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Social media blackmail charge

Carl  Thompson appeared in court on Wednesday in relation to incidents where girls were allegedly messaged by a Facebook ...

The teen is alleged to have pretended to work for a model and talent agency.

Not very social media

Golriz Ghahraman shared a post on social media of UK politician Nigel Farage with excrement pouring from his mouth ahead ...

Kiwi politicians go wild on social media – experts reckon it's just textbook behaviour.

Twitter bans Alex Jones for good video

Twitter has kicked off Alex Jones and Infowars for good.

Twitter is permanently banning the right-wing conspiracy theorist and his Infowars show for abusive behavior.

Kiwi teen coaching US business

Josh Ryan, 18, calls his company CleverPreneur and acts as a social media guru working for US entrepreneurs.

It started with a hobby posting inspirational quotes - now 18-year-old Josh Ryan is in demand advising top US firms.

'Berserk' threats in racism row video

Gisborne District Council's current make-up. At Thursday's meeting councillors said online abuse had gone berserk.

Councillor says wife, animals, and his wife's business threatened in row over "racist" comment.

Post-Tinder 'I love yous'

The popularity of digital technology is changing how Kiwis talk about love as well as how they meet their partners, new ...

Love heart emojis and GIFs - more Kiwis are confessing their love for the first time via tech rather than face-to-face.

Author's trolls untouchable by police

Samoan author Lani Wendt Young claims police have ignored her complaints about a torrent of online abuse.

Trolls have threatened to rape author Lani Wendt Young and burn her house down, but she says police said they're powerless.

How to avoid a brutal public roasting

Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran, who once made me faint in a Lower Hutt EMI store.

OPINION: Dug into my old posts to see if there was anything in there that could be used against me... all references to #TeenWolf have been safely purged.

Trump's relentless human 'bots'

Twitter has robot-like accounts known as bots - which authorities say were used to manipulate the US election.

Dedicated Trump supporters who tweet and retweet thousands of times a day are being mistaken as 'bots' in a Twitter crackdown.

Parents choose screens over kids

A survey commissioned by My Food Bag and Stuff discovered 83 per cent of parents are watching TV, on a device or on the ...

When we actually have dinners together we focus intently – just not on each other.

Is Facebook window dressing?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced a joint hearing of the Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Capitol Hill in ...

For a company bent on making the world more open, Facebook has long been secretive about the details of how it runs its social network.

Redefining family time in the digital age

Virginia Fallon and her teenagers Jack and Hannah demonstrate a multitasking family time.

OPINION: It's family time, just not as our parents know it. Virginia Fallon describes a very different dinner-time at her house.

Rise of fake news 'critical threat'

Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been facing pressure to tighten monitoring of social media activity and remove fake ...

Rise in fake news posts on social media "a critical threat to public life," researchers say.

Is Facebook committed to change?

Despite the talk, there are pessimistic conclusions about Facebook's commitment to change.

The shelter given to a site that has help promote baseless theories has come under closer scrutiny.


Neymar's diving antics in Russia have sparked a new social media game.

Want to hit the deck and roll around like Neymar? Try the latest social media challenge.

Connect to newborn or followers?

Felicity Farrell and her 8 month old baby, Jackson, photographed at their home in West Auckland. Felicity was able to ...

Researchers are looking into the role social media plays in the 'golden hour' immediately following child birth.

Dark side to influencer ads

Unilever announced that it would not work with influencers who buy followers and said that its brands would never buy ...

Looking to boost consumer trust, the company Unilever also won't use advertising that relies on 'influencers' who buy followers.

An app to cure phone addiction

Kevin Holesh works in the RV where he and his wife live full-time as they travel the country. An app he created several ...

Rebel smartphone developers are using fire to fight fire - creating apps that try to put users back in control.

Meet the mum making memes

Mummy memer Lucy Scorer holding her daughter Joy, the inspiration for many of her memes.

Most people share memes, Lucy Scorer makes them to put life in perspective.

Thumbs down for Facebook

Teens are turning off Facebook.

Face it, Facebook is not cool. Teens turning to Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube instead, survey shows.

What emojis *really* mean video

In 2015, Instagram blocked the use of the eggplant emoji because it was "consistently associated" with posts that ...

What you might think is just an innocent eggplant picture is anything but.

Facebook ads duped millions video

Facebook's role in allowing Russian ads and groups on its platform has come under scrutiny.

3500 Facebook ads show scale of Russian manipulation during the 2016 US presidential election.

Facebook 'links extremists'

A study has found Facebook ​has helped link thousands of extremists through its "suggested friends" feature.

​Facebook has helped introduce thousands of Isil extremists to one another, via its "suggested friends" feature.

Kiwis used for Facebook test video

The new downvote tool that appears in the newsfeed of some Kiwis as part of Facebook's new trial.

The social network giant is using Kiwi users to trial a new 'downvote' button on some public posts.

The return of dirty politics

Clarke Gayford has found himself on the other end of the fishing line.

OPINION: David Slack wonders if the First Bloke doesn't feel like he's on the wrong end of a fishing line.

Facebook reveals why it bans

Facebook is shining a light on how and why it bans some content.

It was just one page in 2008 - now a decade on, Facebook's content policy and moderation guidelines number 27 pages.

How Facebook battles bullies video

Villa Maria student Chelsea O’Byrne, 13, died in August last year.

Chelsea O'Byrne was bullied on Facebook. So how does the social network police its own platform?

New rules for Kiwi FB users

Facebook Ireland provides New Zealand's Facebook service.

New Zealanders among 1.5b Facebook users to no longer be governed by European rules, reports say.

Why I've rejoined Facebook

Zuckerberg adjusts his tie as he arrives to testify before a congressional hearing.

OPINION: When everyone from Cher to Steve Wozniak to the Privacy Commissioner is deleting Facebook, Alison Mau is back again. She explains why.

Generation gap becomes a chasm as Zuckerberg testifies

SATIRE: A dubious transcript of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appearing before the US Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees.

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