A combined energy future

A combination of approaches to energy generation should be sufficient to avoid the construction of more gas peaker ...

OPINION: Transitioning away from fossil fuels will require a combination of energy generation methods.

Faith in Taranaki: Fixated on the afterlife

It always intrigued me that we were so fixated on the afterlife, writes Glen Bennett.

Nirvana…Paradise…Heaven...religion has all sorts of names for this perfect place.

Conservation not for faint-hearted

A rare buttercup that only grows in one place in Canterbury is ranked higher on the Department of Conservation's species ...

OPINION: The Castle Hill buttercup is a very special thing. According to an algorithm.

How I blew my 10 minutes with PM

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Acting PM Winston Peters.

OPINION: Prime ministers aren't exactly royalty, but they can have the same effect, writes Jim Tucker.

Gas is a $100 million mistake video

Greenpeace activist Amanda Larsson says a gas-fired power plant is not a good option.

A new gas-fired power plant is wrong for New Zealand, writes Greenpeace's Amanda Larsson.

The joy of living in the moment

"He was born with a questioning look", writes Michelle Robinson. (File photo)

OPINION: Breathe in, breathe out. Look out the window. Count to 10. Sip a cup of tea. Spend five minutes doing absolutely nothing. 

The future of electricity

Jonathan Young, National MP for New Plymouth, is the opposition spokesperson for Energy and Resources.

OPINION: A policy to move to 100 per cent renewable energy is not without its challenges, says National MP Jonathan Young.

Power and economics

A nurse holds butter that costs 3,000,000 Bolivares during a protest demanding fair and higher wages outside a public ...

Economies are incredibly easy to derail if you don't take care.

The art of getting it done

Jim Tucker admires New Plymouth Mayor Neil Holdom's chutzpah.

OPINION: Sometimes the planning process is so painful it's a wonder anything gets done.

No shooting from the hip please

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the end of new permits for offshore oil and gas exploration earlier in the year. ...

OPINION: Logic, common sense, consideration of science and new technology, along with sensible leadership need in oil and gas decision making.

Jane's Junk-Free June

Now that Junk-Free June is over, this vending machine may be my best friend.

OPINION: Knowing you can't have something always makes you want it so much more.

Kayaker's an inspiration

Clean-shaven Trans-Tasman kayaker Scott Donaldson talks about his first day back on dry land.

It had been, he said, with some understatement, "kind of epic".

The next plastic outlaw

Now that plastic bags are on the way out, plastic bottles are sure to follow and become socially unacceptable.

OPINION: Plastic bottles will become the next plastic bag. Here's hoping.

Will we change after Waverley? video

With six dead the car crash at Waverley on Wednesday is one of the worst ever seen in New Zealand.

OPINION: Car crashes do not get more horrifying than this. But even six dead won't change our attitude to speed.

A tale of two cities

Houses in New Plymouth are far cheaper than in Auckland.

OPINION: As the reserve bank sat poised to restrict mortgage lending, we swooped in and bought our first home.

Remember me better

There are often eulogies at funerals, but nothing much written down for the public.

OPINION: Pointless newspaper death notices hardly ever tell us who the person was or what they did in their life.

There's no escaping Harry Potter

Harry Potter Escape Room at Puke Ariki in New Plymouth.  Stuff reporters Jane Matthews and Stephanie Mitchell work their ...

Not even The Boy Who Lived could get out of this escape room. He'd have to Raven-claw his way out.

Today's images are tomorrow's history

Pat Greenfield is known for taking stunning photos of the Taranaki coast.

OPINION: When does history start becoming history?

The bargain of rates

Council rates always go up but they are still a bargain, says John Sargeant.

OPINION: For what you get Taranaki's council rates are a bargain.

The modern misery

People are less connected to each other than ever before.

OPINION: Could more connection and creation be the key to solving our mental health issues?

OPINION: It's no 'piece of cake'

This is the primrose flower that I took at least 45 minutes to create.

Cake decorating requires a lot more patience and time than I ever imagined.

Who maintains our field of dreams?

03112016 News Photo- Ricky Wilson/Fairfax 
Freedom camper at the Koromiko freedom camping site

OPINION: Plans to charge visitors a $35 tourist tax seem a sensible approach.

Jim Tucker: Ode to a ton of instant wisdom

"I suppose policing what baby does in the bath makes sense, starting with ensuring he or she doesn't drown."

As it happens, this is my 101st column.

Tales of Rugby Park

Taranaki play Waikato for the Ranfuly Shieldin 1996.

OPINION: Rugby Park, aka the now-deceased Yarrow Stadium, was the place to be in my boyhood in the late 50s, early 60s.

Rating airplane engines

In 2012 Air New Zealand unveiled a Hobbit inspired 777, three years later and the company's Boeing 777 flight from ...

OPINION: Airplanes are rated on how far they could fly on one engine - that's anywhere from one hour to 5.5 hours.

Dealing with Dad's death

Michelle with her husband James and son August in her father's hometown of Simonstown, South Africa.

OPINION: Losing a parent can make you resilient, but resilience can morph into hardness.

Elevator etiquette 101 gallery video

In movies and TV shows elevators are the source of tension, drama, and love scenes but in real life they're the source ...

Confessions of an angry elevator user.

Exposing climate crime

Peace Action protesters attempt to stop delegates entering a defence forum at Westpac Stadium, Wellington, earlier this year.

OPINION: Religious groups are adding increasing support to the global movement from fossil fuels, towards 100 per cent renewable energy. 

Life is risky - get used to it

We'll take the risk, thanks.

OPINION: Chlorinating water, mothballing rugby stands – are we going too far?

Loose lips launch nuclear missiles

An atomic bomb would have serious consequences that would reach far beyond the intended target. (File photo)

OPINION: It would pay world leaders to mind how flippantly they talk about dropping atomic bombs.

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