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Time to talk to your phone

Virtual assistants such as Siri are good for simple tasks like launching an app or identifying a song that is playing.

I've been speaking to my devices a lot more as I try to get them to work faster.

How to make iPads kid-friendly


From cases to privacy settings and age-appropriate apps, here is how to make your iPad safe for children to use.

Silicon Valley isn't special

Google is not special. It's just a content and advertising companies, a digital evolution of print and television ...

Tech companies deserve the same scrutiny that their old-economy peers get.

Don't censor the internet

Matthew Prince: "Literally, I woke up in a bad mood and decided someone shouldn't be allowed on the Internet. No-one ...

OPINION: An obscure executive's decision to shut down a neo-Nazi website has sparked a debate about the internet.

AI is coming for your job

Experts predict that AI will be able to drive a truck by 2027, work in retail by 2031, and work as a surgeon by 2053.

OPINION: Artificial intelligence is a threat to our jobs, regardless of whether you're blue collar or white collar.

How a man rigged the lottery

Computer programmer Eddie Tipton secretly installed software that allowed him to pick winning lottery numbers, and was ...

Eddie Tipton's employer trusted him so much, they put the US man in charge of the lottery systems he was cheating.

Me, Pebbles and murderous desires

Two years on, she's been able to piece her life back together.

OPINION: Police arrived on my doorstep this week when I outraged someone on Twitter. So I sought advice.

How the alt-right got kicked offline

A white supremacist holds a flag during a rally in Charlottesville.

Its gone from Uber, Google and PayPal, and in one case, kicked off the web entirely.

Open office irks Apple staff

Some 12,000 Apple employees are moving into Apple Park over the next six months.

Employees are reportedly upset the new Apple Park headquarters means they'll lose their offices.

Five simple smartphone hacks video


Tips include better ways to take a selfie and advice to avoid losing your phone while on holiday.

AI crushes pro gamers

OpenAI unveiled its bot at an annual Dota 2 tournament where players walk away with millions in prize money.

An artificial intelligence bot has defeated some of the world's most talented players of Dota 2.

Your LinkedIn data is fair game

LinkedIn had claimed that another company, hiQ Labs, was illegally downloading information about LinkedIn users to help ...

A court has ruled that anyone can legally download your information and use it for themselves.

iTrump app owner beats Trump

The Trump Organization has affixed the moniker to everything from real estate, vodka and golf courses to an airline, ...

The maker of a trumpet app has won a six-year battle against US president Donald Trump.

iPhone users sent nude pics

A sharing feature on iPhones allows anyone to send pictures to other Apple devices.

A sharing feature on iPhones allows anyone to send pictures to other Apple devices.

Parents need to control devices

No child should have unfettered access to the internet, movies or apps.

While it may be hard to say no to you children when they ask for a device, it is easy to stop them.

Hints and tips for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was first released in July 2015.

Get Microsoft's browser set up right and learn how to use Edge's best features.

Google cancels Neo-Nazi site

The Daily Stormer was registered with Google shortly before 8am and the company announced plans to revoke it at 10.56am

The Daily Stormer website helped organise the weekend rally in Charlottesville that turned violent.

Why is millennial humour so weird?

Millennial humour is strange and often dark.

Are the memes doing you a bamboozle? You're not the only one.

Teen saves old web joke

The 418 error code has become a running gag.

A webpage error code that features a teapot faced a move to remove it from the internet.

How to edit smartphone photos

Person is taking photo with a smartphone.

Here are three easy ways to make photos look better after you take them.

Not 'appy

"Feature not available"  glared back as we repeatedly tried to open Skype on our 'smart' TV.

OPINION: Simon Maude discovered what TV apps giveth, they can also taketh away.

Making sense of Facebook's 'Watch'

Facebook has introduced a new "Watch" tab in the US. It says the feature will be available in other countries "soon".

Facebook wants to change the way we watch videos, but how does it fit into our media diet?

Why you choose your holidays

Those "obligatory" feet-by-pool shots.

How do you decide where you go on your hols? Well your jealousy maybe to blame.

Facebook takes on TV

Facebook has introduced a new "Watch" tab in the US.

​Facebook has made its biggest move to date to compete in the television market.

NZ broadband ranking revealed

New Zealand's mean download speeds should be improving as more people sign up for ultra-fast broadband (fibre) which is ...

The lastest ranking of world broadband speeds puts New Zealand in 30th position.

5 Google Maps tips and tricks

Google maps

Google Maps has many overlooked features that can help you navigate like a pro.

Disney cuts Netflix ties

Disney is ending its partnership with Netflix and starting its own streaming service.

Disney is pulling its content from Netflix and setting up a competing streaming service.

Want a smart home? Read this

But if you do want to talk to your appliances, you'll want to take the time to get your smart home in order.

After years of testing this stuff we tell you what to look for, and what to avoid.

Things you should never Google

One things you shouldn't search for is "belly button bugs".

Google can be very helpful, except when you can't unsee the results.

Password expert admits mistake

Passwords should be long and easy-to-remember, and only need to be changed when there is sign of a breach.

Man who told us we should be creating cryptic strings of characters in passwords says he's wrong.

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