Raincoats, food, huge improvement


One look at the warm, dry and full children at Sockburn School should be enough to convince anyone of the value of food and clothing programmes in low decile schools.

Doing it for Brydie


When Anna Lauder's four-year-old daughter passed away, she dug herself deeper and deeper into her grief, now she's digging herself out.

Washing windscreens an art


We've all seen them at busy intersections, running up and down the lines of traffic, washing windscreens for a gold coin, 50 cents, or nothing - depending on the mood of the driver.

Baking soda beauty

Lyn Webster went to the bank four years ago to ask for a large business loan and was laughed out of the building.

Rugby - the old way


The resurrection of an old argument - as well as an old style of game - will be part of the Christchurch Football Club 150th celebrations over Easter.

Eastside goes stateside


The city's first junior baseball team will make its first official run on March 23 at Bayswater Park, Bromley.

Edible Ellerslie a real treat


Florist and event designer Kim Chan has spent the last few weeks hoarding cookware and fostering baby vegetable plants for the newest section of the Ellerslie Flower Show.

Ellerslie: Glory one rooftop away

Landscape architecture students Tenille Pickett and Justine Carey are going to great lengths to get ahead of the academic pack.

Suburban plans - updates


While the rebuild of the CBD is at the forefront of the earthquake recovery, changes to suburban communities are also becoming high-stakes.

Discus record finally cracked


"You only have to look at the quality of the athlete who held the record and how long it took to break it to realise how big the achievement is."

Buying dead roses for Valentine's Day


As you reach into your back pocket to pay for that big bunch of Valentines Day roses this year, take a moment to consider the fact they may be clinically dead.

Buyers could be burned


Your backyard brazier could cost you $20,000 this summer, and chances are, you weren't even aware they were banned in Canterbury. Also: Bunnings yanks non-compliant products.

Old sea dogs catching waves


Old surfies will dust off their malibu boards and 10-footers as they relive the good times catching the waves off New Brighton this month.

Caravan gran's 47th year


At 88, Gwen Myers still craves her holidays and this summer was her 47th consecutive visit to the Spencer Beach Holiday Park.

Croquet action packed weekend


Christchurch is hosting a whale of a tournament this week and croquet pros are heading into the finals on Sunday.

UNICEF needs youth


The time is right for Canterbury teens to step up and take action against child poverty with UNICEF's youth ambassador programme.

Beat the blues

There are not too many foods that can boast of being a superfood and still taste fantastic straight off the bush.

Canterbury tourism wins


Canterbury is celebrating a year of tourism wins in 2012 with kudos from Lonely Planet, AA Travel Must-Do, and Cuisine.

New Year = digital purge


As we prepare for a new year, cleaning out closets and recycling those old newspapers, take some time to streamline your online life.

Tourist for a day


With earthquake tourism an increasing part of our city, reporter Abbie Napier climbed onto a big red bus to see what it's all about.

Conquering your fears


Getting over your fears is never easy, but two Christchurch artists are lending a helping hand with a project designed to put your mind at rest.

The perils of hogweed

After a father and son suffered vicious burns at the hands of a toxic weed, ECan has released some guidelines for gardeners.

Exo-limb takes leaps and bounds

A Canterbury University professor is developing a robotic limb assistant to aid injury recovery and keep the elderly moving.

Malaysia wants you

Kiwis are being urged to go to Malaysia for their holidays since tourist numbers dropped drastically last year.

Stuck for holiday fun?


There's nothing worse than bored kids on a long summer break so we are here to help with some activity and event ideas for the whole family.

Christmas captured


Spreydon Baptist Church's Christmas Grotto is under construction for the 12th time and the elves are labouring night and day.

QE2 farewell event

Commonwealth Games 10,000 metres gold medallist Dick Tayler will speak at the farewell to quake-crippled QEII Park.

Rip it up event

Skating demonstrations, technique tutorials and trick tips from pros are on offer this weekend.

From grower to doorstep

It is the vegetable season and a group of produce enthusiasts are celebrating the launch of their new non-profit venture The Vege Box Delivery.

Latimer Sq Christmas Central


Christmas is returning to the central city this year with the Christmas on Latimer event.

Digital countdown


10 per cent of Canterbury households are facing a race against the digital clock as the television switch over looms.

Athletes jump for joy

For the first time since the February 2011 earthquake destroyed QEII Stadium, Canterbury has a competition-standard pole vault facility.

Continuity of education key

Every home in greater Christchurch should have a primary and secondary school for which they are zoned, a city education lobby says.

There and Back Again

Fashioning staffs, moulding sword hilts and making treasure is nothing out of the ordinary for Christchurch-based sculptor Anneke Bester.

Studying beer for the summer

University student Jennifer Crowther has scored a great gig this summer, studying the the science behind beer.

Cantabs love pink biscuits

Forget and black - when it comes to biscuits, Cantabrians are all about pink.