Fan support saves Microsoft Paint

Paint allowed users to dream of being the digital Leonardo da Vinci by using their computer's mouse as the brush.

After an outcry of longtime aspiring digital artists, Microsoft said it would not discontinue the classic program.

Microsoft to kill Paint program

Paint allowed users to dream of being the digital Leonardo da Vinci by using their computer's mouse as the brush.

Paint was Microsoft's original Windows 1.0 program when the company launched in 1985.

iPhone app helps the blind see

The app can recognise and locate the faces of people you're with, as well as identify facial characteristics and  emotions.

The new app from Microsoft, which relies on the iPhone camera, is now available in New Zealand.

14 tips and tricks for Spotify

While the website isn't as good as a dedicated app for the service, you can access your Spotify on a web browser.

We've compiled a list of some lesser-known features, tips and tricks, to help you get the most out of the service.

Woebot, the chatbot therapist

Woebot is always ready to talk.

The app asks for a list of user's strengths, remembers responses, and offers encouragement.

Pandora users: the end is nigh

Music streaming service Pandora is quitting New Zealand.

Beleaguered music streaming service's last day in New Zealand will be July 31.

NZSO orchestrates virtual reality experience

The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra on VR

Move your way through the percussionists or stand next to the conductor, it's just like the real deal.

Why I am still playing Pokemon Go

I have no prior history of gaming. And yet, I've been playing Pokemon Go almost daily for a year.

OPINION: I've kept playing Pokemon Go long after the nerdiest nerds have stopped.

Young minds nail trades app

The team from Tradee, Nik Ellis, Omer Hazer, Alexandre Vaz and AJ Brown.

Could this be the leading platform for Kiwis to find tradespeople?

How to customise your Stuff alerts

Choose the news which gets delivered to your phone or tablet, and make sure you're always up to date.

Facebook Messenger ads coming

A user who taps on an ad may be sent to a company website or may begin a Messenger conversation with an advertiser.

How the more than 1.2 billion monthly Messenger users react will depend on how Facebook implements them.

Technology a workplace life saver

Blerter founder Richard Gill says health and safety is becoming more important in low risk workplaces such as retail ...

Almost 50 people die at work in New Zealand every year. One Kiwi app developer thinks he has the solution to preventable deaths.

Oceans no barrier as kids take to Skype

Bella Penman, left,  and Maria John, both 11, meet their new friends from Assumption School.

International Skype exchange broadens understanding and builds bridges.

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Caching in on Canada Day

Trinkets in a Blenheim geocache.

More than 40 geocachers zoned in on Rolleston on for Canada Day special event on Sunday.

Tips and tricks for Messenger

Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook has slowly added lots of features to Messenger, many of which you might not know exist.

Brain training app improves memory

The "game show"-like app helped patients achieve a 40 per cent improvement in their memory scores.

The "game show"-like app helped patients achieve a 40 per cent improvement in their memory scores.

App economy set to explode

App Annie predicts that global app usage will double but so will the time and money spent on apps.

If you're looking for a place to make money, the app economy beckons.

App makers who made millions

Instagram was an overnight success with 25,000 people downloading the app the first day.

It has been 10 years since Apple launched its iPhone. Here's a look at a few of the apps who made their backers very wealthy.

Facebook now has 2b users video

There are more Facebook users than speakers of any of the world's languages, according to Ethnologue, a long-running ...

If the social media site was a religion, it would be the second largest in the world.

Airbnb scam leaves fans cold

Murray said it was his first time using the Airbnb app.

Lions fans arrive in Wellington to find their Airbnb is actually the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Google shuts down Gchat

Google won't share Gchat data, but there are now 1.2 billion people with Gmail accounts - so maybe, until this week, ...

Gchat was like passing notes in class, but at the speed of light, and by using the same motions that looked like actual work.

Pandora shuts down in NZ

Pandora faces tough competition from Apple Music and Spotify.

The news came just hours after the music streaming service announced that its chief executive will step down.

The best (and worst) of iOS 11

On the iPhone, there's also a new, slimmer keyboard that's designed to be used with one hand more easily.

Apple's new mobile operating system makes both the iPad and iPhone simpler to use and more productive.

Kiwi app backed by stars video

Actor Ashton Kutcher is one of many investors in Wellington company 8i.

Wellington tech firm launches new app supported by Ashton Kutcher and Madonna's manager Guy Oseary.

How to stop Snapchat stalking you video

Snap Map has been criticised for being invasive and a potential privacy concern.

A new map feature lets your friends see exactly where you are. Too creepy? Here's how to turn it off.

Meet-up apps not guaranteed safe

Palgo founder Chelcie Cookson says users can only be encouraged, not forced, to use networking apps safely.

Planning on meeting a stranger you befriended online? Only you can guarantee your own safety.

Prime Minister joins Snapchat

Bill English is reaching out to younger voters on Snapchat.

Snapchat users, brace yourself for pizza selfies and election campaigning.

Microchips as travel tickets

If you're using Swedish rail there is no need to worry about travel cards or tickets if you have a biometric implant ...

Nevermind Snapper and Hop. Sweden has the answer, a futuristic hand implant.

App can tell if you're depressed

People in a manic episode have reduced impulse control, which makes them less likely to take time to accept spell-check ...

‚ÄčA new iPhone app aims to track and predict mood episodes through keystrokes.

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