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The Rock stars in ad for Siri

Dwayne Johnson uses Siri in the ad to set reminders, create to-do lists, read email and call a Lyft.

Everyone - it seems - likes Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. Therefore, it makes sense to show the Rock liking Siri.

Will technology kill fine dining?

How much does the restaurant experience add to the meal's cost? And are we actually prepared to pay for it?

OPINION: Will you still visit a fancy restaurant if it offers takeaway food delivered to your door?

Live-streamer earns $134k a month

Brother Li, spends hours a day broadcasting on YY, and makes about US$100,000 a month.

The rise of internet stars in China has turned the streaming boom into a digital gold rush.

Fish tank helped hack a casino

The casino's name and the type of data stolen were not disclosed in the report for security reasons.

Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to access people's data.

Room for TVNZ and Netflix

The next big shift in television is going to come from the tech giants.

Traditional broadcasters are getting increasingly nervous as streaming services move into their territory.

Why your wi-fi feels so slow

In many home wi-fi routers today, you'll find two lanes. One whose waves operate at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and one that ...

Outside interference and congestion are the two main reasons why your internet speeds feel sluggish.

Apple fixes wi-fi flaw video

If you have an Apple phone, download the latest iOS update now.

A software update to iOS and macOS should be downloaded right now.

Apple will be very wrong again video

Sales of the iPhone 6 models surpassed even optimistic predictions, but what it sales of its next set of phone be like?

OPINION: It's the silly season for financial predictions about Apple Inc. With history as our guide, it is folly to place much faith in them?

Employees trained by app

Screenshot from the interactive game that show new employees at a Philadelphia restaurant what to do on the job.

3D animation and an interactive game show new employees how do their jobs.

Thumbprint instead of PINs video

No need to remember you PIN when you can just use your thumbprint.

Can't remember you personal identification number? No problem, just whip out your thumb.

From law firm to legal startup

After selling Dennis King Law, Claudia King will be able to focus on creating online legal software.

Suits and jackets are being swapped for t-shirts and jeans at this New Plymouth law firm.

Putting words in Obama's mouth video

Former US President Barack Obama is quite the orator.

There's fake news and fake photos. And now there is a fake presidential speech thanks to new editing technology.

Too smart for their own good?

If you've ever wanted emojis burned into your morning toast, there's an App for that.

Introducing a toaster that's a dot-matrix printer, a vibrating fork for fast eaters and a mattress which detects ''unusual activity''.

Do you text in the bathroom?

No this isn't a bathroom - do you know how hard it is to find those pictures?

Your smartphone might carry more germs than your toilet.

Google Home, WiFi smart gadgets launch in Australia

Google Home is displayed during the presentation of new Google hardware in 2016.

But still no word on when Kiwis can get their hands on them.

Remember Google Glass? It's back

Sergey Brin, CEO and co-founder of Google, wears a Google Glass during a product demonstration during Google I/O 2012.

And it's embracing the less glamorous but arguably more practical uses.

Duped by fake photos video

The original photo on the left was used in a study of whether people can tell if a picture has been manipulated. In the ...

Doctored images fill social media feeds. Unfortunately we're not good at spotting what's real and what's not.

Note 7s will yield gold

Millions of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were recalled and discontinued last year after their batteries were found to be ...

Samsung plans to recover 157 tonnes of gold and silver from recalled fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphones.

Hey Siri, why can't I use you on more apps?

Not as much as we'd like you to be able to, Siri.

Hey Siri, are you listening?

Thousands agree to clean toilets for Wi-Fi

One of the tasks people agreed to was cleaning out portable public toilets.

A hidden "Community Service Clause" saw users agreeing to spent 1000 hours scrubbing toilets, unblocking sewers or scraping up gum.

In praise of the family digital detox

Is a weekend without wi-fi what every family needs?

It's a risk, I know, but worth it if I can reel my family back in and return them all to their proverbial factory settings.

Gates' scarily accurate predictions

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates made some scarily accurate predictions in 1999.

The tech magnate made 15 bold predictions in 1999. Nearly 20 years later, he's eerily on the mark.

Why I am still playing Pokemon Go

I have no prior history of gaming. And yet, I've been playing Pokemon Go almost daily for a year.

OPINION: I've kept playing Pokemon Go long after the nerdiest nerds have stopped.

Scam site uses protest imagery

12052017 News photo Monique Ford / FAIRFAX NZ
Labour MP Maryan Street (middle) , whose "End of Life" Bill is before ...

Elderly being fleeced $1100 a pop on internet for deadly drugs that never arrive.

Parent's guide to social media

Instead of scaring our kids or monitoring them, it's best focus on socialisation and effective self-regulation.

My children frequently challenge my decisions about technology. 

3 ways to email photos in iOS

Emailing images can be tricky so here are some tips.

If you're looking to share photos with someone directly, an email attachment might be your best bet.

Tech ruining our alone time

A series of studies showed people preferred giving themselves electric shocks rather than sitting still alone in a room ...

We may be "alone". But we're not really alone when we have a smartphone.

iPhone's hidden dark mode

To find the dark mode, go into Accessibility in Settings.

iPhones have always had a dark mode but the new iOS 11 will make it smarter.

Death linked to online challenge video

Several school districts across the US have issued warnings to parents about the potential risks of the Blue Whale Challenge.

A family is blaming their son's death to macabre online spectacle known as the Blue Whale Challenge.

Google, Facebook join net protest

About 70,000 websites will post messages against a plan to roll back net neutrality rules.

About 70,000 websites will post messages against a plan to roll back net neutrality rules.

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