05:00am 25 May 2013 A dean and a museum curator have hit the road with a map, a book and a dome-tent. Jamie Allen and Andrew Moffat will brave the winter weather, sleeping in tents in gardens around Taranaki during their 10 day pilgrimage. Visiting 37 communities in a such a small amount of time is no easy task and the pair are blogging about their wet and wild adventures. Check out how they are going on the Taranaki Daily News website, or you can follow them on twitter @NakiPilgrimage

Modern Maiden

Modern Maiden

05:00am 24 May 2013  It seems one of the rites of passages to becoming an adult is being a sober driver for a night. When your friends are out drinking, or your mother is re-visiting her teenage years in town, the night usually ends in a slurred phone call to someone who can drop everyone home safely. I know tolerant husbands who have spent more than their weeks wages on petrol costs as they drive women all over the province to return them home safely from the girls' night out. I am almost ashamed to say it, but I am nearing my third decade of age and I have never been a sober driver, in fact until this year I'd never been a driver at all. By the time I got my learners licence at the age of 26 both of my younger sisters had theirs, and my much younger cousin, who I remember as a day old baby, was zooming around on the roads. Getting my licence a decade after all of my friends was a little strange. While I waited in line at the AA to apply for my test I was struck by the number of teenagers around me. I'd spent 10 years thinking I was going to fail this test, but my pent up nerves seemed ridiculous next to the fresh faced youth who were wide-eyed in fear. I handed over my $94 and half an hour later walked out with a piece of paper saying I was allowed to drive. Not able to, but allowed to. The funny thing was although I needed to have a person in a car with me if I was behind the wheel, I could jump straight on a scooter and zoom my way home all by myself, so I did, and I nearly died. Within 10 seconds of riding my newly purchased scooter I crashed into a fence. It's fair to say I was in need of some urgent help, especially if I wanted to get my restricted licence. So once a month for the last few months I have been taking driving lessons. Check out the video to see driving lesson number three. Lesson learnt today: other drivers need lessons more than I do!

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