Landline lovers, rejoice

The Google Home speaker has voice recognition so it knows who to ring if different family members say "call Mum".

Google and Amazon's smart speakers are reviving the humble landline.

Review: Oppo's latest phone

The Oppo A77 cost $529 and is on sale in New Zealand now.

Oppo has released a new phone in New Zealand that features dual SIM cards.

Images of an Apple-made TV

A few years ago, an all-in-one Apple TV set was regularly rumoured.

​Unverified photos of what appears to be a 60-inch Apple TV set are being passed around.

New Nokia phone announced

The high-end Nokia 8, due out next month, will take on new devices from Apple and Samsung.

The high-end Nokia 8, due out next month, will take on new devices from Apple and Samsung.

Building a media PC for $460

The NUC 6CAYS ($380) has 2GB of RAM plus a 32GB solid state drive.

A mini-PC, a keyboard, remote and free software are all it takes to make your own media centre.

A wireless charging tipping point

Where Apple leads, its competitors typically follow. In 1998, it removed the floppy disk drive from its iMac computers; ...

An iPhone that gets power without being plugged in may be a defining moment.

Microsoft faces reliability woes

Consumer Reports pulled recommendations for the Surface Laptop and Surface Book.

Consumer Reports estimates 25 per cent of Microsoft's laptops and tablets will experience problems.

Battery-free phone developed

In the future every smartphone will come with a battery-free mode where you can at least make a voice call when your ...

The new technology works by harvesting tiny amounts of power from radio signals.

Review: 10.5-inch iPad Pro

The iPad Pro comes in four colours and three storage sizes, with prices starting at $1099.

Apple's new tablet is great but it probably has more tech than you need.

Apple battles trademark sleuths

Brian Conroy, a self-described "trademark ninja" discovered the names of the the iPhone 7 and AirPods before they were ...

Apple has employed various tactics to keep its product names secret over the years.

Switching from iPhone to Pixel

The Pixel feels faster than the iPhone, the camera is very good, and the battery life is excellent.

After less than a year with iPhone 7, I took the plunge and switched to Google's Pixel XL.

Phone has a concierge service

Buyers willing to pay US$1000 for a two-year subscription to the concierge service get the Appassionato for free.

The $2160 device is the latest is a line luxury smartphones that have been released recently.

Apple may release 4G watch

While the Apple Watch remains a small part of Apple's overall revenue, chief executive Tim Cook said last week it's the ...

The move is designed to reduce the device's reliance on the iPhone.

Hello to Facebook video device

Facebook is said to be creating a new video chat device that will undercut its competitors.

Sources say Facebook is developing a new video chat device with artificial intelligence, a Siri-like voice and facial recognition.

Fitbit exercises revenue

Most of Fitbits revenue came from its latest models.

Paying more for your Fitbit has paid off for the struggling fitness bracelet company.

Review: Surface Pro

The mid-range Surface Pro (Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage) starts at $1449 .

Despite dire predictions of the impending death of the PC, it has continued to defy the odds to evolve. 

Is this the Galaxy Note 8? video

A tweet from Evan Blass potentially shows what the Note 8 will look like.

Images leaked online claim to show Samsung's upcoming phone from all sides.

Relief as iPhone sales rise

The lion's share of Apple's money is still tied to the iPhone, which accounts for nearly 55 per cent of its sales revenue.

Some analysts had expected sales to dip as consumers wait for the next big thing.

Showdown: iPhone 7 v Leica

Leica released the Q a few years back - specifically to appeal to so-called "street photographers" smitten with the ...

How does a $6700 Leica camera compare to in iPhone 7?

48 hours later

Last year's land or seascape winner, Nicola Mahan - White on green.

Two-day photo competition in Kaikoura is kind of like a hunting contest, but with cameras.

Ex-Googler backs iPhone camera

Vic Gundotra: "If you don't mind being a few years behind, buy an Android."

​A former senior Google executive says "if you truly care about great photography, you own an iPhone".

Apple leak reveals iPhone 8

A design by Benjamin Geskin shows how the new iPhone (centre) may look.

An image inside of firmware for Apple's HomePod speaker seemingly confirms the rumoured design.

Results hint at iPhone 8 date

The new iPhone 8 is expected to jolt Apple sales with its much-improved camera, a significantly redesigned display and ...

Apple's next iPhone is coming. But when, exactly?

Review: Google Wifi

Google Wifi can be bought as a single unit ($229) or as a set of three ($599).

Google's Wifi router is now available in New Zealand.

Bye bye nano and shuffle video

Steve Jobs stands in front of images of the iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPod touch in 2010.

After years of being outsold by the iPhone, the venerable iPod has taken a big step toward oblivion.

Is it a TV or a picture?

In "art mode", the Frame displays pictures from a range of 100 pieces of digital art or your own images.

Samsung's new television which looks like a picture frame is now available in New Zealand.

Cheaper, wireless Oculus coming

Facebook's new VR handset will ship in 2018 so will miss this year's holiday shopping season.

Facebook is taking another stab at turning its Oculus Rift virtual reality headset into a mass-market phenomenon.

Student creates third thumb video

The thumb sits below the little finger, opposite its natural counterpart, and straps on a like a watch.

The thumb sits below the little finger, opposite its natural counterpart, and straps on a like a watch.

Review: Vodafone's budget phones

The Vodafone Smart V8 (left and centre) costs $349 while the Smart N8 costs $199.

Budget phones have come a long way in a short amount of time.

Don't close apps to save battery

Former Apple technician Kyle Richter: "The very process of quitting an app will use up a measurable amount of battery life."

Closing unused apps on your iPhone won't improve its battery life - in fact, it may deplete it more.

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