Samsung announces Note 8

The Samsung Note 8 will cost $1599 and go on sale in New Zealand on September 22.

The 6.3-inch Note 8 will cost $1599 and go on sale in New Zealand on September 22.

Fake news worrying Kiwis

InternetNZ deputy chief executive Andrew Cushen says the concern over fake news was an unexpected finding in this year's ...

A 'surprising' amount of New Zealanders are taking steps to protect themselves online, but fake news is a growing concern alongside identify theft and hacking.

Porn watchers should cover webcam

Netsafe and CERT have received reports of filming hackers lurking in New Zealand devices and on adult websites.

Netsafe tells adult website visitors to put tape over their computer webcam to prevent blackmail filming.

Kiwis hit by Facebook scam

Facebook users have been receiving personal messages that appear to be videos from friends - but actually contain links ...

Users of the social media site are being targeted by a scam that tricks people into thinking they've received a video from a friend.

Facebook, Google defend tax tally video

Facebook's vice president of tax and treasury Ted Price insists its revenue and tax calculations are "very credible".

Bosses of the digital advertising giants promise they are paying enough tax in Australia, but scholars say there is still an "extraordinary discrepancy".

Sky boss comes out swinging

Sky CEO John Fellet is more worried about piracy than streaming services, after the company loses 30,000 subscribers.

ANALYSIS: Sky TV's boss comes out swinging, worried more about pirates than streaming services.

Cozmo, a robot with personality

Cozmo goes on sale in New Zealand in late September for $360.

A new toy robot going on sale in New Zealand will educate you, charm you and maybe even replace your pet.

Pilotless planes and cheaper flights

Could a remote control fly the Antonov AN-225 one day?

With a huge demand for pilots, the future of flying might be in remote-control aircraft.

Tapping into Taranaki history

Rob Green, of Heritage Taranaki, has been part of a group which has developed a free app exploring the history of the ...

Modern technology being used to transport people back to the battlefields of Taranaki's civil war.

Time to talk to your phone

Virtual assistants such as Siri are good for simple tasks like launching an app or identifying a song that is playing.

I've been speaking to my devices a lot more as I try to get them to work faster.

How to make iPads kid-friendly


From cases to privacy settings and age-appropriate apps, here is how to make your iPad safe for children to use.

Twitter is 'failing women'

A spokesman for Twitter: "Abuse and harassment have no place on Twitter."

Twitter takes too long to remove hateful and misogynistic content, says a women's rights charity.

Android Oreo officially arrives

Android Oreo is scheduled to be released in a few months.

An upcoming update to Google's Android software finally has a delectable name.

Silicon Valley isn't special

Google is not special. It's just a content and advertising companies, a digital evolution of print and television ...

Tech companies deserve the same scrutiny that their old-economy peers get.

PCs to get huge speed boost

The new range of chips from Intel will provide a massive leap forward in performance compared with the 450 million PCs ...

The eighth generation of Intel chips will provide as much as a 40 per cent jump over its predecessor.

Don't sass me, Siri

Artificial intelligence may replace some human roles in business.

OPINION: AI interacts with us well beyond just gathering our data and pumping out targeted content.

Elon Musk v killer robots

Russia's Uran-9

High-profile businessman is trying to stop governments from building technology which could increase the rate of civilian casualties.

Secret restaurants used to look cooler

A new app pays people to wait in line outside a newly opened restaurant.

Once, you could tell by the crowd how good a restaurant was, but that's all changed.

Don't censor the internet

Matthew Prince: "Literally, I woke up in a bad mood and decided someone shouldn't be allowed on the Internet. No-one ...

OPINION: An obscure executive's decision to shut down a neo-Nazi website has sparked a debate about the internet.

4 apps to watch the eclipse


These four applications will help you plan for and view the upcoming solar eclipse.

AI is coming for your job

Experts predict that AI will be able to drive a truck by 2027, work in retail by 2031, and work as a surgeon by 2053.

OPINION: Artificial intelligence is a threat to our jobs, regardless of whether you're blue collar or white collar.

Review: Essential smartphone

The phone is due to go on sale in the US in a few weeks, but there is no announcement on whether it will be available ...

The phone, created by the co-founder of Android, is impressive, but no means essential.

How to reuse your old tablet video


Repurpose it as a remote, a second screen or a digital photo frame.

How a man rigged the lottery

Computer programmer Eddie Tipton secretly installed software that allowed him to pick winning lottery numbers, and was ...

Eddie Tipton's employer trusted him so much, they put the US man in charge of the lottery systems he was cheating.

'Your nudity policies are b-------'

Australian artist Hadyn John Wilson's "She marked her desire through distance as an inside of two": one of the works ...

Aussie art dealer takes on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after works were deemed too rude for the site.

Me, Pebbles and murderous desires

Two years on, she's been able to piece her life back together.

OPINION: Police arrived on my doorstep this week when I outraged someone on Twitter. So I sought advice.

Melanoma meets tech

MoleMap is no stranger to technology - in 2012 it developed this camera to take better photos of moles.

According to dermatologists, artificial intelligence is not taking their jobs but making it more satisfactory.

How to see the solar eclipse

Nasa has teamed up with US researchers to send balloons 24,384 metres up to capture the solar eclipse as it crosses the US.

Sadly, NZ won't get to see the greatest show in the solar system in person – but we can still watch live.

Zach, Christchurch's supercomputer

Albi Whale and his father, Dr David Whale, left.

Zach runs an international company, answers questions, and can hold a conversation. But he's not human.

Apple boss blasts Trump

Apple CEO Tim Cook: "Equating [white supremacists and those who oppose them] runs counter to our ideals as Americans."

"Hate is a cancer," says Tim Cook, before pledging to donate US$2m to organisations battling white supremacists.

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