Preparing for cyber war

Raimo Peterson, technology branch chief CCDCOE

Kiwicon visitors get the low-down on the world's largest 'live fire' cyber war exercises.

Man giving Spark a sporting chance

Simon Moutter learnt a great deal on the hard-scrabble streets of Palmerston North's toughest neighbourhoods.

Simon Moutter: from the tough streets of Palmy to reshaping Spark NZ.

Take a city tour - virtually

I-Site staff to operate a Google Street View Trekker ? a wearable backpack outfitted with ...

Feel like taking a walking tour of some of Wellington's great attractions but can't be bothered leaving the house?

Scientists question Govt

The Science Board has announced $422.5 million in research funding for New Zealand’s 11 National Science Challenges.

Some scientists are not convinced the Government's national science challenges are good for the sector.

School chums make Forbes list

Jake Millar and Yuuki Ogino, both 23, have made the list for Forbes Magazine's "30 under 30" in education.

They met in maths class. Now two young Kiwi entrepreneurs are rubbing shoulders with the best in business.

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Apple could set up 'floor' in store

An Apple store in Vienna. Could one be on the way finally to New Zealand?

The next best thing to an Apple store may be coming to NZ.

Devices a health risk, but hard to switch off

Blue light from digital devices is effecting Kiwis' sleep, a scientific review has confirmed (file photo).

Yet another study confirms the need for Kiwis to reduce screen time. But in 2018, can you really log off?

Phones can cause perpetual jetlag video

Rather than sitting in the dark, there are practical things we can do to reduce our exposure to blue light at night.

Screens and artificial lights upset our natural body clock, causing some people to feel constantly out of sync.

Fear of the AI video

Emerging technologies such as machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence promise to improve public sector ...

If the Government dared, it could do so much more with what it knows about you.

Rocket Lab a 'space unicorn'

Rocket Lab's first non-test Electron rocket lifts off from Mahia Peninsula on Sunday.

US media followed Rocket Lab after its first successful commercial launch on Sunday.

Rocket Lab lifts off video

Rocket Lab's first commercial Electron rocket lifts off from Mahia Peninsula.

'All payloads deployed!' tweets Rocket Lab chief after first commercial Electron rocket launches from NZ.

Issues with the iPhone X video

Apple said that on some iPhone X devices, display screens are experiencing touch problems.

Apple says that on some iPhone X devices, display screens are experiencing touch problems.

Did Echo record killing?

Timothy Verrill, of Dover, is accused of first-degree murder in the deaths of 48-year-old Christine Sullivan and ...

US judge clears police investigating fatal stabbings to examine recordings made by an Amazon Echo device.

Why I won't put my child online video

Taking photos of your wee one is fine, but you might want to think twice about sharing them online.

OPINION: If you post your child's every giggle and fart, don't be surprised when they grow up to be a miserable screen addict.

Councils in bed with Big Brother

A civil liberties advocate says real-time monitoring by councils paves the way to New Zealand becoming a surveillance state.

Big Brother technology is being investigated by councils - but is it paving the way to a surveillance state?

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Facebook acts on hate speech

Facebook has admitted it didn't do enough to prevent its platform from being used to incite violence and spread hate in ...

Facebook says its detecting more hate speech before users report it.

Broadband: What speed do you need?

How much you pay may depend on how you use it.

Devices a health risk, but hard to switch off

Issues with the iPhone X video


The verdict: Compact cameras

The classic styling of the Fujifilm X100T.

You already have a mobile phone. Do you need a camera too?

Seizing our AI opportunity video

Chatbots allow organisations to help more customers online and learn their preferences.

OPINION: New jobs and economic growth will come to countries that embrace the technology, not resist it, writes Russell Craig.

What's better than watching TV?

Great sound can be hard to achieve with today's slim televisions which tend to forgo front-facing speakers in favour of ...

Being able to hear it well, too.

Huawei’s smart Mate20 Pro

The Huawei Mate20 Pro is designed to be an everyday companion for busy people and is packed with performance technology.

Huawei calls it the most intelligent smartphone ever made.


Soulcalibur VI's slice and dice video

Soulcalibur VI's fluidity speaks volumes to its success in the genre.

Soulcalibur VI's slice and dice is impressive, Basketball goes disposably fun, and Spidey swings back in.

Red Dead's golden haul video

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the biggest entertainment gaming openings ever.

The game's netted a massive haul after only three days on sale.

PlayStation Classic's line up unveiled video

The Sony PlayStation Classic will include the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Metal gear Solid and Twisted Metal.

The original Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid and Abe's Oddysee will be part of the mini console launch.

Astro Bot's VR soars video

He's a cutesy robot, but Captain Astro's adventure on the PlayStation is well worth owning a VR headset for.

The pre-summer games onslaught continues - but one of the best VR titles so far has arrived.

social networking

Kicked out for photos video

One of Rhyan Law's nature photos of Little Manly Beach, Gulf Harbour.

Man who posted nature photos in community groups has been removed for posting too often.

Judith needs to crush her snide side

An Auckland couple have been caught in the evil death stare of MP Judith Collins, who criticised them on social media ...

OPINION: It's disappointing that an MP doesn't behave better online, but she's not alone.

Facebook bans far-right group

Gavin McInnes is the founder of  Proud Boys, a western chauvinist men's group.

The social media ban of self-described 'Western Chauvinists' comes after a after a violent attack in New York.

Snap! Bitmoji cluster signals prank video

Marlborough Girls' College students shared their prank on Instagram, but it was Snapchap that first alerted their male ...

Boys shocked at hate notes left by girls in prank, some telling students to kill themselves.


YouTube a blackhole for kids

It may be annoying but baby shark isn't harmful. But not all content on YouTube is.

OPINION: No child should have unfettered access to any app or device. YouTube is no different.

Putting Lower Hutt on the map video

Lower Hutt is now second only to Silicon Valley in the USA as the most photographed location on Google Street View ...

It's now the second-most photographed place in the world on Google Street View, thanks to one man.

$1m app raises virtual alarm

Government cyber-security agency Cert NZ received a spike in reports of webcam blackmail scams over the Labour Weekend ...

Experts say people need to be vigilant with devices that connect to the internet - even your fridge and TV.

YouTube is back

YouTube was down for users across the world.

Google's video streaming site is now working after YouTube experienced a worldwide outage.


School chums make Forbes list

They met in maths class. Now two young Kiwi entrepreneurs are rubbing shoulders with the best in business.

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