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It's June 2018, this is what life is like without Facebook

It's been a year since Trump shut down Facebook, and PM Winston Peters did the same in NZ.

Google turns NZ streets into a giant game of Pac-Man

Why drive our streets when you can play them? Google has turned every one of our towns into a game of Pac-Man.

ICY app helps vision-impaired connect with the world

Smartphones give voice to street info

WelTec students devise a smartphone app to help the visually impaired get information on their surroundings.

Heed the call on used smartphones

There are many pitfalls if you buy a secondhand smartphone. Be aware.

Extra second to be added to 2015

Tech companies brace for problems due to a "leap second" being added to clocks this year.

Student working to give robots ability to see

A PhD student is hoping he can get robots to see and recognise the world around them.

Apple iPod trial may have new plaintiff

Class-action lawsuit will likely continue as business consultant volunteers to represent consumers in suit.

No harsh penalties for Aussie downloaders

Sites will be blocked but Aussies will escape punishment for illicit downloading under new proposals.

iPod Classics sell for thousands online

That iPod Classic that's been gathering dust in your bedside cabinet could now be worth hundreds.

Evolve tackles monstrous expectations

It's a hairy time inside Turtle Rock Studios - and not just because many employees have pledged to stop shaving.

New IT Professionals head 'a real cynic'

Ian Taylor has tried influencing govt policy by "lobbing hand grenades" from the sidelines but says he only "pissed politicians off".

Student collecting world-first comfort data

A student hopes to turn data into world-first software that will help create sunny and sheltered courtyards.

Window shopping goes hi-tech

WIth new hi-tech window shopping you can buy products - and find a loo - without even entering the shop.

Functioning tech tops workplace wishlist

What today's employees want most is decent information technology, a new workplace survey shows.

Apple says plaintiffs' iPods not covered

Lawyers raise eleventh-hour challenge that could derail long-running, class-action lawsuit.

Samsung wants $1.1b damages thrown out

Samsung, Apple in court again as Samsung asks court to reject billion dollar damages.

Are we safe from Sony hack's malware?

Spy agencies won't say if NZ's cyber-defence system could block malware attack that brought down studio.

Emails reveal Jobs' iPod obsession

Jurors in lawsuit against Apple shown emails from late CEO Steve Jobs and his top lieutenants.

Microsoft Clip Art is dead, Bing takes over

Office will never be the same, as Microsoft closes its Clip Art library in favour of royalty-free images.

Tablets 'holding students back'

Increased smart device use at schools is hampering pupils' computer skills development, industry experts say.

Congestion slows superhighway

Steve Galyer has a problem shared by many broadband users and he expects Netflix will make matters worse.

Uni hopes Gigatown means grads stay on

Otago University hopes Gigatown win will make graduates put down roots.

50,000 NZ jobs a tough sell

NZ wants to give Australian technology professionals work, but will they be lured across the ditch?

Stealth malware 'Regin' stalks victims

Nation state likely behind long-term surveillance malware called Backdoor.Regin.

Virtual Paul McCartney is mind-blowing

First Google Cardboard app gives fans a fully immersive playback of former Beatles' performance.

What Google knows about you (and how)

Even as you search Google, it turns out, Google is also searching you.

Snap, Trustpower fastest-growing ISPs

Snap, Trustpower are gaining, while Spark, Vodafone and others have lost market share.

InternetNZ backs CallPlus in censor row

InternetNZ has backed CallPlus, the country's fourth largest telecommunications retailer, in a row with the chief censor.

Why your iPhone probably isn't safe from hackers

Researchers warn a bug in Apple Inc's iOS operating system makes most iPhones and iPads vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Robo-roaches to help in rescues

Technology and vermin could be the answer to improving rescue efforts at disaster sites.

'Smart' living gets real

"Smart" appliances, like vegetable chopping robots, are becoming more a part of daily life.

Battery life sets Sony smartphone apart

Sony claims its batteries will last two days meaning users can finally say goodbye to night charging.

Review: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (360)

REVIEW: Fair dinkum, it's like Borderlands: Australian Edition. Is this game heading straight to the pool room?

Japan builds functional Transformer

Your dream of a sports car that transforms into a real robot just inched closer to reality.

Telcos pour cold water on price cut call

Country’s two largest telcos downplay suggestions broadband prices should fall when wholesale price cuts come into effect.

Hands on Apple iPad Air 2

As I tested out Apple's new iPad Air 2, I realised why people like to shoot pictures with a tablet.

Apple reports hacking attacks on iCloud

Apple says its iCloud server has been the target of "intermittent" attacks.

Apple issues security warning for iCloud


Apple has posted a new security warning for users of its iCloud online storage service.

Dunedin's CloudCannon gets $500,000 in funding

Dunedin web software company gets backing from big name investors and a major US partner.

Microsoft provides tools to fight Ebola


Free cloud and research applications supplied to medical researchers working on the Ebola virus.

Nadella say no gender pay gap at Microsoft


Claims by CEO that men and women are paid equally at Microsoft are unverifiable.

Top five features of OS X Yosemite


Apple's latest operating system is the most comprehensive update in the software since in 2001.

iPad: Apple unveils new, slimmer tablet

Apple has introduced a faster, slimmer iPad Air 2, as it takes on new competition in the tablet market.

Hackers shake open source idealism


Hackers shake confidence in free software idealism of the 1980s.

New encryption bug behind 'poodle' attacks


Mozilla plans to disable Secure Sockets Layer encryption in the latest version of its web browser.'s voice-controlled wrist phone


Black Eyed Peas' frontman to unveil voice-controlled wristband smartphone.

Phone voice software lost in translation


OPINION: Siri paused, and then replied: "Hey Dad, have you farted yet?"

Review: Super Smash Bros (Nintendo 3DS)

REVIEW: Nintendo's latest Super Smash Bros may be the cause of a few broken 3DSs.

Super iPad tops Apple rumour list


The next Apple event could see the introduction of a 12-inch iPad Super, if rumours are to be believed.

Daily use for Orcon's GlobalMode


Nearly a quarter of Orcon customers are using its "GlobalMode" service on a daily basis.
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