An election reporting recollection

Jim Tucker began his journalism career in Taranaki and soon got a taste of the 'power' a reporter had come election time.

OPINION: Jim Tucker began covering elections when he was 19. Even Muldoon couldn't put him off.

An afterlife experience

Two weeks after her death, while Allen performed a service at the Taranaki Cathedral, his daughter made a surprise ...

OPINION: A heartbroken father blessed with a reassuring mystery.

The influence of personality and history

Prime Minister Bill English is undoubtedly qualified but National is far from the sure thing it was under John Kiey.

Opinion: Democracy is a messy business. But it seems to work.

A fool and his books

Holiday reading is serious stuff. Mess with it at your peril.

OPINION: It began with a page or two. It always does.

The waterway pollution conundrum

Cleaning up Taranaki's waterways to met Ministry standards might require reducing the number of cows on the ringplain.

OPINION: Finding out if our streams are polluted or not isn't as easy as you would think.

Blame prices on the weather

Ponsonby restaurateur Tobias Roebuck-Ward labelled high vegetable prices ridiculous, but is he out of touch with reality?

 OPINION: There's a disconnect between shoppers and reality.

Bulls beat Jaffas at their place

Country boy finds Auckland drivers friendly - yeah right.

Dennis Ngawhare: Celebrating Te Reo

A poha, landing net made from harakeke flax on display at a Mahi Kupenga workshop held at Elma Turner Library as part of ...

Whaikōrero and its importance in the Māori culture.

Your questions are needed

What would you ask of these candidates if you had the chance?

OPINION: Sometimes asking the right question can change everything.

Thanks but we want more

Mt Messenger bypass option c got the green light last week.

OPINION: Jim Tucker isn't ungrateful for the Mt Messenger bypass. He just wants more.

Pumice the key to happiness

When life throws you pumice, for goodness sake hold on to it.

Opinion: Here's some advice that will never let you down: pick up the pumice.

Is running up the score in school OK?

Resting stars like guard Haize Walker didn't stop Palmerston North Boys' High School running up a huge score.

HEAD-TO-HEAD: Are one-sided school sports matches a good learning experience, or a humiliating waste of time?

The future of immigration

We need to be able to attract the right workers over the longer term, says Donald McIntyre.

Any job that requires a reasonable level of skill, often working alone, and on the land is harder to fill.

Not us and them

Taranaki Regional Council chairman and company director  David MacLeod has employed and worked alongside many immigrants.

David MacLeod has no doubt immigrants helped create the amazing country we all call home today.

When Larry met Graeme

Larry Morris as he was in 1972 with Larry's Rebels. Graeme Duckett was a fan long before then.

OPINION: After half a century of being a fan, Graeme Duckett is about to meet musician Larry Morris.

Sea-mining decision tone deaf to science

Marine scientist Andrew Wright believes concerns about the impact of seabed mining on whales have fallen on deaf ears at ...

OPINION: EPA decision on seabed mining creates whale of a problem for integrity of science in vital decisions

A debate with two parts

Stratford District Mayor Neil Volzke says his own council senior management team includes three immigrants.

OPINION: Stratford Mayor Neil Volzke says critics are having a field day blaming migrants for their problems.

Getting used to Kiwi-isms

Taranaki Chamber of Commerce CEO Arun Chaudhari says it can take a while to settle into the swing of things as an ...

Arun Chaudhari once had guests over for "evening tea" and offered them was cups of tea and biscuits.

Keeping the moral compass constant

As children get older they should gain wisdom, learn from experience and adapt their thinking.

OPINION: They'd got it 'right' for 18 years - so what made him 'wrong' that night?

Becoming Kiwi: Immigration a valuable asset

Immigration has always been the lifeblood of New Zealand.

Immigration is a constant that we periodically get nervous about.

Pre-election antics lift interest

Former deputies find themselves fighting to lead country.

Getting Bill back on top

Jim Tucker has no choice but to help Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates regain his mantle as richest man alive.

Jim Tucker has used computers for 30 years. Doesn't mean he knows much about them.

A season of softness

Soft beetroot do not mix well with graters.

OPINION: The beetroot are soft. Buy them and be judged.

The grand old dames of milk

The curious crossbred came into the couple's lives in 2007 when they took on a new 50:50 sharemilking job at Toko.

These girls have seen a thing or two and are still a pleasure to milk.

Rugby loss adds to capital's gloomy character

Taranaki Bulls Sean Wainui breaks clear to score a try during the Mitre 10 Cup rugby match between the Wellington Lions ...

Rugby match adds to being in dismal Wellington.

Concussion and investigative reporting

Sanzaar has launched an inquiry into why Sonny Bill Williams was not tested for concussion after he appeared ...

OPINION: The changing way we deal with concussion hasn't happened in a vacuum.

The maze of fuel savings

It's a maze finding your way through the best way to save on fuel. Which is why reporter Christina Persico is so chuffed ...

OPINION: Saving cents off a litre on petrol should be child's play. It's not.

Giving peace a chance

John and Yoko had the right idea - let's give peace a chance.

OPINION: After four years of claim and counterclaim at Witt we need to turn the page.

A hard to fathom decision

A split vote to allow iron sand mining could be a legal vulnerability any appeal might seek to exploit.

OPINION: It may have been approved but iron sand mining is far from a certainty off the Taranaki coast.

A long awaited sickness

Taking a day off to look after sick kids is the worst decision you will ever make. (File photo)

You could take a day off work to look after sick kids or you could just run for the hills.

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