Christchurch less European

Eileen and Talia Boyd

Christchurch is becoming less European and more Asian in its ethnic makeup - Interactive map.

Lyttelton home to 'heathens'

Ashburton church Ashburton is the most Christian place in Canterbury, while Lyttelton is one of the least religious.

Addington a haven for Asian workers

nicolas abandia One of the city's biggest Asian enclaves is hidden behind a row of shops in Addington.

Crowded house

Alysha Ericksen, left, and Adrienne Hiscoke gather together the nine children of a Phillipstown house. A people-mover pulls up on a quiet Phillipstown street and five children jump out to join the four preschoolers they live with.

Stork arriving a bit later

Juanita Copeland Juanita Copeland and her husband, Terry, tried for five years to have a child before their baby girl was born.

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