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No more "creep shots"

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey has promised harsher penalties for hate speech and unwanted sexual advances on Twitter.

New rules for unwanted sexual advances, hate symbols, tweets that glorify violence and "creep shots".

Twitter: From banal to brutal

Twitter no longer about personal experience, it typically only engages with the world when provoked.

The social network is no longer about personal experience, it's more like a war zone.

How to quit social media

A study found comparing yourself to others on Facebook is more likely to leave you feeling depressed than when you do so ...

While it was fun for a while, you've had it with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Young people share too much

Social media is a place where crooks seek easy prey.

OPINION: Young people live in a post-privacy age, but some are living so openly online, they are courting disaster.

Facebook's missteps mount up

Has Facebook has taken sufficient care to build policies and systems that are resistant to abuse?

The company has produced unintended social consequences - and they're starting to catch up with it.

Zuckerberg sorry for virtual trip

Avatars of Mark Zuckerberg and Rachel Franklin, from Facebook's virtual reality team, discussing their "amazing" new app.

Critics derided the video as an insensitive marketing stunt, calling it "the height of tastelessness".

A licence to be vile

Once, people complained of political correctness. No more. Trump, Twitter, and disabled toilets now bring out the worst.

Fear and loathing on Facebook

Facebook comments can be a dark and disturbing place.

OPINION: Can we protect those who are in the news on Stuff from hurtful social backlash?

Stung buying car on Facebook

Amit Godara says having the car registered under his name has not helped.

Amit Godara didn't know there was a loan on his new car – until a finance company came knocking.

Twitter lashed over Russia

The top US Democrat probing Russian interference in the 2016 election says he is deeply disappointed with Twitter's ...

US senator berates Twitter over an 'inadequate' inquiry into Russian meddling in America's 2016 election.

Trump and Zuckerberg feud video

US President Donald Trump tweeted his criticism of Facebook, labelling the social network as "anti-Trump".

The US President criticised Facebook as "anti-Trump" and questioned its role during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Why that troll's a man

Trolling is a way for narcissists to let out the unpleasant sides of their personality.

One of the dark sides of public social media profiles is that you're at risk of attracting the attention of unpleasant people.

How bots broke democracy

After the 2016 US presidential race - won by Donald Trump - was subject to Russian cyber meddling, analysts say the ...

Hackers are just beginning to get to grips with the power of internet bots. That's very bad news for the rest of us.

Celebrity Instagram accounts hacked

Instagram said it believes the hack was aimed at "high-profile users".

A hacker used Instagram to get access to stars' email addresses and phone numbers.

How to shoot your food

040614. Photo:
Stock Photo - smartphone shot food photo - vanilla cake with strawberries

berry, blog, ...

OPINION: Waiter, there's a fly in my plum jam! Well, madam, take a photo. Lynda Hallinan does a crash course in Facebooking her meals. Etiquette be stewed ...

The hashtag turns 10

In 2007, the most tweeted hashtag was used around 9000 times. This year, the most popular hashtag has been used over 300 ...

A Twitter user included the first hashtag in a tweet 10 years ago - and changed our online conversations forever.

Twitter is 'failing women'

A spokesman for Twitter: "Abuse and harassment have no place on Twitter."

Twitter takes too long to remove hateful and misogynistic content, says a women's rights charity.

'Your nudity policies are b-------'

Australian artist Hadyn John Wilson's "She marked her desire through distance as an inside of two": one of the works ...

Aussie art dealer takes on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after works were deemed too rude for the site.

Dating site dumps white supremacist

In the Vice documentary, Christopher Cantwell advocates for the alt-right's use of violence in order to create a white ...

"We make a lot of decisions that are tough. Banning Christopher Cantwell was not one of them," site says.

Facebook revamps News Feed

The changes will roll out in the next few weeks.

Facebook is revamping its News Feed to make it easier to read and use.

Social buzz doesn't mean victory

Jacinda Ardern live streaming before her address at the Labour Party congress at Te Papa.

OPINION: Facebook is the wrong place for politicians to try to change voters' minds.

How to handle cyberbullying

Lucy Hone: The pain of cyberbullying is harrowing, but a few simple strategies can be effective in addressing its cause.

The pain of cyberbullying is harrowing. A few simple strategies can be employed to address it.

Nude photos 'ruined her life'

Connor Valli has been sentenced to nine months' jail on various charges, including posting nude photographs of his ...

Teen jailed after posting naked images of his former girlfriend on a Facebook site with 77,000 members.

Parents, be wary of cyber bullies

The digital age offers vast opportunities for children, but what are the facts when it comes to inappropriate behaviour ...

The digital age offers vast opportunities for children, but what are the facts when it comes to inappropriate behaviour and online bullying?

So you want to be an internet star? video

Kiwi vlogger Shannon Harris, otherwise known as Shaaanxo, is ranked fourth in the world for beauty channels on YouTube.

Before you quit your day job, don't. Internet celebrities are rare, and rich internet celebrities even rarer.

People using Google+ love it

Google+ was Google's largely failed attempt to answer the rise of Facebook and Twitter.

​Google+ has topped a list evaluating how users feel about social media companies. Pinterest came second.

Hands off my stuff, NZ Media

A study commissioned by the Broadcasting Standards Authority looked at New Zealanders' attitude to social media.

News media using social media posts is a murky area. Has a new BSA report shed any light?

Putting a spark in social networking video

Amazon Spark similar to Pinterest, but is aimed at getting users to spend more money on Amazon.

Amazon's new social network is a little bit Pinterest and little bit Instagram, and its aim is to get users to spend more money.

Facebook ponders news paywall

FILE PHOTO: The Facebook logo is displayed on the company's website in an illustration photo taken in Bordeaux, France, ...

The social network could soon start making you pay for your news.

The dark side of Snapchat

Hayley Sloane, 14, is speaking out after an anonymous page on social media mocked teenagers in Marlborough.

Hayley Sloane, 14, thought she was sharing a playful image with her friends using a Snapchat filter, but it was maliciously twisted.

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