How to customise, save and share your Stuff push alerts

Busy? Aren't we all. If you don't have time to read the latest news right now, Stuff now allows you to save it for later.

Stuff offers customisable push alerts, allowing you to choose what news you get delivered straight to your phone or tablet.

We'll send you notifications to your device as soon as there's a breaking story or an article which is worth your attention.

If you don't have time to read the story, you can save the notification to read later. Or, you can chose to share the news directly with your followers on social media. 


It's easy to get notifications from your Stuff app. Download the latest version of the app if you haven't already - the Android app is here, or the iOS app is here.

Launch your app, and go into the 'Settings' menu.

On iOS, you can find it by clicking the word 'Settings' in blue, in the top right corner. 

On Android, hit the three black lines in the top left corner to bring up the navigation menu.

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Then click on the white cog to go to Settings.

On the Settings screen, scroll to the heading 'Notifications'. On iOs, you'll see a series of sliders - turn them on to get notifications for each topic.

On Android, you'll see a series of tick boxes - tick them to get notifications for each topic.


If you have an iOS phone, force-touch the notification (on newer devices) or swipe it left, then hit view to open the share and save options. On Android, just swipe down to view these options. You can do this via your lockscreen, or your notifications centre.

If you choose Share, you'll be taken directly to the share this story screen in your Stuff app, when you can choose your platform and share the news with your followers. 

If you choose Save, the story will be automatically added to your saved stories in your Stuff app for you to read later.

To navigate to your saved stories on iOs, open the app, hit Sections, and look for the bookmark icon towards the bottom left. Tapping this will take you to your saved stories list.

If you are using Android, you'll find the bookmark button by hitting the white cog and looking toward the top right of the menu bar. Your saved stories will come up when you tap this button.


We know not everyone is into the same thing, so we give you control over what news pops up on your phone screen.

Choose breaking news notifications to keep up with the day's most important stories, interesting reads and breaking news, as it happens. If you want to get a good flavour of the biggest news in New Zealand, this is the option for you.

Choose sport alerts for live coverage of big games and key results. Less frequent than breaking news, these alerts will make sure you always know the score.

Choose politics alerts to keep up to speed with the decisions which affect Kiwis' lives, plus expert analysis and opinion from our parliamentary team.

Choose new stories alerts to make sure you never miss a story - we'll send you an update on the latest headlines, once or twice a day.

Not sure? Don't worry, you can change your settings at any time.

The notifications will pop up on your phone's lockscreen, and you'll also see badge on the app icon letting you know there are new updates to read.


We're sorry if you don't find our notifications useful. But we've made it simple to customise your alerts - or even opt out all together - whenever you want.

Navigate to the 'Settings' screen again, and scroll to 'Notifications'. 

Slide the sliders into the off position on iOS, or untick the boxes on Android, for the notifications you aren't interested in.

If you're sure you don't want to know any of the latest news, you can turn off all notifications using these sliders and tick boxes.

Miss us? You can come back and change your settings at any time, and you'll start getting alerts again.


Do you have feedback about Stuff's push alerts? We'd love to hear what you like, and don't. 

Let us know by emailing for iOS, or for Android

 - Stuff

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