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Esports industry in New Zealand 'hasn't even started'

Sean Kaiwai – AKA Gratisfaction – is New Zealand’s top-earning esports star.

While Kiwi Esports stars are breaking through, the country's esports industry is falling behind. Even the wider gaming industry has a long way to go.

Apple's AirTag trackers made it frighteningly easy to 'stalk' me

An AirTag pairs with its owner's iPhone, which gets secure updates about its whereabouts through the Find My app.

OPINION: Along with helping you find lost items, AirTags could be used to covertly track everywhere you go — and that's a problem.

Caught on camera: Auckland drivers using phones to call, text video

Using a cellphone while driving is illegal and is now punishable with a $150 fine.

Texting, calling, scrolling and even video calling while driving has been captured ahead of Government's $150 fine hike.

What's the big deal about iOS 14.5?

Apple is the biggest and most profitable company in the world. If, and it's a big “if”, democracy were to fail in the ...

OPINION: Software updates aren't usually big cultural events, but Apple's iOS 14.5 – which is available to download and install now – is different.

The best over-ear wireless headphones in NZ

There are many things to consider when buying a new pair of over-ear wireless headphones.

The over-ear, wireless headphone market is a crowded one and it can be hard to differentiate between good over-ear headphones and bad ones.

As iOS 14.5 rolls out, here’s everything new on your iPhone

The biggest change is App Tracking Transparency. All apps are now going to have to ask permission before tracking your ...

From new privacy controls to a workaround for Face ID while wearing a mask, the new software is more packed than your usual .5 update.

Meet the smart connected future

Smart Benches provide phone, e-bike and scooter chargers, and can also monitor air quality and traffic.

SPONSORED: Instead of the flying cars in the movies, future technology-powered cities might look less impressive visually, but be more impressive practically.

Australia Google privacy win could see more litigation for NZ courts - lawyer

The judge in Australia did not view a consumer's acceptance of Google's terms and conditions as the be-all and end-all, ...

A win by the Australian watchdog over Google's data collection could see similar litigation become more common in New Zealand.

'Get naked now or your family dies' - blackmailer a Jekyll and Hyde on Facebook

Zachary Grant used a fake Facebook account to pressure young women into sending sexual pictures, and his real one to ...

Zachary Grant had one account to pressure and threaten young women and a second "to try to curry favour" with them, a court has heard.

Apple faces stiff competition with paid-for podcasts

The origins of Apple's relationship with podcasts are straightforward. They were an innovation that helped sell iPods.

OPINION: Apple becoming a dominant force in podcasting seems uncertain. The biggest hurdle it faces is the proposed cut of revenues it wants to take from podcasters.

An intercultural romance, on YouTube

Abbey and Money Singh met at work, and have documented their and their son Noah. They have a Youtube channel and social ...

Abbey and Money and their son Noah are the stars of The Modern Singhs.

Future of broadband

Kiwis are enjoying a better, faster, stronger internet connection than ever before.

SPONSORED: What exactly is the fibre technology that’s future-proofing our internet?

Study suggests 'Zoom fatigue' is worse for women than men

Videoconferencing can be exhausting. Having to stay within the camera’s gaze leaves limbs stiff and bottoms sore.

The condition will remain a feature of work life, even after employees return to the office.

Get fast fibre in Levin

For businesses moving their operation to the cloud, fibre's ability to access mission-critical data and applications ...

SPONSORED: Why now’s the time to get ultra-fast broadband in Levin.

Facebook's algorithm is changing the world video

Facebook's news feed algorithms are geared towards promoting whatever people are more likely to engage with, and that’s ...

The social giant defends claims its algorithm is responsible for an increase of polarising and extremist content appearing in news feeds.

Facebook’s algorithmic ‘funhouse mirror’

"If you treat the algorithm as a mirror, well, I think it's actually a funhouse mirror where it will over-exaggerate ...

A Facebook exec defends the company against claims its algorithms are responsible for upticks in polarisation and extremism, but do his arguments hold up?

LG is getting out of the business it helped pioneer

The South Korean phone maker says it will focus instead on robotics, electric vehicle parts and smart homes.

Squeezed out by Apple and Samsung, the South Korean phone maker says it will focus instead on robotics, electric vehicle parts and smart homes.

Social media agency unlikes 'evil' Facebook for good

Facebook Accused of 'Deceptive Commercial Practices' in New Lawsuit Over Hate Speech and Disinformation

For one social media agency, Facebook's continuous lack of action to combat the spread of hate speech and misinformation has gone on too long.

The very LA makeover of Prince Harry

Jobs appear to be like buses for Prince Harry. Wait a lifetime for an opening and two come along at the same time.

The highly prominent positions look set to propel the cash-conscious prince to ever-more lucrative heights, as LA's most sought-after recruit.

When Covid met climate: activism in the age of lockdowns

School Strike 4 Climate NZ spokesperson Ethan Reille says social media was a powerful tool for the group during the ...

When Covid-19 pandemic hit, climate strikers went online. But is that enough?

Virtual marae brings te Ao Māori into the digital age

A group of researchers and computer scientists are bringing te Reo Māori into the digital age. Jay-T Te Raki, from ...

A team of researchers and scientists have used a marae at Bluff to create the first digital marae in New Zealand.

Frustrated by 'unusual' MIQ booking system, one Kiwi found a workaround

On Tuesday, there were just nine dates in July still accepting MIQ bookings.

More managed isolation spots were made available earlier this month, but the staggered release meant some people could only see the bookings using a VPN.

App for renting 'almost anything' expands to more cities video

Mutu founder Toby Skilton says the platform allows people to rent out ‘almost any’ household items, including tools and ...

Christchurch startup for hiring household goods raises $200,000 in capital investment to expand its services to Nelson, Wellington, and Tauranga.

Fibre is now easier for renters

Tenancy agreement updates now make it easier for renters to connect to ultra-fast broadband.

SPONSORED: Tenancy agreement updates now make it easier for renters to connect to ultra-fast broadband.

How New Zealand's Covid-19 contact tracing technology differs to Australia's

A number of places around Brisbane haven’t got QR codes compatible with the Check In Qld app, which makes checking in a ...

Analysis: As vaccination programmes get underway and borders inch closer to reopening, it’s likely we’ll look to our Australian neighbours first. But will the technology allow for a seamless contact tracing transition?

The rise of hybrid working

Hybrid working, the practice of working both remotely and from the office, has become the new normal.

SPONSORED: Remote work is on the rise. Are you set up for it?

Cute Canutes can't stem digital tide video

Social media algorithms are constructed to encourage us to stay engaged and enraged for longer.

OPINION: Hipkins and Bloomfield keep appealing to our better natures. But social media isn't built like that.

Google ends sale of ads using individual web tracking data

Google says it won't develop new ways to follow individual users across the Internet after it phases out existing ad ...

Google says it won't develop new ways to follow individual users across the Internet after it phases out existing ad-tracking technology from its Chrome browser.

Covid-19: Online 'pile-ons' of community cases 'not OK' but not surprising

A number of people have taken out their frustrations over community cases online.

“[A] couple of people are feeling the weight of 5 million people being frustrated.”

'Sextortion' scammers trap Queenstown men

Three Queenstown men have been targeted by online “sextortion” scammers. (File photo)

Women overseas have been blackmailing men and demanding money to prevent them sharing videos and images with family and the public.

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