Facebook hands over Russia ads video

Lawyers are investigating Russian-funded social media content about United States president Donald Trump's views on ...

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg said it is helping US election investigators in a show against foreigners trying to "undermine democracy".

Prepare for pea milk

Milk, from peas. Yes, you heard correctly. It is made from blending pea flour with water and other ingredients such as ...

Silicon Valley companies are backing non-dairy milk innovation.

Google buys HTC engineers

Device maker HTC built the Vive virtual reality headset.

Google says its about to make a "very large leap" into the gadget market.

Deleting online terror challenge video

Google lawyer Kent Walker says finding and deleting all extremism content online is an "enormous technological and ...

European leaders want content removed within two hours - but the industry says it's almost impossible.

Anti-Silicon Valley manifesto

Journalist Franklin Foer says Silicon Valley companies, like Facebook and Google, use people as "screws and rivets in ...

According to an author, Silicon Valley has robbed us of choice and privacy, making society hopelessly dependent.

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Computer says no

Privacy commissioner John Edwards says expecting customers to read and understand all of the terms and conditions is an ...

New online payment services can decline you with no explanation, and there is no law saying they have to tell you why.

Future perfect: Christchurch's tech lab goals

Cr Vicki Buck launching a new e-car rapid charging station. Christchurch is well-placed to push the technology.

Can Christchurch reinvent itself as an international testbed for green innovation? The council thinks it has made a good start.

NZ pays more for iPhones

Want a cheap iPhone? Try Saudi Arabia.

We used to have some of the world's sharpest prices for the tech giant's products, but we've slipped.

Tech giants hacked

A cybersecurity expert says the malware hackers wanted to steal valuable intellectual property from technology companies.

Microsoft, google and Samsung are some of the companies whose computers were hacked in an effort to steal valuable IP.

Trump stalls self-drive tech

US President Donald Trump has refused to mandate the installation of V2V technology in new vehicles. The technology ...

Cutting-edge anti-collision technology won't be on the first self-driving cars to hit the road.

Homerun turns to slamdunk

Dropit chief executive Peter Howell (left) with Dropit chief operating officer Brendan Howell, says San Francisco is the ...

Two Kiwi brothers have scored a deal with an NBA Franchise who wants to use their auction app.

Richlisters branch into tech world

John Chow, left, and Michael Chow want to buy, take over or create IT companies.

Technology firms have caught the eye of the Chow brothers, who want to pour $100m into sector.

Assume you've been hacked

It doesn't matter who hacks you or who leaks your information, it happens, so protect yourself from identity theft and ...

You should protect yourself from identity fraud, whether you're an Equifax breach victim or not.

Apple Watch feature failure

Apple's third watch features the ability to connect itself to the internet, but it's not living up to it is specifications.

Apple's latest wearable accessory can connect to the internet on its own - well, it should be able to.

Equifax hack hits Canada and court

Millions of customers had their personal information, including social security numbers and addresses, breached in ...

The credit reporting company that faced the biggest data breach in history this month has been told to "pay for its mistakes" in court.

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It's NZ's Pokemon Go video

The main characters from the Curious Critters Club, a new augmented reality game focused on New Zealand stories.

A new augmented reality game encourages children to uncover mythical creatures and New Zealand legends.

Pros and cons of updates

Software updates are a mix of excitement and resentment.

Pirate Bay 'hijacking' PCs

Suddenly, I want a new phone


Apple Watch feature failure

Apple's third watch features the ability to connect itself to the internet, but it's not living up to it is specifications.

Apple's latest wearable accessory can connect to the internet on its own - well, it should be able to.

No new gadgets from Microsoft

Microsoft just sent invitations to an event on October 3.

The company has announced an event next month but will focus on virtual reality, not new products.

Screen shortage delays phones

IPhone X isn't available until November 3, the most significant gap since the original iPhone debuted in early January ...

An OLED crunch has already muddied the releases of several consumer tech products.

How to clean your headphones


Whether you have earbuds or headphones, give them a good clean because they've been in your ears.


Xbox One X:Hands on preview video

Xbox One X

Stuff takes the world's most powerful console for a test drive ahead of its November release.

Kiwi songstresses kick it for Fifa

Kimbra will release new track Top Of The World on the soundtrack.

Kimbra is launching a new song in one of the year's biggest games, with Lorde's hit Supercut included in Fifa 18 as well.

Play Tekken, win $10,000

New Zealand's Tekken 7 champion will take on a professional from South Korea in a televised event on Monday night.

A Tekken 7 tournament in Auckland tonight has a $10,000 prize pool, and a competitor all the way from South Korea.

Game harder for black characters video

The higher the difficulty setting you select on the new South Park videogame, the darker your skin colour.

Choose the highest difficulty setting on the South Park videogame and you'll automatically play as a black person.

social networking

Why that troll's a man

Trolling is a way for narcissists to let out the unpleasant sides of their personality.

One of the dark sides of public social media profiles is that you're at risk of attracting the attention of unpleasant people.

How bots broke democracy

After the 2016 US presidential race - won by Donald Trump - was subject to Russian cyber meddling, analysts say the ...

Hackers are just beginning to get to grips with the power of internet bots. That's very bad news for the rest of us.

Celebrity Instagram accounts hacked

Instagram said it believes the hack was aimed at "high-profile users".

A hacker used Instagram to get access to stars' email addresses and phone numbers.

How to shoot your food

040614. Photo: 123rf.com
Stock Photo - smartphone shot food photo - vanilla cake with strawberries

berry, blog, ...

OPINION: Waiter, there's a fly in my plum jam! Well, madam, take a photo. Lynda Hallinan does a crash course in Facebooking her meals. Etiquette be stewed ...


Tips for updating to iOS 11

The new operating system features a customisable Control Centre.

Apple's latest mobile operating system will be available on Wednesday for Kiwis to download.

App to tackle schoolyard angst

Lily Holder-McFlinn, 18, left, and Rawan Al-Sakkaf, 17, have designed an app to help teens feel socially included at school.

An app could help teenagers find more friends at school.

Home screen app a billboard

Excio co-founder and chief executive Ana Lyubich holding one of Wellington Public Library's books which is used in the app.

With one swipe, you can discover a new book, artist, or photographer whose work you can display on your mobile.

Instagram's 'discrimination' move

12-year-old Harry Beswick (centre) was born with Goldenhar syndrome. He is pictured with his brother Oliver and mother ...

The social media giant removed a photo of a boy wearing his prosthetic eye.


Future perfect: Christchurch's tech lab goals

Can Christchurch reinvent itself as an international testbed for green innovation? The council thinks it has made a good start.

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