Fines for farmers work

Taranaki farmers get hit hard with fines for polluting natural waterways. (File photo)

OPINION: The Taranaki Regional Council is tough on farmers who don't follow the rules - and that's a good thing.

Tolerance key to tourism

09012017. 123rf.
Beach landscape in Abel Tasman National Park, South Island, New Zealand

South Island; abel; abel ...

OPINION: Tourists can be annoying. But they're also the backbone of our economy.

A te reo failure

Reporter Kris Boult wishes he continued studying te reo Māori at high school.

OPINION: Sorry Māori Language Week it's not you it's me.

Jim Tucker: Ever tried pitching a tent on asphalt?

New Plymouth District Council His council "still can't decide what to do about preventing this summer becoming another ...

Our freedom camping debate may be the first local evidence of what Sunday Star-Times writer Shamubeel Eaqub calls "overtourism", the downside of having too many visitors.

The fear of moving home video

Mitchell lived in New York, Edinburgh, and Vancouver and visited 40 countries while away.

OPINION: Who would have thought moving to New Plymouth was scarier than moving to New York?

Giving te reo a go

Reporter Deena Coster is nearing the end of her first year studying Te Reo Māori.

OPINION: Learning te reo goes beyond words - it gives you a gateway into the Māori world.

Te reo Māori is who we are

Whether you realise it or not, te reo Māori defines who we are as Kiwis.

OPINION: Te reo Māori is sick. It's up to all of us to make it better.

Stop dying to get there

Serious crashes and deaths are sickeningly common on the particularly unforgiving stretch of SH3 north of New Plymouth ...

 OPINION: No destination is worth dying to get to. Drive like you understand that.

No need to live in fear

A vaccine works by giving the body tiny doses of a disease, these lead to the creation of anti-bodies that provide ...

In the 1920-50s Kiwi parents dreaded summer and the threat of polio, thanks to vaccines that fear no longer exists.

Racecourse grab a cynical move

The Pukekura Raceway is leased from the New Plymouth District Council. (file photo).

Racecourses that can be easily sold are likely to be closed in a racing revamp, a move Jim Tucker says isn't ideal.

An evil mix of religion and politics

The devastating earthquake of 2010 killed thousands in Haiti and made many more thousands homeless.

Francios Duvalier used his medical expertise to manipulate Haitians. His legacy was to make Haiti the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

Enjoying splendid spring

New Plymouth's Pukekura Park is beautiful all year round, but magical in spring.

Well, it's definitely here. If you're got a garden, a barbecue, a lawn or just a row of pot plants you would have been outside enjoying spring last Sunday. 

Online fraud can happen to you

It's not easy coming up with passwords you can both remember and that are hard to crack, but it's probably worth the effort.

OPINION: If it's never going to happen to you until it does.

How to replace oil and gas

Despite few other good options, nuclear power is still not a good fit for New Zealand.

OPINION: The government's plan to go carbon neutral by 2050 is a naive train wreck.

Cold showers could be coming

Wind turbines are great at producing energy. Until the wind stops blowing. Then what do you do?

OPINION: John deBueger is preparing for a cold shower.

Why freedom of speech survives

Warwick Roger wasn't afraid to step outside of mainstream journalism.

OPINION: The man behind two of the country's most successful magazines was a journalism genius.

When free becomes $15 video

It's free to ride a bike on New Plymouth's Coastal Walkway but does it expand your mind like a visit to the Len Lye ...

New Plymouth's Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre now charges $15 for out-of-towners, but is it worth that much? Stephanie Mitchell investigates.

Back on the barre

Val Deakin's Dance School is one of the oldest in the country.

OPINION: The decision to drop out of ballet days before opening night has dogged me through my adult life.

A bit ripped off by Ardern

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern arrives back in Wellington after six weeks maternity leave with baby Neve and partner ...

OPINION: Lyn Webster's looks back on her own child-rearing and thinks Jacinda Ardern has it a bit easier.

We've spoiled the child

Barrie Smith reckons most offenders are from families where discipline was nonexistent.

Since Barrie Smith was a boy the country has lost its way when it comes to discipline and crime rates and prisoner numbers are a consequence, he says.

Marriage problems in Asia

When there are more men then women you can get what's known as a "queuing effect" where the number of men lining up for ...

By 2060 there could be 160 men wanting to marry for every 100 women in China and India, which could cause problems.

Crowding the goal lines

The East and West stands at Yarrow Stadium are unsafe but no decision has been made on what will be done about them.

They're known as the cheap seats but this year everyone will be sitting behind the goal lines at Yarrow Stadium.

Learning to live together, intimately

Karen Nesbit's caravan - cheaper than a house share in Auckland, but perhaps a missed opportunity in terms of rental ...

OPINION: Solving the housing crisis one small apartment at a time.

Roger Hanson: A few facts about camels

A typical Australian roadsign warns of camels, wombats and kangaroos at Nullarbor Plain, Australia.

animal, arid, ...

Camels are increasingly important in the desert.

Sidetracks and elephants

New Plymouth District Councillor Murray Chong very nearly got himself in a bind at a council meeting last month.

Being a councillor isn't always about moving in a straight line.

Gun crackdown needed video

A man was shot in the leg on the grounds of the Taranaki Base Hospital on Wednesday, August 1.

OPINION: A shooting at a hospital is something we should get angry about.

Spare a thought for beggars

What could we do to help people who are homeless or living in poverty? (File photo)

OPINION: Life is not easy for many people and there is so much we can do to help.

Time to ditch the grey roof

Architect Roger Walker is worried about the lack of colour in new housing developments. And maybe we should all be.

OPINION: A grey roof keeps you dry, but there's more to life than not being wet.

An open letter to Phil Twyford

"Minister I invite you to visit Taranaki to drive sections of State Highway 3 with me during peak traffic conditions to ...

"I formally invite you to New Plymouth to drive the highway with me during peak traffic."

Driver driven out of NP airport

Don Driver's depiction of depiction of the 1933 arrival over Bell Block Airport of aviator Charles Kingsford Smith has ...

OPINION: Finding out why things happen is no easy task, especially with NP's new airport.

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