Jim Tucker: Rising sea may get most of us

The Waitara flood of 1965.

Predicted sea level rises are very bad news.

Sun safety is sexy

Getting ready for a sun requires so much prep and a lot of sunblock.

Is getting a tan really worth the risk?

Councillor's comments damaging

New Plymouth district councillor Murray Chong landed himself a new controversy in stating he was ashamed to sing the ...

OPINION: Taranaki is an amazingly diverse place full of incredible people. Our opinions are also diverse.

Predator-free the future

Like oil and gas, the dairy industry goes through boom cycles.

Towards Predator Free Taranaki will transform this province. Fantastic.

'Original language' gripe makes sense

Hinewehi Mohi caused controversy in 1999 when she sang the national anthem in Maori.

OPINION: He is right, we should go back to the "original language" of this land.

A disappointing legacy

Councillor Murray Chong has become more well known for his divisive comments on social media than this work as an ...

If you don't want to sing the anthem in te reo, fine. But the Māori version is nothing to be ashamed about.

"Get the Mt Messenger bypass built"

The Mt Messenger road in Taranaki.

New Plymouth's mayor explains why a $200 million roading project is crucial.

The 'do nothing' vacation

Travellers naturally assume Brisbane is a stop-over for more plentiful adventures. But those who stay are rewarded.

When you go on holiday, the best time is often had by going where the rest don't.

Messenger isn't the full message

29032011 NEWS CAMERON BURNELL/Taranaki Daily News. The Awakino Tunnel on SH3 which maybe being removed.

OPINION: Spending $200m on the Mt Messenger and Awakino Tunnel bypass instead of other suggested improvements is a 'misdirection of tax dollars'.

Make America great, like Norway video

If President Donald Trump wants to make America great again, he may need to look to Norway for inspiration, it ranks ...

OPINION: To make America great again Trump needs to look at Norway, which tops Harvard and MIT's Social Progress Index country ranking system.

Faith in Taranaki: The need for God in the modern world

Those were the days: The Beatles on the balcony of the St George Hotel, on the corner of Boulcott and Willis streets in ...

Opinion: Christendom is pretty much dead and we now live in a thoroughly secularised society.

A tangible difference

New Plymouth City councillor Harry Duynhoven.

OPINION: The journey to building a Mt Messenger bypass has been, to borrow a phrase from Paul McCartney, a long and winding road.

We'd be dopes to legalise it

The Greens collected a bonanza ransom from the government it joined when they got a poll on legalising marijuana, says ...

OPINION: I'm on the herb this week. Sorry, bad pun. 

A fundamental change in the way we power our economy

Oil and gas are crucial to Taranaki's economy.

Little has been written about what a net carbon zero 2050 Aotearoa will actually look like.

The secrets of syphilis

Syphilis is sexually transmitted and in Medieval times was found in port cities such as Naples, Hull and Pompey where ...

OPINION: The origin of the disease is unknown, but recent genetic studies are overturning long held ideas and revealing an intriguing history.

The challenges of Christmas communication

Christmas time can be hard on relationships so try to take a deep breath when you feel things getting out of hand. (File ...

OPINION: The Christmas break is the most common time for relationship strain, so try and lighten up.

The joys of Christmas past

Graeme Duckett's brother in law had a hell of a time finding a tree for his wife one year, only to get it home and be ...

OPINION: Graeme Duckkett shares a few of his funny Christmas stories.

E-scooters: Count me in

Husband and wife team Ahmed Al-jumaily and Tima Al-saedy with their Blip scooters, set to launch the end of January or ...

OPINION: E-scooters? Dangerous? Have you seen the hazard that is a kid on a bike?

DIY or do it right

The DIY dream often quickly turns into a nightmare.

Stephanie Mitchell doesn't have a DIY bone in her body, but she's doing it anyway.

A magic Christmas at the Bowl

Sunday's Christmas at the Bowl might just have been New Plymouth's biggest event of 2018.

Sunday's Christmas at the Bowl in New Plymouth was one of those nights where you pinch yourself that you live in Taranaki. 

Time to test sunscreens

With the highest melanoma rates in the world, being able to rely on the efficacy of sunscreens is a public health issue.

Consumer NZ's call for mandatory standards for sunscreens is a good idea that should be taken up. 

Leaseholders need justice

The New Plymouth District Council hearing from leaseholders on the Waitara Lands Bill.

Opinion: The Waitara Lands Bill won't solve the leaseholders problems Jim Tucker says.

"Roar!" went one group. "Argh!" went the other.

These kindy kids know how to verbalise their frustrations. They work hard to solve problems.

This week I spent a morning as 'mother help' at my son's kindergarten.

Faith in Taranaki: Beginning to believe

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born.

Every day we are invited to be utterly loved and adored by our Creator

The impact of a change

The proposed changes to the way schools are run could have some real benefits for school trustees and principals, says ...

OPINION: Here's what the education reform proposals could mean for schools.

To offend or not offend

Jim Tucker says good comes from reminding a community to re-examine its values.

OPINION: It might not win a popularity contest, but it's good to remind a community to re-examine its values now and again.

Travel and study at same time

I gained my Bachelor of Communication while living overseas and travelling the world.

At my university graduation I didn't know a single one of the professors sitting on stage staring back at me.

Size is everything video

Building more big homes is not the answer to New Zealand's housing crisis.

OPINION: The answer to New Zealand's housing supply issue is simple - we need to build good houses more cheaply. 

Time for a rethink

Gas can be part of the country's clean energy future, says Jonathan Young.

OPINION: The government has created the perception it prefers abolition rather innovation in the hydrocarbon sector.

8 Rivers never worth price tag

Using gas to produce power, hydrogen, and urea is not the way forward, say Greenpeace.

OPINION: Let's be clear: making hydrogen and urea out of gas is neither clean nor renewable.

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