Child poverty or poor parenting?

Does New Zealand have a problem with child poverty or poor parenting? (File photo).

OPINION: "Child poverty" is becoming an excuse for poor parenting, writes John Sargeant.

Jerseys under the hammer

Malcolm and Donald Revell with one of their star cows, Beledene Sam's Starlee. The Revells' whole Jersey herd is about ...

OPINION: The heartbreaking sale of a lifetime's work.

Overturning tradition

The Len Lye Centre has been controversial right from the beginning.

The council has decided to charge an LLC entry fee, so what's next? Toll gates on the Coastal Walkway?

Dennis Ngawhare: Of missionaries and Māori

The chiefs Waikato and Hongi Hika with missionary Thomas Kendall in England, oil painting by James Barry, 1820.

OPINION: Exploring the effect of missionaries on Maori.

Ill-informed talk is unhelpful

Seismic survey vessels strictly apply the Department of Conservation's Code of Conduct for minimising acoustic ...

Opinion: History is littered with examples of environmental malpractice but marine seismic surveying is not be one of them.

How seismic surveying works

Amazon Warrior, the world's largest seismic survey ship, is due to conduct survey's off the Taranaki coast this summer.

Opinion: Seismic surveying has been going on for decades. Here's how it works.

Undies defeat throw-away society

Jim Tucker bought a pair of Dan Carter underwear in 2009 and they are still going strong.

OPINION: Jim Tucker's Dan Carter underpants certainly aren't disposable goods, they've lasted eight years so far.

The Cuban missile crisis

A ballistic missile base in Cuba, the evidence with which President Kennedy ordered a naval blockade of Cuba in the ...

OPINION: If President Kennedy had decided to invade Cuba it would mostly likely have meant all out nuclear war.

A death in the (chicken) family

Whitey never did behave like a normal chicken. Her death, though regrettable in terms of lost egg prodcution, will not ...

OPINION: Life can change in an instant. Just ask a chicken.

End search for oil and gas

Greenpeace would prefer to see seismic survey ship the Amazon Warrior out of work.

OPINION: Putting an end to the search for new oil and gas is where we should start.

Not enough wars yet

Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

"When all the Arabs and the Israelis agree on one thing, people should pay attention. We should stop this Iranian takeover," said Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu last month.

A mental health experience

Jim Tucker's friend's experience with New Zealand's mental health services had a positive outcome, eventually.

OPINION: It may be bent but Jim Tucker finds not all is broken with New Zealand's mental health system.

We could use capitalism for good

Everyone's got an opinion on capitalism, including the new leaders of New Zealand.

OPINION: It is helpful to consider is what "love thy neighbour" might consist of in terms of economic behaviour.

How to tell if a cow's in the moood

The behaviour of cows can change dramatically when they are on heat. (File photo)

OPINION: Mating time on the farm's all about insemination, paint and cows in Sexually Active Groups slobbering on each other.

United under the mountain

Taranaki's eight iwi have not always played nicely together.

OPINION: True mana is achieved by how an iwi looks after its people.

The tactics of adultery

A 1903 photograph of Kimble Bent who fought on both sides in the Taranaki Wars and was disparaged as 'a liar, thief and ...

OPINION: Ōākura historian Michael Burr offers an alternative view of Tītokowaru's downfall.

Thanks for nothing Noosa

The front page of the Sunshine Coast newspaper was not the news we were looking for on the second day of our tropical ...

OPINION: When rain ruins your tropical holiday it's impossible to not take it personally.

The lost property pain

When Jim Tucker lost his keys the police station was the last place he thought of looking. It should have been the first.

OPINION: Losing your keys can feel like a death in the family. Until you find them again.

A seal of approval

Some residents want the Forgotten World Highway sealed, while others prefer the gravel sections to stay unsealed.

OPINION: It may be forgotten but Barrie Smith says that 's no reason to leave parts of SH43 unsealed.

Society judged on treatment of marginalised

Jacinda Ardern takes a selfie with a fan.

What would Jesus say if he were Prime Minister? Inasmuch as you do it for the least of mine you do it to me.

It's survival of the fittest

Jim has been following the life of the Pukekura Park ducklings. While there is nine in this photograph on his most ...

I've just been down to check on the ducklings. There's four left. That's a survival rate of 44.44 per cent.

When trees fall, jobs rise

Logs are having to be stacked higher at Port Taranaki.

OPINION: The logging industry is booming, and that's a good thing for the economy.

Winging it's best in front of a crowd

Sometimes it's better to go off script in front of an audience.

OPINION: I can talk for hours, and when it comes to public speaking, it's best done without a script.

What a game!

Ross Brown in action for Taranaki in 1965.

OPINION: It was the mid 1960s and Jim Tucker was office bound...

War is nothing to trivialise

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

OPINION: What would Passchendaele hero Dave Gallagher say to Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un?

Scary 'sci-fi' morality

Living in a digital world more and more controlled by organisations focused solely on profit, with only lip-service to ...

OPINION: Finding deep connections in a vacuum-packed world.

Breeding the next generation

Waikato Share Farmer of the Year winner Phillip van Heuven on his new farm at Ngahinapouri, south of Hamilton.

 OPINION: Awards and schemes opening up the dairy industry.

Fat Max and other missing things

Fat Max is a very useful utility blade, until you lose it.

OPINION: Sometimes storing things in a safe place is the quickest way to losing them.

Hands off our honey

It's as kiwi as you get, so why are the Aussies trying to claim mānuka honey?

OPINION: They can have Russell Crowe but we won't give up our mānuka honey without a fight.

Ingraining work in our DNA

Graduates of the compulsory military training scheme post WWII learned vital discipline and experience.

OPINION: On apprenticeships, military training, immigrants and the welfare state.

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