Golf clubs could perish

Greens could be ruined around the country if greenkeepers are unable to care for them during the four week lockdown.

Greens could be wrecked and golf clubs ruined if greenkeepers shut out in lockdown.

Richie aces bucket challenge

Richie McCaw has a kick about at an All Blacks captain's run in Tokyo in 2013.

Legendary All Blacks flanker shows he's more than capable with boot too.

Black Stick's Olympics wait

Black Sticks striker Sam Lane fires a shot on goal during February's Pro League game against Argentina in Christchurch.

Putting Olympics debut on backburner trivial compared to Covid-19 crisis, says Black Stick.

Super Rugby teams no longer match-fit

It's almost been two weeks since most of New Zealand's Super Rugby teams played.

Kiwi Super Rugby teams are no longer match-fit and will need weeks of team trainings before they're ready to play again.

ANZ Premiership's big plans halted

ANZ Premiership captains, Te Huinga Reo Selby-Rickit (Steel), Phoenix Karaka (Mystics), Katrina Rore (Pulse), Grace Kara ...

Netball NZ had lofty ambitions for 2020 ANZ Premiership. Now it could be over after one round.

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Ease anxiety with mindfulness

Making simple changes, like focusing intently on each task while washing your hands, can help ease anxiety.

Simple things like focusing on the warmth of the water while washing your hands can help ease anxious minds.

Lockdown diary for children

Stephen McCarthy has designed a printable activity diary for children to do during the lockdown.

Christchurch artist Stephen McCarthy created the diary so children can have a positive reminder of their time in isolation.

Garage radio makes a comeback

The first show this week had been a fun experience but didn't start as smoothly as he had hoped.

Indie radio veterans and "scrappy young upstarts" have the lockdown airwaves pumping.

Photog a picture of self-isolation

Christchurch photographer Doc Ross plans to his experiences during the lockdown with a series of self-portraits. In this ...

As we start a ''new normal'' in lockdown, Kiwis share their life-in-isolation stories.