We're in the middle of a technological revolution. But is anyone winning?

My beef with Easter

Easter doesn't need to be complicated. Throw some eggs in the back garden and put your feet up while the kids hunt.

 OPINION: For the love of my expanding waistline, don't give my children too many Easter eggs.

An end to swearing

How much of a potty is your mouth?

OPINION: Jim Tucker reckons there's a good case for swearing a lot less. At least in public.

Embracing identity key to happiness

Since leaving high school Dennis Ngawhare has been accused of being too Māori, speaking too much reo, being too ...

OPINION: We are not one people in New Zealand, and neither should we try to be a mono-cultural society.

The brilliance of Hawking

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking is on the tarmac at the Kennedy Space Center.

Roger Hanson explains just what it was that was so great about Stephen Hawking.

Ending oil use is a pipe dream

It would be almost impossible to end world's dependence on oil.

Stopping exploration would lead to larger carbon footprint

Buying a house is like dating

In Stephanie Mitchell's experience open homes are a lot like dating.

Open homes are the first date.

Toughen up on sea killers

Supermarkets pulling away from plastic bags is a good start, but the Government needs to insist food and hardware ...

The government needs to insist all food and hardware companies use recyclable packaging.

Bored to success

Bali Haque knows he has to practise to be a better guitar player but that doesn't make it any easier to do.

OPINION: To be successful you have to work at it. Yes, even when it's boring.

Prison is right place for criminals

John Sargeant says prison is exactly the right place for criminals to be.

OPINION: There's a call to reduce the number of prisoners because of overcrowding. 

Facts about crisis, please

There are still many unanswered questions around New Plymouth's February water crisis, Jim Tucker says.

OPINION: Jim Tucker is still seeking a number of answers about New Plymouth February water crisis.

Taranaki's drought toll

A drought was declared in Taranaki late last year, just weeks after one of the wettest winters in memory.

OPINION: Before Christmas Barrie Smith went for a drive. He was shocked by what he saw.

Faith in Taranaki: The beauty myth

Jane Fonda feels like she's just beginning, apparently.

Perhaps instead it's the deification of youth that bothers me, writes the Revd Annie Baigent-Ritchie

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