Prolific offender's appeal dismissed after shooting at brother

The former president of the Mongrel Mob's Aotearoa chapter, Joseph 'Junior' Wiringi, surrounded by other members of the gang.

The former president of the Mongrel Mob's Aotearoa chapter, Joseph 'Junior' Wiringi, surrounded by other members of the gang.

An appeal has been dismissed for the son of a former Mongrel Mob president who threatened to shoot his brother after his gang patch was stolen.

Notorious Christchurch gang member Fairmont Joseph Wiringi​ appealed a sentence of two years and four months in jail for burglary, unlawful possession of firearm and reckless discharge of firearm charges. His appeal was dismissed by the High Court.

Wiringi had already appeared in court more than 30 times on burglary charges and was on bail after stealing meat and about $1000 worth of goods when an argument broke out with his brother, Fairlane Wiringi​, in December 2016.

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Fairmont Wiringi woke up to find his brother had taken his gang patch and told him to give it back, or he would shoot him. Wiringi loaded his shogun, held it in both hands, and fired one bullet into the carpet in front of his brother.

The then 18-year-old pled guilty to the offence in the Christchurch District Court but appealed the length of the sentence, which Justice Nicholas Davidson dismissed in a decision released publicly on Friday..

Davidson ruled the sawn-off shotgun made the offending "more serious" than if the weapon had been unmodified.

"Apart from the inherent dangerous features of a sawn-off shotgun the fact of its modified state infers it is to be used for a criminal purpose" the judgment said.

Davidson said even if the sentence was considered "excessive", it was well within the normal range for similar crimes, especially as Wiringi had disregarded previous court orders.

"The wanton disregard of court orders does not bode well for Wiringi. He has ended up in a world where his associations in and out of prison will not assist his rehabilitation.

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"On reviewing the relevant authorities, I find that a starting point of two years' imprisonment for possession and reckless discharge of the firearm is justified," Davidson said in the judgment.

Wirangi's father, Joseph 'Junior' Wiringi – the former president of the Mongrel Mob's Aotearoa chapter – was arrested in 2003 as part of a police investigation dubbed Operation Crusade. It revealed brazen drug dealing from the gang's former headquarters on Wilsons Rd.

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