Many of NZ’s most popular websites use ‘dark patterns’

Canterbury police have recently dealt with five cases in Christchurch where people have created fake Facebook profiles ...

ANALYSIS: Kiwi consumers are increasingly experiencing personalised, targeted manipulation online, but the law has very little to say about it.

You've decided to quit Facebook — here's how to migrate your online life elsewhere

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (File photo)

Every time there's a Facebook scandal, you may have thought about quitting the social network. But you run into the same problem every time: where exactly should you go?

Facebook unveils new controls for kids using its platforms

Facebook is also planning to introduce new controls so that parents or guardians can supervise what their teens are ...

Several new Facebook features, including prompting teens to log off and take a break, comes after damning company testimony that its platforms harm children.

Apple plan for cars uses iPhone to control A/C, seats, radio

Apple released CarPlay in 2014 and it is now a common feature across new vehicles.

Apple wants to control even more of your car, with ambitious plans that would require carmakers handing over far more control of their vehicles to your iPhone.

What caused the Facebook outage?

It took Facebook nearly six hours to get services back online, albeit slowly at first. Ironically, the outage was so ...

OPINION: While Facebook’s management was apologetic, they gave no hint as to what caused the outage. A few clues point to a problem from within.

Ex-Facebook employee says products hurt kids, fuel division

Former Facebook employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen arrives to testify before a Senate Committee.

A former Facebook data scientist told Congress on Tuesday that the social network giant’s products harm children and fuel polarisation in the US while its executives refuse to make changes because they elevate profits over safety.

University to trial tap-and-go technology as part of Covid tracer app

Victoria University of Wellington will be among the first to try the new technology. (File photo)

People with NFC-compatible phones will be able to hold their phone against a small tag, placed near QR codes, to log an entry.

New app lets buyers on a budget save lunch from the landfill

Foodprint has 30 Wellington eateries signed up already, joining the list of 400 in Auckland, where it's been in use for ...

Foodprint is doing its bit to combat the climate crisis by minimising surplus food by offering discounted surplus food to customers before it’s thrown out.

Crowdsourcing wait times at Auckland fast food joints in level 3 video

Take-out is back on the menu in alert level 3 in Auckland.

Before you duck out for your morning hash brown, it might pay to check on the wait time at your local fast food joint.

Police create own te reo Māori app video

Police staff can use the app to hear Māori words repeated back to them and for guidance.

The app, called Eke Tangaroa, provided guidance for pōwhiri, mihimihi and pēpeha, the police’s haka, as well as waiata and karakia and pronunciation help.

How vaccine passports could impact festivals, cafes, work and our freedom video

Homegrown says it’s waiting for Government advice on vaccine requirements.

The Government plans to have vaccine passports introduced by December. They've been hugely controversial across the world, but could become part of everyday life.

The best ways to celebrate Te Wiki o te Reo Māori from home video

Turia Schmidt-Peke plays Geo on Ahikaroa  (NOTE: there is a macron over the second a in Ahikaroa)

We wrap up the best apps, music, playlists, podcasts, and shows for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

New TikTok hub shines a light on Māori content creators, artists video

Six60 are among the artists to be featured on TikTok during Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

In celebration of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, social media platform TikTok is launching a new Māori content hub showcasing live performances from Six60 and Theia.

Finding Covid-19 vaccine appointments with the click of a button

Over 4 million doses have been administered nationwide.

Based on your location, you can see how many vaccine appointments are available at your local vaccination clinics.

Ray-Ban Stories let you wear Facebook on your face. But why would you want to?

In partnership with eyewear brand Ray-Ban, Facebook has released its first pair of smart glasses called Ray-Ban Stories.

OPINION: Facebook is adamant its new “smart glasses” won’t be a privacy nightmare. But it's clearly bidding to normalise the use of wearable tech. If they go mainstream, what's next?

Virtual queueing app booms amid Covid restrictions

Tuipoint works by people joining a virtual queue from wherever they are and receiving a notification when it's their turn.

With Covid-19 restrictions back wreaking havoc on many businesses, one Taranaki app developer is reaping the benefits and helping with public safety.

Google Clock bug causes Android users to oversleep

Reddit users have reported the Google Clock app is not waking them up at the time they’ve requested (file photo).

If you’re a deep sleeper, you may not want to rely on the Google Clock app for a while.

Tinder users trying to find partner to 'buy a house' more than double video

More people are jumping on Tinder to find someone to buy a house with. (File photo)

Many references were lighthearted, but come at a time when buying a house is getting further out of the average single person's reach.

Google Workspace versus Microsoft 365

The Workspace Gmail-based webmail interface is so good you’ll likely ditch Outlook before long.

OPINION: Which software is better for your business?

The carrot and stick of QR scanning video

Scanning QR codes, or manually signing in at many public places and events will now be compulsory (file photo).

The Government may have held off on making record keeping compulsory earlier because it wanted to avoid “using the stick” for as long as possible.

How to scan 33,000 people, through four gates, in a morning

More than 132,000 people attended Fieldays 2021 over the four days in June. Next year each visitor may be required to ...

It's a challenge but Fieldays is working on it to comply with Government expectations around mandatory Covid Tracer app use for major events.

Crowdsourcing to find wait times at testing sites, supermarkets video

Some people have been waiting hours in queues outside drive-thru testing clinics during alert level 4.

A website helping people plan their trips to the supermarket and testing centres outside peak hours has had a resurgence during alert level 4.

Seven lockdown tech tasks that will save you $800

This lockdown, however brief or long, presents a different set of opportunities in technology.

OPINION: This lockdown, however brief or long, presents an opportunity to save in technology.

Oral B iO9 review: What’s a $750 toothbrush like to use?

Few people are going to find value paying $750 for the Oral-B iO.

Few people are going to find value paying $750 for the Oral-B iO.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 review

The Voyager Focus 2 is a premium headset designed for working at home or in an office.

The Voyager Focus 2 is a premium headset designed for working at home or in an office.

Pebbles Hooper appeals ruling over 'abusive' social media posts video

Pebbles Hooper has appealed the judge’s decision that silenced her from posting about Magnolia Kitchen.

The social commentator and former gossip columnist has been permanently barred from posting about Magnolia Kitchen owner Bernadette Gee.

The little white box tracking household internet performance

White boxes around the country help global internet surveyor SamKnows to monitor broadband usage as well as the human ...

The Commerce Commission is using 3000 little white boxes throughout the country to help consumers get better bang for their internet buck.

Sky News suspended from YouTube over Covid-19 misinformation

Sky News Australia has been sanctioned by YouTube.

The Australian broadcaster has a history of broadcasting inaccurate views of coronavirus sceptics and deniers.

Is it time we regulated against misinformation on Facebook?

Facebook’s mission is to bring the world closer together, so why does it feel like they’re doing the opposite and what, ...

OPINION: Facebook’s mission is to bring the world closer together, so why does it feel like they’re doing the opposite and what should we be doing about it?

Refusing to give up his coveted Twitter handle, he was 'swatted' and died of a heart attack

Herring, who loved technology, chose the Twitter handle @Tennessee when he joined the app in 2007 because he loved his ...

He refused to give up his coveted Twitter handle. Then he was 'swatted' and died of a heart attack.

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