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Here's why your business should get a TikTok account

TikTok’s ability to locate and connect with your target audience is spectacular.

OPINION: TikTok used to be the playground of anyone under 20, but the demographic is changing and its ability to locate and connect with your target audience is spectacular.

Refusing to give up his coveted Twitter handle, he was 'swatted' and died of a heart attack

Herring, who loved technology, chose the Twitter handle @Tennessee when he joined the app in 2007 because he loved his ...

He refused to give up his coveted Twitter handle. Then he was 'swatted' and died of a heart attack.

When Yahoo almost saved the world from Facebook

The real Mark Zuckerberg testifies about the use of Facebook data to target American voters in the 2016 election.

OPINION: Imagine if Zuckerberg hadn't knocked back US$1 billion for Facebook way back in 2006 — wouldn't the world be a much better place today?

Is Facebook really 'killing people', like Joe Biden says? video

President Joe Biden listens during a briefing with first responders and local officials in Miami, Thursday, July 1, ...

ANALYSIS: The US President has pointed the blame at social media for allowing Covid vaccine misinformation – and therefore the virus itself – to spread.

Getting big tech companies to pay their fair share video

In 2014, Facebook - which took in more than $12 billion in revenue world wide - ended up paying about $43,000 in tax in ...

There's a growing consensus that tech companies, whose borderless products can earn hundreds of millions in revenue while maintaining a skeleton staff on shore, are skirting their obligations.

'Only yes means yes' outcry as TikTok star admits tricking women into unprotected sex

Spain's equality minister has asked for an investigation into comments made by TikTok star Naim Darrechi.

Singer and social media influencer with over 26m followers causes huge outcry in Spain with minister calling for investigation into 19-year-old's "sterile" ruse.

Why Palestinians are uniting around the watermelon emoji

The watermelon has resurged on social media in the middle east, in response to what some Palestinians say are efforts to ...

Raising the red, green, white and black Palestinian flag draws the ire of authorities in Israel. An innocuous emoji has become a subversive stand-in in its place.

Facebook announces new subscription newsletter Bulletin

Mark Zuckerberg stated Bulletin is “focused on empowering independent writers, helping them reach new audiences and ...

The subscription-based newsletter allows writers to publish content and send it directly to subscribers’ inboxes.

Government stepping in to regulate social media

The Government is taking steps to regulate social media platforms like Facebook.

The review will give options for regulating social media platforms and guidance on how they moderate content.

US lawmakers' massive swipe at big tech may be felt globally

Silicon valley CEOs: Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Apple's Tim Cook, Google's Sundar Pichai and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg.

ANALYSIS: Five antitrust laws aim to aggressively rein in the market power of “big tech” companies and change the way they do business.

Russia fines Facebook, Telegram over banned content

A Moscow court fined Facebook a total of 17 million rubles and Telegram 10 million rubles.

Fines could be part of growing government efforts to tighten control over social media platforms amid political dissent.

Facebook to end exceptions for politicians who break its rules

acebook is about to announce that it will no longer automatically give politicians a pass when they break the company's ...

Facebook plans to stop giving politicians a pass when they break the company's hate speech rules, a major reversal of its policy during Trump's time in office.

Donald Trump is sliding towards online irrelevance

During 2019’s ‘Sharpiegate’, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reprimanded some meteorologists for ...

Online talk about the former US president has plunged to a five-year low, and his new blog is bringing in less website traffic than a pet adoption service and a recipe site.

Why Instagram for kids is a horrible idea

Parents around the world should treat Instagram for kids the same way they do alcohol, cigarettes or too much sugar and ...

OPINION: Parents around the world should treat Instagram for kids the same way they do alcohol, cigarettes or too much sugar and not let their kids anywhere near it.

We need to stop and think about the relationship we have with our data

It’s Privacy Week: Our annual reminder to stop and think about the relationships we have with our data.

OPINION: Privacy rights should be fundamental. They should apply equally, not just to those who can afford an iPhone.

Facebook has finally made a decision on Trump ban — so what'll it be?

It's been four months since former president Donald Trump was last allowed to post on Facebook, after CEO Mark ...

Facebook's Oversight Board will announce on Thursday whether Donald Trump's account has been banned permanently. Here's everything you need to know.

An intercultural romance, on YouTube

Abbey and Money Singh met at work, and have documented their and their son Noah. They have a Youtube channel and social ...

Abbey and Money and their son Noah are the stars of The Modern Singhs.

Liverpool trio victims in social media abuse video

Liverpool's Sadio Mane is one of the players who have been targeted with abuse on social media.

English football club calls out "abhorrent racial abuse the morning after a football game" as players are targeted with emojis.

Personal information for more than 500 million Facebook users exposed online

One ex-Brethren member compares the church to North Korea: a dictatorship where one man has total control including of ...

Facebook says the leak involves “old” data stemming from a problem resolved in 2019, but the news has sparked renewed scrutiny about data privacy.

Facebook accused of 'deceptive commercial practices' & disinformation

Reporters Without Borders is taking legal action against Facebook in France, and Ireland they say there could be more ...

Reporters Without Borders are taking the social media empire to court over hate speech and disinformation on its platform.

When Covid met climate: activism in the age of lockdowns

School Strike 4 Climate NZ spokesperson Ethan Reille says social media was a powerful tool for the group during the ...

When Covid-19 pandemic hit, climate strikers went online. But is that enough?

Trump just 'months' away from social media platform debut video

Former US President Donald Trump repeated false claims that the election was stolen from him 10 times during interviews ...

Former US president developing his own social media site on which he will start posting messages in the next “two or three months”, Donald Trump's adviser says.

Pride flag flying at war memorial attracts online vitriol

Tītahi Bay RSA is flying a rainbow flag in celebration of Wellington Pride Month. It is believed to be the first war ...

Tītahi Bay RSA has had to delete a raft of "offensive" and "nasty" comments posted on its Facebook page.

Australia: Facebook's lockout threat should not be forgotten

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a US Financial Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in 2019.

OPINION: Social media giant's reaction to law change prevented reputable news sources from reaching the public.

Facebook to bring back Australian news in deal with Government video

Facebook does drive a lot of traffic to news sites – but that’s only half the story.

The Morrison government will make eleventh-hour changes to its landmark media code laws in a deal with Facebook to restore news to the platform in Australia.

Facebook sorry for blocking Australian health, emergency sites video

Facebook’s vice-president of public policy for the Asia-Pacific region has apologised to Australians for removing ...

A Facebook executive apologises for blocking health and emergency services pages in Australia but signals it will not back down in a dispute with the country's government.

What is Clubhouse, and why is it so popular?

Clubhouse is 11 months old and has a value of US$1 billion already, despite having only roughly six million users.

OPINION: Social media's hottest new app has a lot to like, but could prove a powerful weapon in the wrong hands.

Smaller publishers fear fatal consequences from Facebook’s news ban

Small news and lifestyle websites are urging the Australian government to resolve a dispute with Facebook.

Small news and lifestyle websites are urging the Australian government to resolve a dispute with Facebook amid fears the ban will have fatal consequences for their operations.

Aus Facebook news ban hits emergency services, government health departments

Emergency services and health Facebook pages have been caught up in the tech company’s decision to block Australian news ...

Emergency services and health Facebook pages have been caught up in the tech company’s decision to block Australian news content.

Parler online a month after tangle with Amazon knocked it offline

The website of social media platform Parler is displayed in Berlin.

Social media site popular with Donald Trump supporters effectively fell off the Internet when Amazon refused to provide services.

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