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Nothing to like about 'likes'

The pursuit of "likes" turned Instagram into a popularity contest. Removing that function is a step in the right direction.

OPINION: Instagram is currently testing a new feature that hides "like" counts. That's a good thing.

London police Twitter hacked video

It didn't take long to realise something was amiss with the London police Twitter account.

Metro police apologise after hackers take over, sending out tweets such as "what you gonna do phone the police".

Elon Musk's brainstorm

Brain wave or brain explosion? Elon Musk's latest venture raises many questions, starting with whether he's serious.

OPINION: The serial entrepreneur is out to rewire the human brain. Which could be good. Or bad.

FaceApp raises privacy concerns

Chef Gordon Ramsay tries the FaceApp - adding a few decades to his age.

Gordon Ramsey, Drake and other celebrities have tried the fun app, but concerns are raised as to how the photos are used beyond it.

Musk's man to machine mission 'impossible'

Tech mogul Elon Musk unveiled plans to implant human brains with computer chips in an effort to merge man with machine, ...

The billionaire's plans to implant chips into human brains finds a sceptical audience among scientists.

Thumbs up on emojis at work video

The meaning of emojis can easily be misinterpreted.

Signing off an email with an emoji is likely to score you a smiley face from your workmates, new research shows.

How to watch RWC 2019 online

Watch the All Blacks defend their world cup title on your smart TV, computer, or smartphone.

Sport is changing, are you ready? Connect your TV to fibre for the Rugby World Cup.

Google is listening in video

A Sony speaker that features Google Assistant. Recordings captured by smart speakers, or your phone, after the Assistant ...

Google contractors regularly listen to recordings of what people say to AI system Google Assistant, via their phones or smart speakers.

How much is streaming really worth?

Is Netflix's home-brand content strong enough to warrant its $15 a month subscription?

Providers pushing limits of how many subscriptions we're willing to pay for.

QAnon fans taint justice they seek

QAnon fans and conspiracy theorists make innocent people vulnerable to harassment campaigns instead of actually helping ...

OPINION: JFK faking his own death and other wild conspiracy theories believed by QAnon followers distract from actual crimes they want to expose.

Facebook fights fake news about itself

Chief executive Mark Zuckerberg is intertwined with Facebook's image.

Secret projects and data polls help the social media giant track rumours and public sentiment, and respond to it.

Trans advocate takes on bullies

Spice says she wants to protect the online world and make it a positive space with positive people, not bullies and trolls.

Caitlin Spice has been threatened with chainsaws by online bullies, but she's not going anywhere.

Social media ruins productivity

If you look around, you might see many people staring down at their screens.

OPINION: Social media can make us feel envy and distracts us from work.

App store spend slows

A new report indicates that Apple's iOS App Store revenues were 80 per cent higher than Google's Play's gross numbers.

OPINION: Spending on apps stores is starting to cool. Yes, you guessed it - it's all China's fault.

Do school phone bans work?

Blanket phone bans are gaining popularity at NZ schools.

Kowhai Intermediate banned mobile phones last year. It's never looked back.

Florida towns pay $1.65m to hackers

Employees could no longer access their emails and residents of the city were unable to make municipal payments via the ...

OPINION: An employee clicked on a link in an email. That was all it took.

Unsociable social media

We're spending more time looking at screens that at each other.

OPINION: In this world of instant communication we seem to have lost use of our voice.

Google launching iMessage rival

It looks as if the slow death of the SMS is finally near.

OPINION: Do you remember a time before SMS?

The case for Libra

Facebook is teaming up with 29 global brands (see below) to launch the new currency. Founder Mark Zuckerberg.

OPINION: Facebook's new currency could give you financial wings.

Horns growing on our skulls video

Researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, have documented the prevalence of bone ...

Young people are developing hornlike spikes at the back of their skulls, researchers suggest, because of so much time looking at screens.

Teen 'cyber flashed' on school trip

Ursula Garcia, 16, was on a school excursion at Melbourne Museum in Australia when she was AirDropped an explicit image.

Young women are sent explicit photos from strangers via the AirDrop function on iPhone.

Games 'encouraging' teen gambling

Research has found a link between loot boxes in popular video games and problem gambling.

Experts want games to have warning labels as study finds link between "loot boxes" and problem gambling.

Facebook coin 'long way from launch' video

Facebook Inc. Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said Wednesday that the company's planned cryptocurrency coin is a ...

Concerns have already been raised by regulators about Facebook's proposed money plans.

Inside Facebook's moderator unit

From videos of beheadings to neo-Nazi slogans and child sex abuse video, hundreds of employees at CCC, a moderation ...

Up to 8,000 vile posts each day need moderating - but the toll on the team is growing.

Alexa too close for comfort?

Amazon's Echo Dot. You can ask the voice assistant named Alexa to play music, answer questions, control compatible smart ...

OPINION: Amazon's voice assistant could soon have opinions and make decisions. Is that really a wise idea?

Uber shows off air taxis video

Uber showed off its air taxi design at a a two-day Uber Elevate Summit 2019 this week.

Uber is bringing its vision of a Jetsons-like future of battery-powered flying vehicles for the masses as soon as 2020.

Here's how to save your iTunes library

You can access all your songs via the new Music app.

iTunes is being phased out - hold on to your music.

Keeping up with Apple

These cards will be a thing of the past, as Apple is putting to sleep iTunes.

OPINION: RIP iTunes, long live the Mac Pro. Here's all you need to know about what's coming from Apple.

Putin wants to snoop on Tinder video

Russia's state communications watchdog said it had added Tinder to its "register of information-dissemination operators".

Tinder is obliged to share user data in response to requests from Russian law enforcement, or risk fines.

Social media a 'fertile' place for corporate psychos

LinkedIn is used by over 1 million Kiwis, according to a LinkedIn spokesperson, but are some using it for more sinister ...

One platform in particular is used for people to "lie about how cool they are".

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