The beauty of simplicity

Are the All Blacks always excited or can they just not be bothered thinking of better ways to express themselves?

OPINION: Forget the buzzwords. Jim Tucker knows simplicity is the best way to say what you mean.

Those dam problems

The Blue Nile flows into Ethiopia's Great Renaissance Dam in Guba Woreda, some 40 km from Ethiopia's border with Sudan.

OPINION: A dammed river is a good source of hydro electricity. It can also be a good source of conflict.

A big woolly issue

Wool carpets are making a political comeback.

OPINION: Should we all be using wool carpet as a matter of patriotism?

Guided by curiosity

Dennis Ngawhare delves into some of the history around the migration of people through the Pacific.

OPINION: Dennis Ngawhare traces the heritage of peoples guided by their curiosity.

A big week in Taranaki history

1967 was a big year in history and it wasn't just the changeover to dollars and cents.

Some big history things happened in 1967. Can you guess what they were?

Elena Ceausescu: fake scientist

Elena Ceausescu and husband Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

OPINION: She didn't know the chemical formula for water but became a fellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry.

It's an easier life today

Grandfather Hugh Duckett and son Bob Duckett.

I look at the youth of today and they're staying up into the wee small hours, sleeping in until 12 o'clock, not eating properly or looking after themselves.

If sporting heroes were just the beginning

Revd Canon Pat Scaife asks if sport is the best key of national achievement in New Zealand.

OPINION: We feel great when our sports teams win. But are we just distracting ourselves from something more important?

When you're not where you think

It's easy enough to find Struan Ave but have you ever heard of Struan Park?

The Tucker household has relocated. Well, not physically you understand – it's just we've suddenly discovered we may not live where we thought we did.

Celebrating our success

Taranaki environmental leaders have been making the news lately.

OPINION: It's important to honour agricultural environmentalists.

What is indigenous?

What is indigenous to Aotearoa New Zealand?

OPINION: Who can lay claim to New Zealand?

Scarcity and the stuff of life

Despite Taranaki's reputation for rain, water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource.

OPINION: The days of free water are numbered.

A terminal case

Does New Plymouth need a new $28m airport terminal? Jim Tucker isn't convinced.

OPINION: When big, new and expensive might just be too big and too new and too expensive.

Praise be for porridge

Porridge is making a comeback but it's not like it used to be.

OPINION: When does a breakfast become a pudding and other important porridge questions.

MP bids farewell to readers

Stratford mother Hillary Kieft watches National MP Chester Borrows sign her family petition seeking a change to the law ...

It's a red letter day for conservative MP.

An early brush with yachting royalty

A 16-year-old Peter Burling off the water at Port Taranaki in 2007. Then a Fairfax intern, Ryan Evans was sent to ...

OPINION: In 2007, Peter Burling was an up-and-coming teen sailor. It's been a fast trip to the top.

A brief comment on Mt Messenger

Jim Tucker knows more than the average driver about the options for the Mt Messenger bypass.

OPINION: Jim Tucker wanted to know more about the Mt Messenger bypass. The official briefing may not have helped.

A man and his kereru

Kereru like to flock but are usually only seen in ones and twos.

OPINION: Sometimes you get what you want and it just isn't enough.

Begging an answer

Beggars are usually those whose lives have gone so badly wrong that they do what most of us would never think of doing; ...

OPINION: Agree or disagree with begging, but that person on the pavement is a human being.

A Fieldays roadie

A sight that never fails to thrill Brad Markham. Overlooking the Fieldays agricultural expo at Mystery Creek.

Opinion: There are never enough hours in the day when you visit Fieldays.

Our very own New Year

In the days before the Gregorian calendar, the passing of the stars each year had real meaning to Maori. Now Matariki ...

OPINION: The Maori New Year is growing in significance around New Zealand. Here's what it's all about.

Tucker brings up his 50

Jim Tucker has hit 50 (opinion columns) and is still going strong.

Jim's not short of opinions but he just never thought he'd be sharing them.

Service in the past

When Graeme Duckett was a boy Fletchers competed with Johnsons for the Waitara meat dollars.

OPINION: Graeme Duckett remembers when service stations did what their name said and butchers were a neighbourhood institution.

An awkwardly safer honesty

Bad drivers usually don't realise they're bad drivers until they have a crash. And even then it's not a forgone conclusion.

OPINION: I'm probably one of the world's best drivers. That's how I know I'm one of the worst.

What's that called again? Ah, dementia

Dementia - we've all had someone in the family who's had it in some form or other, and as we get older we're confronted ...

OPINION: How much do we worry about it and how much do we really want to know.

Airport sets expectations of what lies ahead

New Plymouth District Council have decided to further enlarge the size of the Airport terminal upgrade.

OPINION: The upgrade of the airport terminal is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned.  It was great to see it went through the Council processes despite some submitters posting a last ditch attempt to the otherwise.

Dairy in perspective

Do you know just how big Fonterra's Taranaki operations are?

OPINION: Do you know just how big Fonterra's operation is?

Ceremony to restore mana

Former New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd  is welcomed to Parihaka by Whero Bailey at the end of his peace walk.

Only by clearing away the gorse choking the land can new growth flourish.

This trash is no-one's treasure

The dumping of damaged and unusable goods is also a problem at New Plymouth's Westown Hospice Shop.

OPINION: Shame on those in our community who think it is ok to dump their rubbish on the doorsteps of charitable institutions. 

Vaxxed from both sides

Truly Godfrey, Secretary at WAVESNZ and media spokesperson for VaxxedNZ Team.

Here's your chance to read what a Vaxxed supporter and district health board think of the controversial film.

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