People or profit? Facebook papers show deep conflict within

Documents shows how Facebook, despite its regularly avowed good intentions, appears to have slow-walked or sidelined ...

2:06 AM  Internal documents show Facebook the company is losing control of Facebook the product — not to mention the last shreds of its carefully crafted, decade-old image as a benevolent company just wanting to connect the world.

Dave Dobbyn social media backlash highlights 'vaccination polarisation' video

Sir Dave Dobbyn’s comments on social media about Covid-19 vaccinations quickly became the most trending topic over the ...

The Kiwi music icon is double vaccinated, but posted he is wary of government “authoritarianism”. Critics were quick to condemn the comments.

Overseas teaching apps cause accent confusion for Kiwi kids video

Soryl spent eight years working on the app before it went on the market.

Don’t want your child to be confused by English or Australian accents? There’s an app for that.

Fi Innovations to receive Australasia's first vapour smoothing 3D machine

Fi Innovations managing director Gareth Dykes says the procurement of the first Postpro3d in Australasia is “a big coup” ...

Invercargill-based Fi Innovations is set to receive Australasia’s first Postpro3d, a machine that uses patented chemical vapour smoothing technology to produce the smoothest finish currently possible in 3D printing.

Vaccine certificates: What we know (and don't know) video

Some countries have had Covid-19 vaccination certificates for months already, including India.

University of Auckland digital technology expert Dr Andrew Chen believes photo ID may need to be shown alongside vaccine certificates.

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Fifa ending partnership with EA Sports after nearly 30 years

FIFA Reportedly Ending Partnership With EA Sports After Nearly 30 Years - Thumbnail

After nearly three decades of doing business with EA Sports, Fifa is reportedly walking away from its licensing deal with the gaming company.

Hustlers, scoundrals and gamblers, and that's before you even played a game of snooker. video

Bill, left, and John Arcus are regulars at The Ballroom Pool and Snooker Lounge on Courtenay Place. They've been going ...

In 1921 Percy Tremaine opened a snooker hall on Courtenay Place. A hundred years later you can still get in a game - minus the smoke and the hustle.

'Forza Horizon 5' is absolutely stoked that you are playing it video

Fancy putting a Ford Ranger Raptor up against a Bronco?

Stunning visuals, frantic action and lots and lots of cars. Forza Horizon 5 looks to keep the successful Horizon recipe alive in its latest incarnation.

Twitch’s data leak could change live streaming

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins became a video game superstar with the streaming platform Twitch.

ANALYSIS: It’s one of the largest internet platform data leaks in internet history — exposing the earnings of thousands of top Twitch streamers.


You've decided to quit Facebook — here's how to migrate your online life elsewhere

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (File photo)

Every time there's a Facebook scandal, you may have thought about quitting the social network. But you run into the same problem every time: where exactly should you go?

Facebook unveils new controls for kids using its platforms

Facebook is also planning to introduce new controls so that parents or guardians can supervise what their teens are ...

Several new Facebook features, including prompting teens to log off and take a break, comes after damning company testimony that its platforms harm children.

Apple plan for cars uses iPhone to control A/C, seats, radio

Apple released CarPlay in 2014 and it is now a common feature across new vehicles.

Apple wants to control even more of your car, with ambitious plans that would require carmakers handing over far more control of their vehicles to your iPhone.

What caused the Facebook outage?

It took Facebook nearly six hours to get services back online, albeit slowly at first. Ironically, the outage was so ...

OPINION: While Facebook’s management was apologetic, they gave no hint as to what caused the outage. A few clues point to a problem from within.

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