Free wi-fi at public reserve

The council did not recommend installing free wi-fi, as it was seen as use of public land for private gain.

The council said no but local board approved free wi-fi for a local reserve.

Engineering the Thai rescue

Kiwi software by Christchurch company Seequent, was behind the Thai cave rescue.

Kiwi software was behind the Thai cave rescue.

Laptop ban divides students

Professor Alister Jones, senior deputy vice-chancellor at Waikato University (file photo).

They're students' tools of the trade but one university professor has banned screens from his lectures.

Sexual encounters of the virtual kind

Developments in virtual reality could herald the sexual revolution’s next quantum leap.

Developments in virtual reality could herald the sexual revolution’s next quantum leap. Exciting or horrifying?

Buying a desktop computer

Gamers need all the graphics and processing power they can get, and desktops do that best.

Desktop computers have been around for 40 years. Here's why they've survived and some tips if you're looking to buy one.

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Samsung struggles to standout

The Samsung Note 9 looks great and has high-end specs. Compared to last year's model, it's got a larger display, better ...

OPINION: Samsung's new Note 9 is a good smartphone, but we have seen it all before.

Google to take big step: Report

26032018. 123rf.
Bangkok, Thailand - June 15, 2017: Google icons printed on paper on green grass in the park. owned by ...

Report Google will control a big retail space in Chicago, but tech giant calls it rumour.

Ahead of his time in the '80s

Neighbours could sound the alarm and talk to neighbours at the touch of a few buttons.

Engineer made prototype electronic gadgets, some of which were pooh-poohed at the time.

VR the modern arcade

Gretta Rodriguez-Fleming, one of the founders of VREX, first discovered virtual reality gaming four months ago and ...

Virtual reality is helping bring life back to old school arcades.

Top streaming service sneaks in

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka resume their Karate Kid battle in Cobra Kai.

There's a new streaming service in town and it's home to everything from a Karate Kid revival to a compelling cat documentary.

Battle of the robots

Tawa College students Sophia de Torres, 17, left, Ebed Pohl, 18, Nina Brown, 17, along with Wellington mayor Justin ...

Building and coding a working robot is no challenge for secondary student these days.

Facebook's fake ads used TV stars

Today co-host Georgie Gardner is among Australian TV stars whose name is used in advertisements on Facebook without her ...

Australians reportedly gave credit card details after seeing dodgy adverts.

Virtual reality quake training

A vibrating base and virtual reality kit was used to simulate the events of an earthquake.

When the big one hits, this hospital has already experienced it - in VR.

Google tracks movements - like it or not

Even with Location History paused, some Google apps automatically store time-stamped location data without asking.

Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to.

Even better than the real thing

Massey Universtiy PhD student Alex Schnack's virtual store can more accurately figure out what attracts shoppers to ...

Student's virtual reality market research leaving consumer surveys in the dust.

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Sexual encounters of the virtual kind

Developments in virtual reality could herald the sexual revolution’s next quantum leap.

Developments in virtual reality could herald the sexual revolution’s next quantum leap. Exciting or horrifying?

Aus teen hacked Apple

The teen repeatedly broke into Apple's mainframe because he was such a fan.

Risks of the Internet of Things video

Google tracks movements - like it or not


Oppo R15 Pro is bang for buck

The new Oppo R15 Pro smartphone combines beautiful design and materials with a big, bright screen, and is powered by the ...

There’s a new kid on the smartphone block and it’s well worth a close look.

Surveying work suited to drones

Surveyor John Macfarlane takes a drone for a test flight.

Land surveyors no longer have to put their bodies on the line for work with the help of technology.

IBM pits computer against humans

Dr Noam Slonim, principal investigator, stands with the IBM Project Debater before a debate between the computer and two ...

IBM computer debates two humans in first public display of its new AI technology.

Human drone no more

Colin Aitchison uses a drone to complete surveying work.

Now he's flying drones over vineyards to spot stressed-out grapes. And it's paying off.


Playground fight over Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the fastest-growing games internationally.

The popular video game sparked a scuffle at an Auckland primary school, prompting teacher and parent concerns.

Taika breaks Korg's silence video

Korg fans can now become him as part of the Marvel Contest of Champions game.

Infinity War writers also suggest fans "pray for Korg" to return to movie series.

Spyro the Dragon remaster delayed video

Spyro can breathe ice but he can't breathe an earlier release date after the Reignited trilogy was delayed.

Dragon rescue and scorched Rhynocs will have to wait now until November.

Is your child a 'healthy gamer'? video

Maintaining healthy video game habits can be challenging when access is seemingly endless.

Children have endless access to video games via their devices and consoles, and for many it has become a key activity in their daily routine.

social networking

Author's trolls untouchable by police

Samoan author Lani Wendt Young claims police have ignored her complaints about a torrent of online abuse.

Trolls have threatened to rape author Lani Wendt Young and burn her house down, but she says police said they're powerless.

How to avoid a brutal public roasting

Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, who once made me faint in a Lower Hutt EMI store.

OPINION: Dug into my old posts to see if there was anything in there that could be used against me... all references to #TeenWolf have been safely purged.

Trump's relentless human 'bots'

Twitter has robot-like accounts known as bots - which authorities say were used to manipulate the US election.

Dedicated Trump supporters who tweet and retweet thousands of times a day are being mistaken as 'bots' in a Twitter crackdown.

Parents choose screens over kids

A survey commissioned by My Food Bag and Stuff discovered 83 per cent of parents are watching TV, on a device or on the ...

When we actually have dinners together we focus intently – just not on each other.


Google planning China search app video

The new Google search app released in China will reportedly block websites on Beijing's blacklist.

Google are developing a search engine for China that blocks results Beijing considers sensitive.

Breadcrumbs app creates trail to secret spots

Breadcrumbs app co-founders Brendan Platt, left, and Cameron Brodie hope new students in Wellington can settle into ...

Two Wellington entrepreneurs have developed a digital trail of breadcrumbs to help people settle into a new city.

Instagram launches video app

Kim Kardashian reveals the first photo of Chicago West.

Instagram, the go-to for people showing their best selves, hopes video will lure younger viewers.

Help at your fingertips

Akerei Maresala-Thomson spent the past decade developing MyRivr, a social services app to help people easily access ...

His friends 'risked everything' to help support his dream, but a former gang member and police officer knows it has paid off.


Electronic vision

A pair of electronic glasses has given visually-impaired Nelson student Emil Secker a new perspective on life.

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