Net users fear for the meme video

Memes such as this could require a licence from the owners of images they use, critics of the European directive fear.

9:00 AM  European Copyright Directive has internet advocates up in arms.

The fax refuses to die

New Zealand's health sector - and the public sector in general - have been slow to adopt digital technologies, a health ...

Medicine is the last bastion for a nearly-200 year old machine.

Spark sweeps dark web

A hooded man holds a laptop computer as blue screen with an exclamation mark is projected on him in this illustration ...

Company warns 21,000 customers their logons are on dark web.

Scheme tackling technology poverty video

Haeata principal Kai Fong says learning "doesn't happen without internet" these days.

More than 360 Christchurch students will be given free wi-fi access at their homes in a new scheme aiming to help "bridge the digital divide".

Never get lost again

Apple Maps is not as popular as Google Maps as it's only available on Apple devices.

Directions are right in the palm of your hand, thanks to smartphone apps.

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No code too difficult for these girls

Year 5 Clyde Quay School student Leonora Mogin, 9, shows off her finished maze she made at CodeCamp.

A coding programme taking off in Wellington opens doors for girls wanting to code.

VR trips press oldies' buttons

When Iris saw her grandson Ben for the first time, she blew him a kiss.

Elderly meet grandchildren, and visit loved pets and former homes, using virtual reality.

Men-only Facebook job ads: Claim video

The ACLU says Facebook broke US laws prohibiting businesses from excluding women from job ads.

US women say filters stopped them seeing job ads in male-dominated fields like software.

Net rules over trees

The chainsaw Massey University student Oskar Edgar has designed, which he hopes will help USAR rescuers work better in ...

Neighbours can be forced to remove trees blocking broadband, High Court rules.

Apple gets a facelift

Apple says you should notice the camera launching more quickly.

OPINION: New operating system will make your device faster, easier to use.

Cert NZ proves its worth

040817 News Photo. SIMON O'CONNOR/STUFF
Pic for Davids big read on cyber security. Generic file pic. online security ...

Cyber security agency helps fix US product vulnerably and mend Kiwi online store.

Japanese billionaire's moon trip

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa speaks at a press event in California to announce his week-long trip in 2023.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk reveals Yusaku Maezawa will be the first paying tourist on a trip around the moon.

Nasa reaches out to Kiwis

Nasa astronaut Michael Hopkins, Expedition 37/38 flight engineer, makes final touches on a training version of his ...

International space organisation Nasa is looking for four Kiwi students to join their internship programme.

ACC looks to launch small-talk bot

ACC is looking at a wider roll out of a chatbot capable of small talk (File photo).

ACC computers to master small talk.

Talking to the animals with AI video

The late Koko the gorilla learned to communicate with humans and then stole their hearts. She learned an adapted version ...

Communicating with animals has been a favourite theme since Doctor Dolittle, but now it could become reality.

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digital living

Big Brother leaves capital

Wellington City Council and Japanese company NEC have parted ways, that will see the end of sophisticated Orwellian ...

And exhale ... technology that could hear, smell and track residents is no longer on the cards.

ACC looks to launch small-talk bot

ACC computers to master small talk.

Talking to the animals with AI video

Netflix NZ finally delivering video


New iPhone 'classic Apple' video

Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, unveils the new iPhone XS.

Apple knows customers won't be put off by the ever-rising cost of new iPhones.

Galaxy Note 9: Is it any good? video

The Note 9's specifications are more like what you'd normally see in a laptop.

This is not a smartphone for the average user.

Let the mirrorless wars begin

Nikon has announced two new models, the Nikon Z6 (US$2000 or NZ$3000) and Z7 (US$3400), which are aimed at the serious ...

OPINION: The fight for the future of the camera market kicked into high gear recently after Nikon announced two new models.

Make your phone battery last

If you've used your phone a lot over the past few years then it might be time to get a new battery.

The thing people want most from a new smartphone is often a longer lasting battery.

social networking

Social media blackmail charge

Carl  Thompson appeared in court on Wednesday in relation to incidents where girls were allegedly messaged by a Facebook ...

The teen is alleged to have pretended to work for a model and talent agency.

Not very social media

Golriz Ghahraman shared a post on social media of UK politician Nigel Farage with excrement pouring from his mouth ahead ...

Kiwi politicians go wild on social media – experts reckon it's just textbook behaviour.

Twitter bans Alex Jones for good video

Twitter has kicked off Alex Jones and Infowars for good.

Twitter is permanently banning the right-wing conspiracy theorist and his Infowars show for abusive behavior.

Kiwi teen coaching US business

Josh Ryan, 18, calls his company CleverPreneur and acts as a social media guru working for US entrepreneurs.

It started with a hobby posting inspirational quotes - now 18-year-old Josh Ryan is in demand advising top US firms.


Reo app offers instant translation

Spark's Kupu app allows users to take a photo when they want a translation.

The solution to improve your reo could be in the palm of your hand.

New app for Kiwi farmers video

Outdoor burning is not permitted in Hawke's Bay during winter, however there are exceptions of burning orchard ...

The app is expected to be ready by next year, and is being developed with industry reps.

Google planning China search app video

The new Google search app released in China will reportedly block websites on Beijing's blacklist.

Google are developing a search engine for China that blocks results Beijing considers sensitive.

Breadcrumbs app creates trail to secret spots

Breadcrumbs app co-founders Brendan Platt, left, and Cameron Brodie hope new students in Wellington can settle into ...

Two Wellington entrepreneurs have developed a digital trail of breadcrumbs to help people settle into a new city.


Net users fear for the meme

European Copyright Directive has internet advocates up in arms.

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