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"This is the end" - survivors speak

One of the most spectacular survival miracles at the CTV building was when some found themselves alive on the ground floor. Martin Van Beynen reports.

Inside the PGC wreckage

On the sloping flank of the collapsed Pyne Gould Corporation building, Tony McCormick finds himself trapped by an internal promise.

Spirit strong despite ordeal


Helen Grice may have lost the use of her legs on February 22, but she did not lose her spirit.

End of a fairytale romance

Helen Chambers Brett Chambers had the perfect life. Overachieving children, dream home, successful career and his childhood sweetheart and "unbelievably awesome" wife, Helen.

A true Kiwi bloke lost

A true Kiwi bloke was lost beneath a cliff-face landslide in Sumner last February. Ian Neville Caldwell was a rugby-mad, beer drinking Cantabrian who wore jandals all year round.

Didi Zhang

Didi Zhang, 23, had planned to bring her three Chinese siblings to New Zealand after she completed her English course and was registered as a nurse.

Weiyu Zhang

Weiyu Zhang, 30, was attracted to New Zealand by the ‘‘beautiful scenery’’, her brother says.

Iris Botting

Pamela Christina Barkle

Missing normality

I miss the elderly residents from Redcliffs Rest Home who would come to the coffee group I run. I miss the old normal but day by day I am learning to enjoy aspects of my friend's 'new normal'.

Wine and Spuds

I miss the baked potato place in Shades Arcade. I had just filled up my loyalty card so was looking forward to my free potato.

'I remember I hugged my tiger close'

Undaunted, we came back

What I miss

As we start to get on our feet things are returning to some semblance of normal, but we are still left without our centre.

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