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When your phone stops sleep

One in 20 people are woken up by their electronic devices or wake up to use them every night, an Australian study has found.

Many of us are being woken up multiple times a week by texts and social media alerts, or waking up to send them, new research reveals.

October's five must play games video

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare wants to show war's horrific nature.

October is a critical time to be a game player. But it's also a fun time.

Stars not aligning for Libra

Facebook's cryptocurrency has had a tough week in terms of coverage.

OPINION: Cryptocurrency in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Gen Zers most likely to judge on looks video

Gen Zers are more likely than other generations to judge potential partners on their appearance. (File photo)

Young adults are more likely to judge potential partners on their appearance than older people, survey finds. But looks still aren't everything.

The problem with 'sadfishing' video

Both Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber received plenty of backlash after posting about their struggles.

As Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber have learned, sharing your struggles on social media can backfire.

Smartphones harming women video

Busy mum of two Emily Holdaway says she can see how women end up juggling work and home life 24/7. Pictured with her son ...

Digital devices mean many women take their work home - to the detriment of their health.

Everything that happened at Microsoft

The biggest, and potentially, most exciting announcement was Microsoft's new Surface Neo device alongside its Surface ...

OPINION: What do you want on your Christmas tech wish list? Here's the best Microsoft has to offer.

Reality of smart homes by 2023 video

"New Zealanders are still getting their heads around how to utilise smart technology and we're not really at a point yet ...

Experts predict smart homes will have an average of 21 devices by 2023, changing your daily routines forever.

Porn giving children violent thoughts

Research shows kids are easily accessing violent porn online - and it's causing them harm. (File photo)

Experts warn exposure to violent, misogynistic porn is causing young teenagers to think about hurting girls.

Chatting to a digital barista video

Eduard Liebenberger with Bella.

Eduard wanted to get his wife a smart coffee machine. When he couldn't find one it took 10 days to create Bella the Barista.

Bigger not always better for start-ups video

VR startup iSparx Wellington
Finn Beattie (left), Ethan Wimsett, and James Norling (back).

Close connections help, but scaling up requires looking for work overseas.

Google changes news algorithim

The thinking behind Google's old approach was logical - as news stories develop, Google News would promote newer ...

OPINION: Google will move away from promoting newer news stories.

Bluetooth advice instead of fine

Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers and Taranaki police are looking to put the brakes on them.

The boys in blue will be giving out free advice on Bluetooth in New Plymouth this weekend.

Mum fights for dead son's messages

When Matthew Abela died at the age of 21, he was restoring a drift car to take on the competition circuit. He was ...

After losing him at age 21, she wanted to finish his last car restoration as tribute. But Facebook has other ideas.

Google to highlight 'original reporting'

Google said it had made changes to its search algorithm to advantage "original reporting" that would be reinforced by ...

Those who break the news will get the benefit, search engine says.

5 best shows coming to Apple TV+ video

For All Mankind is one of the new offerings from Apple TV Plus.

Nine shows have been confirmed for launch. These are the ones that stand out.

AI voice software used in major theft

The managing director of a British energy company, believing his boss was on the phone, followed orders to wire money to ...

Thieves used software to imitate a UK company executive's speech and dupe an employee into sending $377,000 to a secret account.

Kiwis' FB profiles part of history

In 100 years' time, your Facebook profile could play a vital part in New Zealand's history.

In 100 years' time, your Facebook profile could play a vital part in shaping New Zealand's history.

Facebook is forgetting your face

Facebook, cellphone, stock image

Facebook's new setting is off by default, giving users the power to decide how their face is used.

Facebook likes may be hidden

Is Facebook planning to remove the like count? Developer Jane Manchun Wong uncovered the hidden and unreleased feature ...

Facebook considers following Instagram in removing visible like tallies from posted content.

Talking to the dead with Google

Andrew Kaplan may be remembered as one of the world's first "digital humans".

Companies are planning a world in which future generations can interact with dead relatives.

Mental healthcare's tech future

Artificial intelligence and e-therapy options are finding their way into the toolbox to deal with mental health issues. ...

Artificial intelligence and e-therapy part of future prescription for mental healthcare.

The photographer shunning Photoshop

Auckland photographer and PhD researcher Anna Vasilyeva refuses to retouch the photos she posts to Instagram, in a bid ...

Photographer and academic Anna Vasilyeva says women shouldn't feel pressure to measure up to airbrushed images.

Would banning anonymity online work?

Lifting the curtain on anonymous social media behaviour is unlikely to stop bullying, internet safety experts warn.

"Monstrous" and "vicious" content online prompts calls to ban anonymity on social media.

The zero-fee currency card

Kiwis love to travel and we were charged a massive US$1b (NZ$1.55b) for using our cards abroad last year.

OPINION: Good news for travelling Kiwis. There's a way to avoid card fees while you're abroad.

The perils of a digital detox video

Tech-free travellers can experience withdrawal symptoms and feelings of anxiety and isolation, study shows.

Tech-free travellers can experience withdrawal symptoms and feelings of anxiety and isolation, study shows.

Tik Tok takes off

TikTok sensation Ricky Chainz with partner Mari and daughter Sarah at home.

It's bigger than Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But if you're over 18, it's a foreign gadget.

The last bastion of the Luddite

Tesla even lets you play an arcade racing game on its display (using your cars actual steering wheel and pedals). And ...

OPINION: Some industries feel they don't have to try very hard where technology concerned. And its your fault, consumer.

Welcome to #Bookstagram video

A new kind of reading enthusiast is emerging thanks to Instagram.

The bookish chat on Instagram is an example of the social media platform at its best.

Legal stoush over school's laptop rule

An Acer Chromebook similar to the ones recommended by Rosehill College. (File photo)

Caregiver who objected to school installing software on her granddaughter's laptop contacts lawyer to fight school policy.

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