Historic car linked to Great Train Robber is stolen in caravan heist

Vintage car linked to Great Train Robbers was stored inside stolen caravan.

Manawatu Gorge road suffers another blow

The closed Manawatu Gorge road is blocked by a third slip.

How to survive Auckland traffic as school holidays end

As schools go back and roads choke we celebrate Auckland's best thing - the commute. Hold on, what?

We reckon the new Equinox is a much more captivating Holden SUV

Mexico makes a much better Holden SUV than Korea.

Ford's 'golden noses' seek edge in slowing car market

Chinese don't like the ''new car'' smell so Ford has assessors to check the smell of all materials.

New Nissan Leaf to have e-pedal

Nissan claims drivers will be able to do 90 per cent of their driving without touching the brake pedal in the new Leaf.

Lotus turns up the dial with Evora GT430

British car maker reveals most hardcore model yet.

Ford Escape: Please don't let me be misunderstood

Do you know about the Ford Escape? Really?

Infiniti Q60 Red Sport has steer-by-wire but still does old-school skids

New coupe has computer-controlled steering, but still puts lots of power to the back wheels.

Volkswagen Golf R-Line is still the gold standard for small hatchbacks

New VW Golf doesn't exactly respect the R-brand. But it's a great small-car all the same.

Bragging rights important with luxury product, says Lexus NZ boss

Lexus boss Paul Carroll's vision for growth includes a belief that their back-story strengthens the brand.

Manawatu Gorge alternative urgent

OPINION: For over 130 years, bits of the Manawatu Gorge have been falling down. But this time it might be closed forever.

The beautiful high-performance Lexus LC500 many thought would never get built

Lexus launches one of the most radical vehicle designs yet seen in New Zealand.

Wet and wild weather 'adds punch' to Auckland car show

Champion Kiwi drifter "Mad Mike" Whiddett is proving a big draw card for Auckland car show audiences.

New 911 GTS is the perfect Porsche for your commute to the circuit

There's yet another new 911 model on sale. Confused? Us too. But we still love the road-to-racetrack GTS.

Damage to police cars costing taxpayers millions of dollars

More than $8 million has been spent fixing damaged police cars in the past three years, with costs peaking in 2016.

Faulty airbag at centre of worldwide recall to blame for death of Australian man

Takata airbags have now been attributed to 17 deaths worldwide, including a near decapitation.

Big increase in no-seatbelt road deaths: Are safety messages failing to click?

Big rise in numbers killed when not wearing belts raises questions over safety ads.

Honeymooning Brazilian tourist clocked at 202kmh on Waikato Expressway

Safe to say the Brazilian speedster is not in the good books of his new wife.

Silly car question #9: What do I do if somebody is following too close?

There's a surprisingly easy way to get following traffic to back off.

Lexus unveiling hot LC 500 coupe at Auckland's Speedshow

Lexus is all set to unveil its flagship luxury coupe to the New Zealand public.

Cars with ridiculously tiny engines that we really like

These cars prove there is a substitute for cubes: clever technology.

High performance has become democratic in cars

Some of the most exciting enthusiast cars of 2017 as are based on ordinary hatchbacks and sedans.

New Zealand's top 10 vehicles list almost carless

What is going on? Just one conventional car in the top 10 of vehicles sold in New Zealand so far in 2017.

Johnny Moore: Lay off the boy racers, who don't even exist

OPINION: Boy racers are fictional characters made up to scare old people.

Couple say young son nervous in cars after Wellington taxi swiped them and drove off

Couple with young son say driver acknowledged prang, then drove away.

Peter Dunne suggests a tunnel can help Wellington traffic problems

After a slip closed the gorge route into Wellington, Peter Dunne says we should consider a tunnel.

Slip closes State Highway 4 to Whanganui

State Highway 4 between Whanganui to Raetihi is closed while a large slip is assessed.

Saddle Road too dangerous for buses, driver says

If the Saddle Road collapsed under the weight of a full bus, there could be carnage, bus driver says.

Safety concerns for dynamic lanes addressed at local board meeting

Auckland Transport under fire over dynamic lane trial.

Kiwis are in love with SUVs

Queen sang about the car being the "machine of a dream" but for Kiwis that vehicle is the SUV.

Waterview tunnel saving truckies time and money

An hour's trip now takes 30 minutes and freight operators are saving up to $600 a day thanks to the Waterview tunnel.

Apple, Android have taken over cars with phone projection. Or have they?

It seems carmakers can't afford to to ignore Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But one small group is going to try.

Hot version of next-generation Holden Commodore revealed as VXR

VXR V6 will replace SS V8 as performance Commodore next year.

It's a sad year for the Aussie vehicle assembly industry

Right now is a bitter-sweet time for the motoring scene in Australasia.

New Fords delivered stuffed with $1.35m in cannabis

A curious US mechanic stumbles across a clue that led to big drug haul from new cars being delivered from Mexico.

Ashhurst to be bypassed as authorities respond to Manawatu Gorge closure

Frustrated residents meet authorities as main route closure nears three months.

An Audi commercial in China compared women to used cars - it didn't go well

An Audi commercial that compares women to used cars is shaping up as an own goal for the German car maker.

Another Munro sets land speed record

Fifty years after Burt Munro set a land speed record, his great-nephew emulates him.

Manawatu Gorge closure causes strain on two towns

The crumbling ravine has caused issues for decades, but any alternative comes with a heavy price tag.

Is there life in those old hybrid vehicles yet?

It's evolution, rather than revolution in the NZ electric-car market. So don't ignore hybrids in the mean-time.

Honda reveals new Accord in US automotive heartland

High-tech Japanese sedan breaks cover as New Zealand division awaits information.

Is this the new Holden Commodore V6?

Chinese market Buick Regal previews Holden's Commodore SS replacement.

Mercedes-Benz X-class pickup truck revealed, NZ-bound early-2018

First-ever one-tonner from German maker aims to cover all of the bases, from fleet to luxury-lifestyle.

KTM's Superduke GT is a master of all trades

This is arguably the most complete sport-touring motorcycle on the NZ market.

Delays ease on SH1 at Plimmerton, north of Wellington

Rush-hour congestion on SH1 was causing 45-minute delays at its peak.

Speed limit and median barrier among proposals to improve safety on SH58

Median barrier, roundabouts and an 80kmh limit among NZTA proposals.

Muriwai residents split over road speed limit

One resident says lowering the speed limit on Muriwai Rd will be torture. Another says it will be fantastic.

Offender's 'addiction' to all things automotive

"Addiction" to being behind the wheel once led banned driver to steal a car after missing a bus.

New Zealand has three new car brands for 2017

Kiwi appetite for all things SUV has helped bring three new brands to NZ this year.
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