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It's NZ's Pokemon Go video

The main characters from the Curious Critters Club, a new augmented reality game focused on New Zealand stories.

A new augmented reality game encourages children to uncover mythical creatures and New Zealand legends.

Pros and cons of updates

Despite all the grumbles about software updates, they're a good thing.

Software updates are a mix of excitement and resentment.

Pirate Bay 'hijacking' PCs

Prospective pirates found somebody was stealing from them, and they weren't happy.

The popular torrent site secretly added a feature that sapped users' CPU to mine cryptocurrency.

Suddenly, I want a new phone

Everyone wants a shiny new phone, but not everyone needs one.

Everyone wants a shiny new phone, but not everyone needs one.

VR in sport cool, but distant

Today's VR sports have an empty and distant feel to them.

Virtual reality holds the promise of putting fans right in the middle of the sporting action.

Five life skills tech is eroding

The mere presence of a phone on the table between two people having a discussion has been shown to decrease feelings of ...

While you're grateful for things like Google Maps and Netflix, something feels off.

Tactics against cyberbullying are failing

Traditional anti-bullying methods aren't working, and experts are stumped.

Traditional anti-bullying methods on cyberbullying haven't worked, and experts are stumped.

How to safeguard your data

Be proactive about backing up your important files regularly.

Scan today's headlines and it's easy to see it's a scary time in the digital age.

'Invented' tech that already exists

Bodega seemed to do everything right, if its ultimate goal was to inspire online rage.

"Inventions" that already exist are becoming a kind of a running theme in Silicon Valley products.

Labour takes on National in ICT

One area where National and Labour diverge in terms of tech policy, is how to fund research and development

So who would you vote for, if this election was just about technology policy?

Serena Williams' baby has Instagram

Serena Williams' baby girl is already an Instagram star.

She's only a few weeks old and has two photos on her account, but she's probably got more followers than you.

Moving to a new email service

One advantage of using an email service such as Gmail is that it's easily setup and accessed via the mail app on your ...

Moving to a new email service isn't difficult but it does involve making a few decisions.

Cut off from our connected world

Elle Amon-Jones is frustrated that her cottages just 35 minutes from Auckland don't get cellphone reception and the ...

It's bad in an emergency, but no issues with teens and too much screen time.

Review: Sony's flagship phone

Sony's new 5.5-inch XZ Premium costs $1199.

The XZ Premium will likely appeal to anyone who likes their devices to have a bit of bling.

Apple's awkward naming system

The iPhone 8 (right) and 8 Plus (right) may be the last flagship devices that feature the old design.

What is Apple going to name its new iPhones 12 months from now?

Apple's town squares a 'fantasy'

Angela Ahrendts: "We think of Apple retail [stores] as Apple's largest products."

Apple wants it's stores to become town squares but critics aren't sure the idea will work.

The risks of facial recognition

Clare Garvie: "The more comfortable we become with facial recognition, the more complacent we may become."

A whiff of dystopian creepiness has long wafted in the air whenever facial recognition has come up.

How to tackle screen addiction

​Screen time stimulates the reward centres in young brains, hence some commentators have taken to using the term ...

A new book offers insights and tips for parents to tackle the problem of kids addicted to tech.

Election to decide digital future

Opposition parties say there aren't enough tech savvy teachers to go around.

We can't continue to rely on charitable trusts to implement our digital future. It's time for the government to step up too.

Get rid of geo-blocking

Allowing artificial restrictions to be placed on content availability is infuriating.

OPINION: Allowing artificial restrictions to be placed on content availability is infuriating.

Robots may replace teachers

The personalised nature of the robots would enable pupils to learn new material at their own pace.

Robots will begin replacing teachers within the next 10 years as part of a revolution in one-to-one learning.

Unbelievable ways to be hacked


A look at the world's craziest hacking methods.

Facebook goes after sports

The IPL is watched by more than a billion people worldwide.

Facebook shows it's willing to spend big money for sporting events to keep users engaged on its platform.

Can virtual reality survive?

Devices like the Vive provide the most vivid experiences.

Virtual reality risks going the way of 3D TV, namely nowhere.

Five things I want from Netflix

I've spent the length of a TV show scrolling through all the movies and shows looking for something that grabs my attention.

Netflix is great but I often feel overwhelmed by the huge number of shows to choose from.

No headphone jack still irks

Apple removed the headphone port from the iPhone 7.

Nothing has happened in the past year to make jack-free smartphones any more convenient or necessary.

Why fake news spreads fast

Broad awareness of fake news should tend to work against its success.

False stories spread farther when they were initially aimed at poorly informed people.

We created an online dystopia

Smartphones and social media gave everyone a voice. But instead of talking with each other, we talk at each other.

Filter bubbles, uncivil behaviour and online egoism contribute to the poor state of the internet.

First time using the internet

Imagine using the internet and Facebook for the first time.

It was only after escaping from North Korea that student learnt about Google, Facebook and the internet.

Get ready. AR is here

Of the dozen or so apps demonstrated recently for Android and iPhones, the ones showing the most promise are furniture apps.

Google is bringing augmented reality to even more phones, and it arrives on iPhones next month.

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