On the side of the victims

Churches have been drawn into the inquiry of abuse of children in state care.

OPINION: The Vatican is shutting down debate on sex abuse by the church; in New Zealand we're set to throw open the doors.

Take a chance on us

Fat Freddy's Drop, pictured, and Six60 would do great at The Bowl.

OPINION: It's time for concert promoters to get on the Bowl bus.

Charity and boxing do not mix

Kain Parsons died after he was knocked out at a charity boxing event. It's time such events were consigned to history.

OPINION: The acceptability of charity boxing matches is a collective failure in judgement.

Cats and an author with real insight

Bestselling author Helen Brown was back home in Taranaki to launch her new book.

OPINION: Helen Brown is one of Taranaki's most successful literary progenies.

Me and my iBlankey

Mitchell says she uses her iPhone when she's feeling awkward and anxious in a social situation and for avoiding Green ...

The iPhone security blanket works in all social situations, writes Stephanie Mitchell.

Gas needed for transition

Electricity spot prices have surged as high as $500 a megawatt hour over the past month. Such prices will become more ...

OPINION: When Taranaki's energy industry blinks, the whole country shudders, says New Plymouth mayor Neil Holdom.

A barbecue's special place

BBQ glames seems to attract the men, says South Taranaki man John Sargeant.

OPINION: There's something special about a barbecue. It's not the food, although that helps. It's something more.

Barrie Smith: Regional council and farmers are doing good work

Dairy cows on a South Taranaki farm.

Taranaki farming is impressive, writes our columnist.

A story of trees and roading repairs

Logging is an increasing issue on Taranaki's roads.

On Thursday the 4th of October the headlines in our Daily News read, "one million spent on roads in two months". This was an article about damage caused by heavy logging trucks in Taranaki and in particular the huge roading repair costs to the Stratford District Council.

The skills women need

Stuff reporter Stephanie Mitchell sat down with her mum, Penny Mitchell to discuss the skills women needed 50 years ago ...

Forty two years ago women were expected to have all the skills needed to be a homemaker, not anymore.

A cost to going clean

Local produced gas is up to five times cheaper than imported LPG, says John de Beuger.

 OPINION: The government is right to reduce dependence on oil but it's going about it in an expensive way.

Waitara bill not home just yet

This billboard appeared in New Plymouth not long ago. At last an end may be in sight.

OPINION: An end is in sight for a controversial Taranaki land saga.

How I became a feminist

Germaine Greer put feminism in the national consciousness more than 40 years ago.

Opinion: In my early 20's I never saw the need to be a feminist, as I never experienced inequality.

Jim Tucker: Neil Armstrong, the moon landing, memories and me

FILE - In this July 16, 1969, file photo people watch the Apollo 11 Saturn V rocket launch on multiple TV's at a Sears ...

Nobody in New Zealand saw the moon landing live on television, not even the Prime Minister.

Celebs in politics

Stuff reporter Steph Mitchell thinks we need to stop encouraging celebrities to run countries.

Can we please stop encouraging celebrities to run countries?

Seeking a just and right way forward

Owae Marae is the marae of Manukorihi hapū and Te Ātiawa iwi.  (file photo)

OPINION: The Waitara Lands Bill needs to address repentance, restitution, reconciliation and restoration.

Apartments Kiwi as

Living in an apartment has many advantages over a stand-alone home.

OPINION: Apartment living could just be the most Kiwi thing you ever do.

Rugby's annus awful-ness

While the players are ultimately responsible for score-lines, it would be harsh to let them take all the flak, says Jim ...

OPINION: It's been a tough year to be a rugby fan in Taranaki. Even tougher to be a player.

The genius of Emmy Noether

Emmy Noether was one of the world's most respected and creative mathematicians.

OPINION: Earlier this month physicist Alessandro Strumia said physics "was invented and built by men". How wrong he was.

Letting go of control

Michelle Robinson has never been busier since moving back to Taranaki.

Michelle Robinson misses the anonymity of living in a big city, but provincial life is full of perfect moments.

Devil in the hydrogen detail

New Plymouth District councillor Stacey Hitchcock is researching hydrogen fuel in Aberdeen, Scotland.

OPINION: Hydrogen a great step forward but the devil is in the detail.

Taranaki: Southern Hemisphere energy hub

New Plymouth district councillor Stacey Hitchcock.

​Imagine a future where Taranaki led the way as New Zealand builds a greener, low carbon future.

Jim Tucker: Pill names land us in la la land

There's something unhelpful about the way drug companies label their products, writes Jim Tucker

OPINION: There's something unhelpful about the way drug companies label their products.

Hitting snooze on the biological clock

The only children Mitchell has now are animals that don't know how to clean themselves properly.

When my cat wandered through the front door having defecated on itself, I knew I wasn't ready for children.

Oil and gas bill chicanery

Mt Taranaki provides the backdrop to an oil and gas production site.

OPINION: Rushed scrutiny of Crown Minerals (Petroleum) Amendment Bill begs the question: what does the Government have to fear?

If you care make a submission

Arun Chaudhari, CEO of the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce. (File photo).

Regardless of your view on the oil and gas industry Taranaki Chamber of Commerce chief executive Arun Chaudhari says you should be submitting on the Crown Minerals (Petroleum) Amendment Bill.

Don't fear the robot takeover

Autonomous humanoid Robot "Pepper".

OPINION: The robots are coming. Roll out the red carpet.

Jim Tucker: Who owns New Plymouth airport?

Joyce Driver said she would certainly be disappointed if her late husband's mural didn't stay at the airport.

An important mural is creating an unhappy picture.

An autonomous future

Truly autonomous vehicles are coming but they aren't quite there yet.

OPINION:  Autonomous vehicles are receiving plenty of publicity but the driverless future is not quite here yet.

A responsibility not taken lightly

It may or may not surprise you that fish and chips are the fattiest of fast food.

OPINION: She's been five years out of the newsroom but Michelle Robinson will never get it out of her system.

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